Section Completion Certificate

Issued by: address: Employer: address:

Job reference: Instruction no: Issue date: Sheet: Contractor: address: Works: situated at: Contract dated: Under the terms of the above-mentioned Contract, I/we hereby certify that in my/our opinion practical completion of Section no._____________________ of the Works has been achieved of

*Delete if not applicable

*and the Contractor has supplied the specified drawings and information
relating to the Contractor’s Designed Portion

*and the Contractor has complied with the contractual requirements in
respect of information for health and safety file

On ______________________________________ 20______________

To be signed by or for the issuer named above


Meena Projects/Standard Documents/182499190.doc

Distribution Contractor Employer Quantity Surveyor Structural Engineer M&E Consultant File Meena Projects/Standard Documents/182499190.doc .

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