We want more students to ex perience the burst of energy th at comes from asking questions that lead to making new

connections, feel a greater sense of urgency to seek answers to qu estions on their own, and reap the satisfaction of actually understanding mor e deeply the subject matter as a result of the questions they asked.  (Roths tein and Santana, 151 pag.)

..., in the past, the best [learn ers] were skille answering que d at stions (in part b e c a u se they had information th eir prospects la cked). Today, they mu st be good at as king questions — uncovering p ossibilities, su rfacing latent and finding un issues, expected proble ms. (Pink, 132 Pink, Daniel H. (2012-12-31). To Sell Is Human: The Surprising pag.) Truth About Moving Others Riverhead Hardcover.

Assessment of learning

Assessment for learning

just fo l l o w me

offer me feedback I can understand

Do we ... feed up? ... feed back? ... feed forward?

find the target


How do we help close the



between what I know and what I need to know?

summative assessment
assessment of learning
e m u Doc n o i t nta

formative assessment
assessment for learning
n o i t c A s l e p m Co

Formative assessment has to have action attached to it on multiple levels: teacher-student, student-student...

In groups of 3 where no 2 are alike, share your assessment and describe the actions asked about in these questions:

• What was this assessing? • What information did you learn about this

student-learner? • What action(s) did you take based on what you learned? • What action(s) did the learner take based on this learning? • Is this formative assessment, summative assessment, or both?

Great teachers somehow mak e us want to ask the questions that they want us to answer, overcome the challenge that they, beca use they are our teacher, believe we need to ov ercome. (Lichtman, 20 pag.)
Lichtman, Grant, and Sunzi. The Falconer: What We Wish We Had Learned in School. New York: IUniverse, 2008. Print.

d n a s r e Teach d n a h o g students s a d n a h in y e h t r o , s r e n r a e l . l l a t a o don’t g h and Bart

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