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100 Home Based Businesses for Malaysians

100 Home Based Businesses for Malaysians


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Published by Emieda Eraine

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Published by: Emieda Eraine on Jul 30, 2009
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Start-up cost: RM3,000-RM5,000
Potential earnings: RM30,000-RM50,000 fees: RM50 per hour or a flat, per-job rate
Advertising: Yellow Pages, newspapers, networking with builders/contractors
Qualifications: Some states require certification; you should be a member of at least one professional
association related to this field
Equipment needed: Swatches, sample books, catalogs, computer, cellular phone or pager
Staff required: No
Handicapped opportunity: Possibly
Hidden costs: Getting set up with distributors and manufacturer’s reps can run your phone bills up at
first; budget accordingly


As more people buy older homes with fix-up potential, there is more work for interior designers who are
skilled at filling spaces with dynamic statements about the presence of a room. Do you read Beautiful
Homes and Anjung Seri regularly? Are you addicted to the latest home fashions and accessories? If so,
you may make a fine interior designer. But the work is more than plaster-deep; you’ll need the ability to
work with builders and contractors if a room is being redesigned with a specific aesthetic effect in mind. If
you apprentice with an interior designer first, you’ll gain much more detailed knowledge about the
intricacies and nuances of this incredibly subjective business. Personalities are the most difficult aspect of
the job—getting others to cooperate and work as a team with a unified vision is probably your biggest
challenge. Keeping up with fast-changing trends is another. Still, if you like meeting with people and
helping to create the (interior) home of their dreams, you’ll enjoy the challenges and learn to overlook the


Your start-up costs with an interior design service will be in the RM3,000-RM5,000 range, primarily to
cover your first six months of advertising. You’ll need classy business cards and brochures about your
service, so set aside RM500-RM1,000 for these items alone. Set your fees at RM50 per hour (or a per-job
basis for larger work), and re-evaluate your prices after your first year of business. The more clients with
prestige, the higher your prices.

Bottom-Line Advice:

If you truly like working with people in their most intimate surrounding, this is the job for you. However,
expect there to be difficulties such as timing (what if you get too many clients at once?), and clients who
request too many changes and wind up costing you money. Learn to set some policies in writing ahead of
time to avoid these annoyances; add a surcharge for any work that goes above and beyond your initial

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