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100 Home Based Businesses for Malaysians

100 Home Based Businesses for Malaysians


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Published by Emieda Eraine

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Published by: Emieda Eraine on Jul 30, 2009
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Start-up cost: RM50- RM1,000
Potential earnings: RM20,000- RM50,000
Typical fees: Percentage, plus bonus for new distributors
Advertising: Networking, memberships in business and community groups, direct mail
Qualifications: Salesmanship
Equipment needed: Basic computer setup, phone
Staff required: No
Handicapped opportunity: Yes
Hidden costs: Marketing materials like catalogs or leaflets may become necessary, membership dues

Some products don’t seem appealing unless they are demonstrated. The classic example is Tupperware,
which just sat on store shelves until the company realized that buyers needed to be shown how the top is
burped to create a vacuum seal. Many other products, with vitamins being an outstanding example, are
sold as Tupperware is, person to person. Often, a business starts when someone develops enthusiasm
for, and commitment to, a product or company. The sales process for that product then seems to happen
almost naturally. If you have recognized something like a line of cosmetics that is especially effective for
you, or a nutritional supplement that has made a difference in your sense of well-being, you should
consider participating in multilevel marketing. You will be selling not only the product, but the opportunity
for others to sell it as well. That’s what sets multilevel marketing apart from direct sales—here, you’re
aiming to maximize your own income potential by deriving percentages from other salespeople you


This is another business where you begin with nothing but your own energy and commitment (as little as
RM50 to start). Potential earnings of RM20,000 and more.


Do you know that you can sell? More importantly, do you love the sales process? Do you enjoy helping
your customers discover products that will improve their lives? With this approach, you can make an
excellent, if not wonderful, living in the multilevel marketing world. However, far more people have tried it
than have made the easy millions that are sometimes promised. You really do have to work very, very
hard. You can’t give up when your first 74 efforts end in no sale. You will have to manage your time well,
and you will have to find a company whose products are worth this much of your commitment.


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