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100 Home Based Businesses for Malaysians

100 Home Based Businesses for Malaysians


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Published by Emieda Eraine

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Published by: Emieda Eraine on Jul 30, 2009
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Start-up cost: RM600- RM1,000
Potential earnings: RM 15,000- RM25,000
Typical fees: About RM3 per page or image
Advertising: Yellow Pages, local business newspapers
Qualifications:Ability to manipulate the software and scanner
Equipment needed: Scanner, computer, optical character recognition and image scanning software
Staff required: No
Handicapped opportunity: Yes
Hidden costs: Software upgrades


Anyone who deals with document production beyond simple word processing will probably be needing a
scanner anyway. So why not make some additional money with it by scanning for others? Paper records
are scanned for businesses so that data can be stored, indexed, and accessed electronically. But many
organizations that need this process do not own scanners and will bring their paperwork to you. Your
other main market will be scanning images. Pasteup is going the way of the carrier pigeons. Everything
must be part of the electronic file nowadays. You can scan images and store them as .TIF files for
manipulation later by graphic designers, artists, and document production specialists.


Adding the scanner to your current office setup will not be excessively costly (RM500-RM1,000),
especially in view of the fee you can charge for its use (RM3 per image average). Be sure to buy a high-
resolution scanner; and save yourself a lot of aggravation by not purchasing a hand-held model (even
though they are less expensive). For a scanning business, you’ll need to produce your results quickly and
accurately—and a hand-held model doesn’t produce quality results.

Bottom-Line Advice:

You’re not going to build a business empire out of scanning alone, but it will likely round out other
services you already offer. Marketing will bring some people to your door for scanning services alone, but
you are most likely to be selling scanning to people you already work with.

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