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Honors Chemistry

Name: Aimee Veneau Period: 8 Date: 10/15/2013

Mole Quantities Lab

U n i t 2 T h e M o l e C o n c e p t

Purpose: To use the mole concept in the lab Materials: small beakers, eye droppers, teaspoon, graduated cylinder, balance Chemicals: Sulfur powder, aluminum foil of various sizes, copper wire, magnesium wire, powdered carbon, sodium chloride, sucrose For the following problems: A. Write a brief description of your procedure B. Collect data, keeping in mind your use of significant digits in measurement C. Use conversion factors to solve the problems PROBLEMS: 1. Determine the number of atoms present in a level teaspoon of aluminum powder A. 1. Measure the container, then measure the aluminum powder in the container. 2. Subtract the difference to get the mass of the aluminum powder. 3. Convert from mass to moles B. Beaker mass=34.35g, Beaker and Al powder=39.62, Al powder mass= 5.27g C. Moles of Al= 5.27g Al/ 26.98 g Al. =1.95 x 10^1 moles of Aluminum Concluding Statement: There are 1.95 x 10^1 moles of Aluminum in 1 teaspoon of Aluminum powder 2. Determine how many level teaspoons of iron are needed to find 1.00 mol of iron powder A. 1. With a mole of iron weighing 55.85 g, we need to find out how many grams a teaspoon can hold. 2. Find how many teaspoons equal 55.85 g B. Teaspoon mass= 2.10 g, paper towel mass=2.18g, total mass=15.60 g, iron mass=11.32g C. 58.85/11.32= number of teaspoons for a mole of iron= 5.199 teaspoons

Concluding Statement: It takes 5.199 teaspoons to equal a mole of iron 3. Determine how many atoms of zinc are present in a 2.00cm2 piece of zinc metal (you cannot cut the foil) A. 1. Weigh the given zinc strip 2. Divide to find the mass of 2.00cm^2. 3. Convert from grams to moles to atoms B. 12 cm^2= 1.57 g, 2.00cm^2=0.262g C. 0.262g Zn x 65.38/1 mol Zn x (6.02 x 10^23)/1 mol Zn= 1.03 x 10^25

Concluding Statement: There is 1.03 x 10^25 atoms of zinc in 2.00 cm^2 strip of zinc.

4. A.

Assuming that baby oil is C23H48, Determine the volume of baby oil that would provide 6.00 x 1022 molecules of oil

B. C.

Concluding Statement:________________________________________________________________ 5. Determine what length of copper wire needed to provide 2.00 mol of copper. A.

B. C.

Concluding Statement:________________________________________________________________ 6. Determine the volume of sugar (C12H22O11) needed to provide 3.59 x 1023 atoms . A.

B. C.

Concluding Statement:________________________________________________________________