Name_________________________ # ______________ More/less/fewer are used as comparatives Less is used for things you can't count

. Fewer is things you can count.
• •

There is less water in this jar than that jar. There are fewer coins in this fountain than that fountain.

More is used for both countable and uncountable things. There is more water in this fountain than in that fountain. • There are more coins in this box than in that box.

Ahmed’s possessions 5 horses A big glass of coffee A big villa 6 children A kilo of dates Sri Lanka

Ali’s possessions 10 horses A little glass of coffee A little bungalow 3 children 3 kilos of dates India

There ________________ horses on Ahmed’s farm than on Ali’s There ________________ coffee in Ali’s glass than Ahmed’s There ________________ children in Ahmed’s house than Ali’s There ________________ dates in Ahmed’s house than Ali’s Ahmed _______________ children than Ali. Ali __________________ land than Ahmed Ahmed _______________ land than Ali Ali __________________ horses than Ahmed. Ali __________________ children than Ahmed.

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