1- Choose the best option

a) My house is a ______________________________________ place.
(large; new; wooden/ new; wooden; large/ large;wooden;new)
b) She’s dating that _____________________________________ boy.
(fat Brittish ugly/ ugly fat Brittish/ Brittish fat ugly)
c) I invited her to have a ______________________________________ food.
(delicious Mexican spicy/ Mexican spicy delicious/ Spicy delicious Mexican)
d) My girl has _______________________ eyes and _____________________ hair.
(big brown/ brown big)
(long, wavy, black/ black wavy long)

2- Make up questions/sentences for the answers/sentences below:
“Nor do I. Maybe tomorrow.”
“I have my photos developed once a month and my hair done every two
“I’m going to ask her for a date and try my best to conquer her”.
“Neither my brother nor I have ever seen a 3D painting”.
“I believe he will have studied and read everything about Stephen King”.

3- Make up questions/ sentences which contain:
a) Present perfect ______________________________________________________
b) 3rd conditional _______________________________________________________
c) Future perfect _______________________________________________________
d) Neither… nor…_______________________________________________________
e) Both… and… _________________________________________________________
f) Everybody____________________________________________________________
g)No one ______________________________________________________________

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