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"Five- Faced Hanuman" symbolizes the faces of an ass, man-bird, man- lion, boar & monkey

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Fear is Fatal....
What do You FEAR the most?
Whatever fear(s) you are facing presently will be gone forever.......... Today, we choose to share something amazing that will empower you & attract more positivity in your life. Lord Hanuman’s name permeate valor and willpower and annihilates all forms of fear.

Lord Hanuman is one of the most popular deities in the Hindu pantheon and is known for his devotion to Lord Ram. Being the chief devotee of Lord Ram, He has everything to give, without ever asking for anything in return. There is no such Bestower like Hanuman in the entire Hindu Pantheism. Lord Hanuman's name conjures up an image of robustness, sturdiness, devotion and unflinching faith. He is also believed to be the apostte of all virtue. He is regarded as the Dispeller of All Distress because of his especial prowess to end all the worries of his devotees. Lord Hanuman is also believed to negate the evil effects of the planets. Since his worship needs no paraphernalia or elaboration he is the most adorable deity. Chanting of his name is specially effective to drive away all sorts of negative feelings and generates a optimistic outlook in your life. Reciting Hanuman mantra infuses courage and determination within you. The worship of Hanuman is the surest path to attracting the fearless life.

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Today, we share a Mantra with you that is aimed to destroy all your Fears. This mantra is been tried and tested and has always produced positive results. The mantra aims to breed confidence and courage with in you. The Mantra is as follows.

||Om Namo Hanumate Bhaybhanjanaya Sukham Kuru Phat Svaha ||
Lets understand the Mantra -

      

OM symbolizes the primal sound of creation. NAMO means I offer my respectful obeisance unto You. HANUMATE one of the names of Lord Hanuman. BHAY-BHANJANAYA The word annihilates all forms of fear and builds inner strength. SUKHAM - KURU The Bestower of Joy and Happiness. PHAT means asking something with force and authority SVAHA is a homage to the deity Hanuman asking for blessing.

There is a great comfort in doing nothing, believing those who are happy have just struck it lucky.
You have to take Action by chanting this mantra daily for 10 minutes facing NORTH direction. Preferably use Red Asana while reciting the mantra.


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