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Lesson Plan

Subject/ Course/ Grade: English 12 Rationale: This class will be spent on reading to the end of act 1 and working on each student’s think, tac, toe assignment for the week. GCO’s: 4-Reading and viewing 5- Interpret, select, and combine information using a variety of strategies, resources, and technologies. 6- Respond personally to a range of texts. SCO’s: 4.2-Read widely and experience a variety of literary genre and modes from different places and times. 5.1- Access, select, and research information to meet their individual learning needs. (look up vocabulary to better understand the play) 6.1- Respond to challenging texts and reflect on their responses. (Journal and Think Tac Toe) -Make connections between their own values, beliefs, and cultures and those reflected in texts *Analyze thematic connections and articulate an understanding of the universality of themes. -Explore diverse perspectives to develop or modify their points of view. Student Goals/ Outcomes: Spend time working on think, tac, toe activity. Spend time reading independently. Instructional Strategies: Quiet reading, working independently to answer questions. Use dictionaries, internet, discussion to understand meaning of important words and phrases. Materials: King Lear text Lesson Introduction: 5-10 minutes review what has happened so far in King Lear and what we will be doing in class today. Give instructions and answer questions about think, tac, toe activity and the journal assignment.

Lesson Body: the rest of class will be spent working on updating journals as to what has happened so far in the play. Students up to speed will spend the class working on their think, tac, toe activity. Lesson Conclusion: Wrap up and discuss the play. This lesson may require two days for all students to finish. Assessment: none Adaptations: -Any student can read along to an audio version of the play by searching “King Lear audiobook online” on google. -Youtube “King Lear” to view performances of the play. -Any finished think, tac, toe can be looked at by me as teacher and might undergo revision and improvement if needed.