From: GUILLAUME DUMONT Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2013 10:35 AM To: MacKinnon, Janice Subject: CBC News interview Hi !

I'm doing a story about travel expenses at the U of S. I have the travel claims when your husband was in o ce and I would like to do an interview about your part of the travel claims. Have a nice day, Guillaume Dumont Reporter CBC News

From: MacKinnon, Janice Date: 2013/10/17 Subject: RE: CBC News interview To: GUILLAUME DUMONT Dear Guillaume, I accompanied my husband on university travel to cohost events that were related to fundraising, the attraction of international students or other events that would bene t the university. My travel was arranged by the university in accord with well-established policies and procedures. University o cials can explain these policies and probably give you some idea of the funds that accrue to the university as a result of such trips. I am sure that you have checked the policies of other U 15 universities and found that they are very similar to those at the U of S Sincerely, Janice MacKinnon

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