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Published by: Ryan Prasdinar on Oct 23, 2013
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The Implementation Family Practice Model In Bontang Nur Asmah1, Kristiani2, Lutfan Lazuardi3 Background : Reformation in basic health care in Bontang was srarted with developing family practice health care model. Implementation of this concept has implication to the health system that already exists like health center. As a new running program, the implementation of this model, has never been evaluated. Purpose : the purpose of this study was to describe about implementation of family practice health care model and interrelation with other health care organization. Methods : This research applied a qualitative descriptive design with case study approach to describe implementation of family practice health care model ini Bontang. Data were collected with indepth interview, document check list and observation the subjects were family practice clinic’s coordinator, health department official, health center chief, city government official, and patient. Result : The implementation of family practice health care not the avtivities fit yet with family practice concept. Of family practice was almost same as health care that already exist before. Individual promotive activity has not done maximally. Preventive effort to family were done by immunization and home visit to identity the member’s house hazard potential and disease control. Relationship between health care organization, the mechanism of coordination between health center and clinic were not clear yet. Each organization work without coordination. This happened because there were no organization structures which organize each arbitrary. The mechanism of direct control coordination between health department and clinic were dominantly done because it was lead directly by the policy maker. Public perception to family practice health care was same as other health care. There was obstacles on the implementation of family practice, i.e. no regulation, limited human resources, and financing system. Conclusion : The implementation of family practice model in Bontang hasn’t with family practice principle, but there are efforts to conform the family practice standards.

Key Words : Family Practice, primary health care, clinic, and coor-dinaton.


District Health Office of Bontang Magister Health policy and service Management, Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University Magister Health Management Information System, Faculty of Medicine,Gadjah Mada University



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