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Stars & Stories of the Vi Community

Volume 7

Vi-Love Couple Live their Passion for Transforming Lives

5-Star Ambassadors, GJ & Alita Reynolds, Share the Vi Dream

2013 Hits & Highlights

Innovation on a Massive Scale

New Promoter Tools

Creative and Fun Ways to Promote The Challenge

International Spotlight
Latino Challenge Party Tour, Canada Tastes Vi Crunch, and Vi UK Gets Electric

Find out who made the CEREAL ENTREPRENEUR list



The ViSalus Founders, Top Promoters and World-Renowned Keynote Speakers
CELEBRATE our newest Body by Vi Challenge Champions and be there for the Vi Model Finals! Recognition from Rising Stars to Ambassadors Saturday Night Party and let loose

Vi was Built to Innovate

ViSalus Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Blair

Vi Community,
If you look at our track record in technology, product development and Challenge marketing, youll know youre part of a company that continually innovates. This unquenchable thirst for innovation pushes us into new markets, new categories, and new areas of growth. Rather than wonder how we can do better, we always plan how we can change or create. We exist to innovate. Weve done so by:

Making network marketing social Redefining weight loss Creating attainable opportunity Taking business mobile Mobilizing a movement

Last National Event of the Year! Register at Vi-Net Mobile Follow RYAN at:

And now, as always, our eyes are focused on the future of inspiring new development. It begins with the most important meal of the day. Thousands of you at Vitality 2013 were able to tasteliterallythe success of our latest game-changer: Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal. This taps into a huge market and gives you the coveted first-mover advantage in the industry. Leverage this opportunity, and you will see tremendous growth in your business. Finally, if youre serious about promoting The Challenge and investing in yourself, you need to attend National Success Training in Atlanta. This is where and how leaders become legends. Youll learn the cutting-edge tools, technology and strategies necessary for expanding your reach and transforming more people. Remember, you are part of a mobilized movement. Imagine if we could harness every one of us together, work in unity towards one cause and one message. Were already making that a reality.

NOV 1517, 2013


/RyanBlair @RyanBlair /RyanViSalus

Register now!

Register and book your rooms at

2013 ViSalus, Inc. All rights reserved.

Ryan Blair



Explore imaginative ways to use Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix at
Beyond the Blender

Revolutionary New Tools to Drive Success




Vi-Love Couple, GJ & Alita Reynolds, Live their Passion for Transforming Lives


20 1 4 10 18 26

Founders' Corner
Vi was Built to Innovate

Feature Story: Vitality Highlights

Learn How Vitality 2013 Showcased Innovation on a Massive Scale

Thousands Take on The Challenge in the UK and Celebrate Success at Vitality

Recognition Rewards
New Enhancements including Lifetime Earnings Pendants, Rank Bracelets and Top Producer Rewards

Table of

Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal, New Body by Vi Challenge Champions, Exciting New Bonus News, and the Future of ViSalus Vi-Defy




6 8

Vi Latino
Keeping the Momentum Alive with Latino Challenge Party Tour

5-Star Corner
Vi-Love Couple, GJ & Alita Reynolds, Live their Passion for Transforming Lives


Top Production
Congratulations to our 2013 Cycle 3 Top Producers through July!

Revolutionary New Tools to Drive Success



Social Media
Fun, Unique and Creative Ways to Promote The Challenge

Vi Canada
Winners of the Canada Face-Off: Battle for Orlando and Vi Crunch in Canada

Crunch Time Winners

See Who Made it on the Cereal Entrepreneur List in July




New Bonus
With so much success around the ND and PD Bonuses, Promoters learned at Vitality that they now have through the end of the year to earn a $5,000 ND Bonus when they achieve the rank of National Directorplus a $10,000 PD Bonus when they hit Presidential Director for the first time by the end of December 2013 production. Even more exciting was the launch of a limited time Lifetime Challenge Bonus, which can help RDs and above earn for life when they help new Promoters become Rising Stars.

Vi Crunch :

Vi Crunch is here! The innovative super cereal lets you chew your Challenge with cutting-edge protein, prebiotic fiber and the delicious Sweet Cream flavor you love in our Vi-Shape Shake... now in a flake! Add an extra burst of flavor, texture and nutrition to your cereal or favorite food with Vi Crunch Fusions, available in two flavors: Tri-Berry Puffs and Chocolate Macadamia Granola.


Your Challenge Goal In A Bowl


Learn more and get yours at

Post your results with Vi Crunch using #viresults and #vicrunch


New Body By Vi Challenge Champions Crowned

Tears were shed, dreams were realized, and stories were inspired as the newest Body by Vi Challenge Champions were announced on stage at Vitality 2013 in Orlando. Thousands within the Vi Community cheered on the Weight Loss, Active and Fitness Champions.

ViSalus Vi-Defy

Is Back And Here To Stay!

The brief return of the superfruit drink mix proved to be so popularthis time, its here to stay! It features a unique blend of antioxidants to help fight the five primary types of harmful free radicals, thus helping to fend off the signs of aging. With zero caffeine and powerful free radical-fighting benefits, its a thirst quencher that is perfect for the whole family!

Learn and share their success stories at

Learn more at

Order today on Mobile or online via the Vi-Net Shopping Cart.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.




New Tools to

Drive Your Success

Founded by people who are on a mission to disrupt an industry, Vi was born to continuously innovate. Its debut of the latest tech tools and advancements at this years Vitality proved that Vi remains at the helm of progress and innovation. ViSalus Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Blake Mallen urged the over 10,000 Promoters in attendance to leverage the tools made available to them. Sometimes its about not saying anything at all, and letting the tools do the talking, he said. Heres some of the exciting new developments that make promoting The Challenge inspiring, effective, rewarding and fun.

Post your results with #viresults

Search the entire Vi Community Browse for the most popular Challenges, or connect with others who share the same Challenge goals as you. Browse, share and submit recipes The Recipe App, once the most shared tool of the Vi Community, is now fully integrated into Sort by favorites or view all your recipes. See archives of past Challenges Every single 90-Day Challenge is archived so you can view yours or others overall results. Expand your reach Tools are now available in French and Spanish to further your reach within the Quebec and Latino markets.

Get Inspired by

New Features on
Vi-News center Catch all the important updates, news, promotions and the latest inspiring stories directly on your mobile app. Vi-Events registration With just one click, you can register for any event, including Regional Success Training, National Success Training and Vitality. Download Vi-Net Mobile at, or update it directly from your mobile device and take advantage of all the new features.

Delivering expert tips, cutting-edge tools, plus all the education and community support to rock your Challenge for 90 days and beyond! The Challenge Trainer email series now starts on each Customers Day 1 and provides weekly inspiration, tips and tools to support his or her success.


See all the faces of The Challenge, including Body by Vi Challenge Champions, celebrities and 100-lb. Club members.

Remember, these Promoter tools were designed for your success. All you have to do is put them to work!

Share your Challenge transformation by tagging #viresults on your favorite social network!

The Challenge Trainer Call takes place every Thursday night, featuring Challenge Champions, health and fitness professionals, and inspiring stories. Dial in at 7:00 pm PST / 10:00 pm EST at (832) 225-5050 PIN 20304#




/visalus @visalus /visalus @ViSalus


Get ready to utilize the most innovative social tools to promote The Challenge in fun, unique and creative ways! Heres how:
i LOST what?
Ever wondered what your lost lbs. could look like? For example, did you know that losing 29 lbs. is equivalent to the weight of 20 dozen eggs? Or, that losing 10 lbs. is like losing 1,814 pennies? Yeah, we didnt know eitheruntil we used the i LOST what? site. Think of this tool as a fun way to visualize your weight loss. Imagine discovering that you lost the weight of 16 basketballs or 21 horseshoes, and then sharing this fun fact on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Its a creative way to promote your weight loss and inspire others to do the same. 3

Customizable Share Center

The Vi Share Center has added customizable branding tools that let you share the latest Challenge news in a more interactive way. Get Todays Share at your fingertips. Heres a glimpse of whats new:

Browse by region. With increasingly new markets, you can zero in on the shareables that are related to your specific region.

Create your very own shareable! Simply upload your before and after pictures, and this tool will automatically display them in an attractive format with Body by Vi Challenge branding. Then share it; your social media followers will see your success and know its because of The Challenge.

Beyond the Blender

For those who want to explore imaginative ways to use Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix in delicious food creations, visit our Beyond the Blender website. It gives you quick access to 90 Vi-Shape recipes from 90 of the leading health, fitness and food bloggers. These incredible recipes have already been enjoyed by over 14 million readers and growing! Wouldnt it be nice to delight in maple panna cotta with peach puree? Or, how about ending your evening with cheesecake tiramisu protein pudding? Now you can find all these unique Vi-Shape recipes in one convenient place. Be adventurous and try serving one at your next Challenge Party its definitely a good conversation starter!

With customizable shareables, the Vi Share Center is one of the easiest ways to announce an upcoming Challenge Party, share your experience with Vi Crunch Super Cereal, or congratulate top producers. It also keeps your social media content fresh and relevantnot just for your team, but for prospective Customers and Promoters.

Death by Chocolate Zucchini Cake Roasted Cherries and Cream Oatmeal with Balsamic Drizzle



Hits and Highlights

If you were among more than 10,000 Promoters on a weekend morning, eagerly anticipating the unveiling of our latest product innovation, chances are you were at Vitality 2013. And, if you happened to snap a panoramic picture of the packed Orlando Convention Center, you would have noticed thousands of cameras zoomed in on a single cardboard boxone that held the future of breakfast innovation. Throughout the 3-day event, other snapshots would have likely featured: the ViSalus Co-Founders, Ambassadors at all ranks, the reigning 2013 Vi Models, people of all ages who had transformed their health, Hulk Hogan and Ruby Gettinger, or young families benefiting from PROJECT 10 Kids. Every picture would have captured in some way the positive energy and contagious enthusiasm that made Vitality a transformative celebration of Life, Health and Prosperity.

Vi Innovation In Every Sense of the Word

Promoters were able to see, hear, touch, and even taste all types of innovation from Vi. They learned from ViSalus Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Blair the companys proven track record of innovation: starting from the Vi-Net platform that merged social networking and network marketingand its future versions that took business mobile, to redefining weight loss and making topclass products attainable to everybody, to mobilizing a movement towards our global mission. And now, they would meet Vis newest innovationthis time, creating an entirely new category to redefine the most important meal of the day.

Think of Vi Crunch less as a Product and more as a Platform, Ryan told them. Later, the entire audience was able to sample Vi Crunch Super Cereal with the Vi Crunch Fusions. Thrilled with the flavor, many rushed to return for a second serving. The reviews were phenomenal as thousands rushed to be the first in the world to place their prelaunch orders.


The Challenge MarketLeveraging Promotional Tools

The theme of innovation carried forward to the new tools that enable Promoters to creatively communicate the key messages of The Challenge. ViSalus Co-Founder and CMO Blake Mallen shared that smart Promoters learn how to say less to MORE people. Sometimes, its about not saying anything at allits about leverage, he said. If you can leverage all these tools, youll have a much bigger impact than all the direct conversations you can have. Promoters then learned that those with the most tools in circulation at any given time are the ones who grow the fastest. From a brand new overview ready for digital download at, to engaging new social tools like customized shareables available at, theres no better time to be promoting The Challenge.

Launch of Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal

After months of guessing Vis top-secret new product, Vitality attendees were finally introduced to the boxs mysterious contents: Vi Crunch Protein Super Cereal. Whether it was the idea of healthy family breakfasts, the concept of a Shake in a Flake that delivers Challenge results, or the delicious mix-in options of the Chocolate Macadamia Granola or TriBerry Puffs Fusions, the crowd cheered as each slide, tagline and informational tidbit revealed more about the cereal.





From Mission to Movement: Taking Weight Off the World

Global Ambassadors Ashley Sarnicola and Jason OToole, along with 5-Star Ambassador Dale Peake, inspired the room with messages around the Vi Foundational Pillars: Life, Health and Prosperity. Promoters were able to see throughout the event numerous examples of how the Vi Community is continuously Taking Weight Off the World. One person at a time. 10 lbs. at a time. Vi Latino, Vi UK and Vi Canada Promoters had traveled in droves to Vitality, flags in hand and waving them proudly. No matter where you sat in the convention center, you would have been touched by the strong Vi international spirit.

A child should not be dealing with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or liver and joint problemsespecially when they may be preventable.

Vi Community Challenge and PROJECT 10 Kids

The crowd went wild when they learned that a combined total of over 3 million kids meals have been donated since the Vi Community Challenge and PROJECT 10 Kids programs began, and that Vi supports more than 250 Charity Partners. In fact, as children and their families walked onto center stage, the Vi Community was able to see firsthand how their contributions have transformed the lives of future generations.

inspirational moment was when reigning Vi Models Alfonso Jones and Mia St.-Aubin joined celebrity photographer Mike Ruiz on stage to announce the search for the next Vi Model 2014.

Its Crunch Time!

ViSalus Co-Founder Nick Sarnicola put the finishing touches on another Crunch Time moment in Vi history. He challenged every Promoter to commit 100% to the next Regional event and also register for National Success Training in November. Focus on becoming a Cereal Entrepreneur, he told them. Its CRUNCH time, and you need to show up. Standing behind him on stage were people whose sheer determination and perseverance catapulted some from near bankruptcy to earning seven-figure incomes. When youre faced with difficulties, will you fold? Will you give up? Nick asked. Or, will you stand up, overcome and show up at Crunch Time? The thunderous applause from thousands of Promoters in the room communicated a resounding yes. It was clear that every person at Vitality was revitalized.

Learn more at

Celebrating Promoter Success

With hard work comes much recognition, and there were many reasons for celebration throughout the event. For example, Royal Ambassadors Tony and Rhonda Lucero received the 2012 MVP trophy, and the Million-Dollar Lifetime Earnings Club members were announced, with Global Ambassadors Nick and Ashley Sarnicola rounding it off with $6 million earnings. Also, Dave Ives, Neil Bellville, Daniel Courcy and Chantale Bourgault were recognized for achieving the rank of 3-Star Ambassador. And, GJ and Alita Reynolds, as well as John and Trisha Kavanagh, were recognized for hitting 5-Star Ambassador, which was a huge moment for Vi UK as the Kavanaghs are the first UK 5-Star Ambassadors.

Fighting Childhood Obesity

To address obesitys harmful hold on children, Vi is a proud supporter of the Diabetes and Obesity Program at The Saban Research Institute of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, one of the largest and most prestigious childrens hospitals in the world. Steven Mittelman, MD, PhD, director of the Diabetes and Obesity Program, spoke about the growing epidemic. One in six kids is now suffering from obesity, he said.

Physical Transformation
Whether featured on stage or spotted in the convention halls, the seemingly endless sightings of people with physical transformations were inspiring. With each person transformed by The Challenge whether it was a Body by Vi Challenge Champion, members of the 100-lb. and over clubs, or Reality TV Star Ruby Gettingerthe benefits of achieving weight-loss, active and fitness goals were visually apparent. An especially

We are about innovation and doing things that nobody else has ever done before. Ryan Blair, ViSalus Co-Founder and CEO





Vi-LIFE Latino

Vi Latino Keeps the Momentum Alive

The Vi Latino market came out of Vitality strong with their official Latino Launch on July 21st. To maximize the momentum, and to kick off their 90-day plan towards Novembers National Success Training in Atlanta, they rallied throughout the USA and Puerto Rico for a Latino Challenge Party Tour, August 5th13th. El mercado Vi Latino surgi fuertemente, despus de Vitality, con el Lanzamiento Latino oficial el 21 de julio. Para maximizar el impulso, y para iniciar su plan de 90 das hacia el evento Nacional de Capacitacin de xito (NST) de noviembre en Atlanta, se unieron por todo los EE.UU. y Puerto Rico para la Gira del Latino Challenge Party, desde el 5 hasta el 13 de agosto.

Vi Latino Sigue con Impulso de Lograr xito

A Look at the Latino Market Growth Repasando el Crecimiento del Mercado Latino
CUSTOMERS: 2,469% Increase Clientes: Crecimiento de 2,469%


PROMOTERS: 1,834% Increase Promotores: Crecimiento de 1,834%


AMBASSADORS: 169% Increase Embajadores: Crecimiento de 169%


Setting Challenge Party Standards

The tours main objectives were twofold: first, to have prospects experience the ultimate Challenge Parties by attending ones hosted by the Latino markets strongest leaders; second, to teach Promoters how to throw successful Challenge Parties by learning first-hand from top Ambassadors. It also provided huge networking opportunities for Promoters in and around each city of the tourfrom Yakima, Washington to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Estableciendo Normas para el Challenge Party

Los objetivos principales de la gira fueron dos: en primer lugar, lograr que todos los participantes eventuales experimentaran los Challenge Parties ms impresionantes al asistir las fiestas dirigidas por los lderes ms impactantes; en segundo lugar, para ensearle a los Promotores como hacer fiestas exitosas de Challenge Party al aprender directamente de los mejores Embajadores. Tambin permiti la tremenda oportunidad de establecer conexiones profesionales con Promotores en cada ciudad de la gira desde Yakima, Washington hasta San Juan Puerto Rico.













25,059 New Customers and 8,673 New Promoters Since July 2012 25,059 Nuevos Clientes y 8,673 Nuevos Promotores Desde Julio del 2012


2012 2012 2013 2013

2.7 3.5


Ambassadors Leading the Charge

Each stop featured one or two Ambassadors to head up the Challenge Parties. Ambassador Cesar Lopez kicked things off in Albuquerque, New Mexico, while 1-Star Ambassador Milton Olave and 2-Star Ambassador Ibrahim Silwany brought things to a close in New York and Ponce, Puerto Rico, respectively. Five-Star Ambassador Freddy Melero was also heavily involved, hosting the most Challenge Parties in the tour. The Latino Tour is an amazing series of events that brings The Challenge to the mainstream Latino community, explains Ibrahim Silwany, one of the top Promoters within the Latino market. Its part of the mission against obesity that will positively impact future generations. These tours, along with the combined energy and passion among the Latino communities, are the biggest factors that have brought the Latino market this far.

Embajadores Toman La Carga

Cada parada de la gira cont con uno o dos embajadores dirigiendo las fiestas de Challenge Party. El Embajador Cesar Lopez inicio la gira en Albuquerque, Nuevo Mexico, mientras que el Embajador de 1-Estrella Milton Olave y Embajador de 2-Estrellas Ibrahim Silwany dieron conclusin respectivamente a la gira en Nueva York, Nueva York y Ponce, Puerto Rico. El Embajador de 5-Estrellas Freddy Melero tambin estuvo muy involucrado, dando la mayor cantidad de Challenge Parties durante la gira. El Latino Tour es una serie de eventos emocionantes que lleva el Challenge a la mayora de la comunidad Latina, explica Ibrahim Silwany, uno de los Promotores lderes en el Mercado Latino. Esto es parte de nuestra misin contra la obesidad que lograra un impacto positivo en futuras generaciones. Estas giras, junto con la combinacin de pasin y energa entre las comunidades Latinas, son los factores mayores que han llevado al mercado Latino tan lejos.

423 359
64 New Rising Stars since 3rd Quarter of 2012 64 Nuevos Rising Stars desde el 3o Trimestre del 2012

Q4 Q1 Q2


4.2 million/millones 5.1 million/millones

2.4-Million increase in Latino Group Qualification Volume (GQV) since 3rd Quarter of 2012 Crecimiento de 2.4-Millnes en Volumen de Calificacin de Grupo Latino (GQV) Desde el 3o Trimestre de 2012

Freddy Melero
5-Star Ambassador





Vi-Life Canada

The Latest News from Vi Canada

La Vi Famille du Qubec
Charles Alexandre Marion

Les Promoteurs Du Qubec Partagent Leur Exprience De Vitality

Nous voulions savoir ce que les promoteurs du Qubec ont pens de leur exprience de Vitality et de leur premire dgustation de Vi Crunch. Voici ce quils nous ont partag :

RANG: Ambassadeur 5-toiles

Vi Crunch a un got succulent! Cest un repas soutenant qui va rvolutionner la faon dont les gens vont djeuner!

Daniel et Chantale Courcy RANG: Ambassadeur 3-toiles

Vitality 2013 a t une exprience unique. Clbrer laccomplissement dtre Ambassadeurs 3-toiles en compagnie dautres de gens qui ont du succs a t un grand moment pour nous. Avec nos 25 annes dexprience en marketing relationnel, nous confirmons que Vi est trs prometteur pour notre avenir et celui de nos fils.

New RDs At Disney World!

In a showdown for the ages, Global Ambassadors Nick Sarnicola and Jason OToole launched the Canada Face-Off: Battle for Orlando. Promoters from each Province in Canada took sides, and in the end, it was Nicks team that came out on top. As part of the contest rules, the defeated teams captain Jason OToole wore a Disney hat, and sent the winning teams new RDs and their enrollers to Walt Disney World. Jason reflected on the whole experience saying, We genuinely live for helping people find that feeling you get when youve figured out that what you thought was impossible is VERY possible... To be at Disney with the folks and their families when they experienced this for the first time is a humbling reward without measure.

Its Crunch Time In Canada!

Vi Canada had a record-breaking turnout, thanks to all those who represented and made it down to Orlando for Vitality, July 1921. They not only lived the Vi-Life at the Here We Glo Again Neon Party, Promoters of all ranks were able to reconnect and network with Promoters from other markets. Thousands in attendance also had a chance to take their first Crunch of the brand new Vi Crunch Super Cereal.

Marie-Lyne Daneau RANG: Ambassadeur 2-toiles

Vi Crunch, cest tellement bon quon oublie que cest sant!

Vi Crunch Super Cereal is Mother and Daughter-Approved!

Elaine Lynas RANK: 2-Star Ambassador PROVINCE: Ontario
Oh my, I absolutely LOVED it. I tried it with both Vi Crunch Fusions and it left me feeling full and satisfied.

Nancy Drolet RANG: Ambassadeur 1-toile

Vitality 2013 a t pour moi UNE CROISE DES CHEMINS dans l'histoire de Vi et dans ma vie personnelle galement! CRUNCH TIME!

Moe and Stu Gibbons RANK: Regional Directors PROVINCE: Ontario

My whole life, Ive watched other kids go to Disney and it was only a dream for me. Vi made me a believer.

Manon Michel RANG: Directeur National

Ce fut une semaine exceptionnelle remplie de vie, dnergie et dides. Jai t incroyablement impressionne!

Raylene Lynas and Justin Bruder RANK: 2-Star Ambassadors PROVINCE: Ontario
WOW. WOW. WOW! I love that you can chew your Challenge! It's absolutely amazing! We love knowing that we are getting nutrition instead of junk in a bowl!

Jesse Kvaska, Kristina Zakharyan, Kayla Bretz, Ashley Capitano and Dan Shaba RANK: Regional Directors PROVINCE: Ontario

Sylvie Huneault et Shrazade Gunette RANG: Directeurs

Vitality fut une exprience inoubliable. Nous sommes repartis avec la certitude que nous tions au commencement d'une nouvelle vie.





Vi UKs Vitality Experience

Vi-Life UK

Excitement and anticipation were at an all-time high as over 250 Brits made their way across the pond to Orlando, Florida for Vitality, 19th21st July. The trip proved to be valuable and memorable as the event completely blew them away! For UK Promoters, it was their first national Vi event, and the first in which they received recognition for their amazing achievements amongst their North American counterparts. Many traveled with their families for a few extra days of holiday, visiting popular attractions like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando.

A Look Back at UK Pre-Launch Highlights

A main highpoint from Vitality for the UK Promoters was hearing music boom out as UK 3-Star Ambassador Dave Ives ran onto the stage with Trish and John Kavanagh, UKs first 5-Star Ambassadors. They presented the highlights from the UK Pre-Launch event to over 10,000 people in attendance. The Union Jacks waved proudly, and the UK Promoters danced on their chairs.

UK Promoters rushed to get ready for the Saturday night Here We Glo Again party. They were back in no time, looking fabulous and electrifying in their bright neon clothes and Vitality glow sticks!

Celebrating Success
Even with Saturday nights festivities, UK Promoters were up bright and early on Sunday morning to either cheer on or get cheered on as Told-U-So number plates and cheques worth over 822,000 were presented. It was a special moment seeing so many UK Promoters up on stage, making them all proud to be part of such a motivational company that recognizes and rewards hard work. UK 2-Star Ambassador Amanda Churcher was also part of the Top Producer Panel, adding to the revelry with her unforgettable jokes.

The Vi UK Effect
Watching the highlights video from the Vi UK Pre-Launch, Promoters learned how in just three months, more than 22,000 Customers in the UK took on The Challenge. Their pride and excitement grew even more when they viewed the next video footage of the first UK Promoters expressing what the 90-Day Challenge has meant to them, and how Vi has changed their lives and those around them.

ReVitalized and Inspired

UK Promoters were eager to get home and put new plans into actionthe 8-hour flight was almost too much for them to contain their excitement. Today, Vi UK Promoters and Customers are already lining up to be Challenge Champions, and theres much anticipation to see UK Promoters in the top positions for Vi Icon, too! The Ambassadors are planning on many more of their team members attending the upcoming National Success Training, 15th17th Novemberso watch out Atlanta! Before then, they have the UK Regional Meetings in September (21st September in Glasgow, 28th September in London). These are sure to be amazing events and a springboard to NSTand beyond!

UK Breakout Session
The UK breakout session had high energy and valuable information to take home, with Co-Founders Ryan Blair and Nick Sarnicola making impromptu presentations. UK Promoters hung on to every word that Ryan, Nick and other Ambassadors had said, as it really struck home that Vi UK is part of a global movement to trim down and become healthier.

Vi UK Gets Electric
After a dose of inspiring speeches and key strategies for success, many of the

Details at

5-STAR Corner

Sharing the Dream

Vi-Love Couple, GJ and Alita Reynolds, Live their Passion for Transforming Lives

Rank: 5-Star Ambassadors Home: Nebraska Key to Success: Stay the course.

which is also a factor in its success, its mission and vision have remained the same. Vis commitment to its mission was my buy-in and the key to keeping me as a Promoter for seven and a half years, GJ says.

Embracing the Culture of Giving

Earning a seven-figure annual income enables GJ and Alita to live debt-free and travel extensively. More importantly, they are able to financially care for others. Were able to be very philanthropic, GJ says. And Alita agrees. Were able to donate a large portion of our income to people in need. That, they say, defines the Vi culture of giving.

20% OFF


Living the Vi-Life

GJ and Alita Reynolds first met through Vi, fell in love and got married. Now the Vi-Love couple enjoys a lifestyle that most people only see on television. Its our reality, says GJ. Through our network here in Los Angeles, were able to bring the Body by Vi Challenge to a lot of celebrities, top athletes and musicians. Weve had life experiences we wouldnt have had without Vi. GJ has been a Challenge Promoter since 2006, while Alita joined several years later. They are now 5-Star Ambassadors and credit ViSalus continued growth and success to its focus on improving life, health and prosperity on a global scale. Even though the company has reinvented itself over the years, This couple leads the quintessential Vi-Life. Both are more fit than they have ever been in their lives, with GJ keeping a running count of the number of continuous days hes worked out. Since August, that count had already topped 700. Alita and GJ have both embraced the Body by Vi Challenge and are loving the results. Im stronger, Im more fit, Im faster and Im in my 50s, he says. Its all because of the incredibly effective products Vi offers. Alita, who had knee surgery earlier this year, says her physical therapist was amazed at how quickly she recovered. She had never in her entire career seen someone recover as quickly as I did, Alita says. I attribute a lot to our great products.

Im stronger, Im more fit, Im faster and Im in my 50s. GJ We can stay the course watching peoples lives being transformed; thats what were about. Alita
Helping people is our passion, says GJ, and promoting The Challenge empowers us to help others achieve their goals, whatever those might be. People lose sight of what were all about.

Offer does not include print items. Only in US and Canada. Expires 12/31/13.

GJ is the author of The Playful & Powerful Warrior within YOU!

All statements or implications of income earned through the Vi Incentives Program are for illustration purposes only, and are not a guarantee nor are they a projection of the typical Promoters earnings or profits. The financial achievement or failure of a Promoter depends upon sales, his or her skill set, commitment, and desire to succeed. The opportunity to earn more is always available to each and every Vi Promoter.





Special congratulations to Julys Cereal Entrepreneurs! The following names are listed in the order in which they qualified as a Cereal Entrepreneur. Not only were these Promoters among the first in the world to pre-order a Vi Crunch Combo Pack, they got theirs for FREE by referring 3 others. Cereal Entrepreneurs also won: A limited-edition Im a Cereal Entrepreneur! t-shirt Priority seating at NST Atlanta (
Kathryn Spencer Vicki Golda Dan and Cheryl Barnhart Daniel Krieger John and Lynn Bowen Jerry Simmons Leland Stith Jennifer & Daniel Kukkee Shilpa and Minesh Vallabh Kim Bickel Brian Bone Leah Obermark Patricia Bernard Rodney and Carol Roady bernard pare Helen Roady Lucy Pelkey Amos Roady Monique Daniels James Gasser Marie Groves Hina Syed Matthew Lehr michele fishley Edward Ruppe Nichol Ashmore Mitch Spangler Tyson Bradford Joe Willingham Cherry Arvin Kathie Rothschild-Zuroweste & Curt Zuroweste Nicole Conner Terry Wygal Daniel Millsaps Joshua Emmans Cory Filley Donald J. Liguori Rachel Groves Caryn Gorzo Tony and Aly Belden Bruce Wiseman & Crystal Swartout Janie Taylor Jerry Palmer John &; Kristy Fletcher Bryan & Stephanie Vignery Linda Palmer Tracy Pouliot Cynthia Gratzer Shannon Morris miranda wrobel Julie Chamberlain Valesca Macedo Jami Lemaster Judith Smith Valerie Luther John & Kathy-Ann Abbott Jessica Watt Maureen Melton Debbie Richardson Kevin Sieks Ron Marshall Richard Laframboise Tony and Rhonda Lucero Robert Lanouette Scott Whitney Patricia Boulet Maria A Herrera Emiley and Victor Hendrix Jenny & Bernard Jandera Maira Cifuentes Mike DeVries Celia Su Lisa Schafer Cassie Ker Matt & Sarah Monahan Randi Watson Jeff & Cindy Sanborn April Brandt Derrick White Steve Lyde Dante Garcia Jennifer Grashel Margarett Sle Laurie Anderson Randy and Crystal Spath Kelly Mayfield Jeff Purdy Carol Bingham Mark Fredrickson Maria Gutierrez Adrienne Lucas Nicole Bennett Damion Moss Christina York Jimmy Johns Derek Fleming Jennifer Fleming Kenneth Alexander Deidre Jones Tanya Ferrera Judy & Bryan VanWagner Brenda Schultz Tina McRary Sandy Reesor carol roady Tom & Vickie Paley Tonya and Terry Gardner Jr Diane McCune Susan Fatutta Alfreda Craft Linda Moss Janine and Shawn Cutting Stefanie Mooney Jon and Dr Mary White Opperman Hermen &; Kianna Carson Benjamin Landry Rachel Comer MinDee Shipp Diana Hernandez Nina Cooper Jayne Muscariello Juan Mercado Charla Bufkin Ginny Ervin Kathy Steffen JEANNE FULL steve teran Armando Espinosa Maryann Roberts Justin Jones KIMBERLY CBELL LARRY KNIGHT Keri Smith Tyler & Mimi Ford Kim and Jeff Stueber Anthony Trainor Laurie Stanley Denise Rohrig Lynn Davidson Nicolas Desroches Bryan Sellers Virginia Mazurkewich Diana Shores Johnny Etheridge Kelly Lammens-Pickard Cassius Lanier Dave Miles Christie Oltsher Crystal McCarthy Melissa Sadler Becky Hoxworth Alexandra De La Hoz Vanessa Beckermann Eric Turmel Anne Golden Sandi Radtke Brian Brzozka K Clay Pendleton Kamren Drake Victoria Wells Sandy Kotalik Andrea and Wes Sylvester Tammara Bezanson Jeff Richey Dr Jamie Bell Anderson & Terrance Anderson Maria Young OBrien Brown Claudia Archibald Melissa Shoeman Stacey Austin Kyle Findlater Tonya Ames Brittney Olson James McIlroy Almelode Meimban Polly Bremel Deborah Benefield Melissa Sieks Carlos Parry jessica aust Edward Beaudry jeremy Richard Dawn Borzon Tammy and Tony Mosteller Paula Van Solkema Ken Bryan SEREENA CHEERATHODI Teresa Schriver Rick & Elaine Lynas John Horton Jason Boone Claritza Lefffel Jessica Wallett Jeff and Robyn Staebler Jennifer Dickson Dominick &Deborah Cavaliere Scott Travis Bill Martin Ashley Fife Matt Curry Sharon Hargrave Team ViNamite Alena Cochrane Vernon Nate Amanda Coffey Lisa Marie & Matthew Kennedy Tracey Bell Kayla Bretz Dr. Nixon Kimberly Hileman Heather White Randall Young Michele Miltenberger Amber Shank Jen & Craig Zoellner Ashley Grant Debra Spath Georgene Ickes Carole Pendleton Jamie P Levenhagen Samantha Camm Amanda Pacetti Brenda and Lori Norton Chris and Nichola Wojnicz Maximum Performance Fitness Training, Inc. Jen &; Jason Canada Susan Hyde Virginia Poindexter Donna DeWolf Todd King Michelle & Dana Knight Oscar McClyde Sarah Lembkey Robin J Wood Michelle Bock Sheila Bouldin Bevin Green Joy Lawrence Dr. Maria Giacalone-Hewson Mark Clark Ashley Capitano Shane Johnson Monique Ulliac Lauri Lyerla Sam and Dawn Ritter Beth Hearn Gregory Marchant Christy Van Vliet jessica britt MEGAN COYLE Libby Riley Cory and Delilah Chapman Chad Isbell Becky Baker Masha Hunsaker Tricia Kiebel Dawn McKenzie Bonnie Au Michelle and Rasheed Terry Courtney Burt RAYMOND JENKINS JR Celine Mansion reece foster Roshonn Smith Mary Hall Scott Ellen Haynes Travis Dunn Kate Kincaid Jefferson Green BRANDON SHERMAN Rob & Andi Robertson MARGIE DIXON Earl Neathery Mike Chaudoir Ben Wade Shaine & Kerri Sundy Sheila Cbell Tracey Tolin Sarah Salmon Michael-Leah Baxley Anette Magnusson Scott and Renee Simon Maisoon Khalaf Larry Wiese Debra Kohr Jennifer Garrick Cheri Thomas Nick Shuster William Izaguirre Michelle and Brian Stewart Carole Blair J. David Stuart Robert Moreno Anthony Sisneros Joanne Alexander Flash Gordon Kelly Chandler Bridget Reid-Schieler Anthony Sorensen Margie Robichaux Mia Barr Yselda Gutierrez James Silcott Misty Queen Jody Snyder Rashad Taylor Shirley Florence Sharon Elwood Josh Anders Rebecca Ortiz Jennifer Hoehna John Canelli Marty Dolfuss lauriane lapointe Allan Francis Tim Peak Israel Barajas Brenda Papin Heather Twisdale john badger Colleen Ryan Paula Bossow Tim Melanson Abe Wiebe Joey Lapierre Valerie Cole Diane Fisher Jennifer Fowler Christy Gloyd Edward Baker Rodney Middleton Kerry and Jacquese Hill Pamela Bates Elisa Pelayo Carlyn Schmidt Dr. Monique Holmes Brent and Angela Bowers Kecia Johnson MARIA KAUFMAN Everth Galdamez Vi Nguyen Martin Hagen Chris Robson Jonathan Su Beau Eckert Maryann Donahue Roxanne Sieks Christopher Corson Alfredo Rios Nicholas Zientarski Gary Misner Timothy Davis Anne Howard Steventhen Holland Shelley Pound Amy Snyder Travis Lamer Dave Sarkissian Steve Nile Devon Taylor Docfran Clark Vetta Stanley Cody Jarrett Allen Milletics Jeanne Goldman Margie Lane Jay Watson Glantzatme Amanda Petroccione Bob Reedy Scott Agnew Esther Ott carrie bonesteel Dayna Robillard and Ryan Hopf GLP Investments Inc Sylvain Beauch Pamela Hillerich David Carino Ashleigh Shteinberg Jenny Lynn Jason Cobb CHRISTINE BECKERMAN Deborah Miller David and Alisa Muller Terri Lee and Tom Pocernich Michelle Ratter Ann Owens Michelle Maggard Shira Adatto Mary Pearson Sandra Gavilondo Sandy Randall AH-Shehnii Ali Smith Billie Wilson Celeste Reese Kevin Lyman Wendy Dalton Jordan Delacruz & Michelle Ching Angie Glasgow Hanne Danielsson Tanisha McDonald Erin Daniels Roeun Sok Rafael Garcia Kenny Carrier Nicole Richman Maureen Hernandez Emily Richardson Terina Kaufman Bell & Matt Bell Marilyn Clarey Maggie Moerschbaecher Miranda & Mike Raivala Dennis & Kathy Johnson Rickey Smith Linda Leedahl Amanda Gordon Victoria Bailey Cheryl Diamond-Murray julie bugarin Miquelina silva Michael & Lynn Kirn Ashley Swallow Sheila Bray Steven W. Clark Alicia Gifford Greg Kopacka Ibrahim & Melba Silwany Adrienne Ulliac Ann Henderson Bryant Shultz Katharine Lenane Bonnie and Jim Arms Shelby Lewis Lindsey Gwaltney ORTIZ 90 LLC David Gibbons Mark & Wendy Convery ( Ann & Larry Williamson Angie Clay George Guyott George Stroemer Michelle Parriera Joshua Wood Garry Lowe Linh Nguyen James Macmillan Lyndi Guyott Natalie Ventura Shelly Barrington Glenn Ricci Vivian Yourth Rafael Soto Janine and Richard Mandryk Leigh-Ann & Jason Farrior Kelli Villanueva nikkia deane Debbie Kling Kim Farley William Hayes lynne pelletier Robert Martinez PRISCILLA BROWN Michelle Eddy Jennifer falloon Cindy Ackley-Ginnetti Sharon Maceyak Seth McDonald Nicole Puchalski JD & Carol Lucas Tricia Rau-Hammond Joseph Craft Ben Johnson Malinda Plumer Michelle Griggs Amberley Terry Anthony Burkley Bernard Metivier Cheryl Musinski Trinidad Thacker Bill Squires John and Michelle Deringer Frank Slowik Cathy Dickens Ed and Kathy Lacey Zach Nibert susan paranuik Jody Brown Anna Said Lyne Landry Michael Sarni Jeff and Leslie Oldham Jason Davis Peter & Emily Bartosek Elizabeth Londono Lauren Raeburn Daphne Williams Delisha King Kevin Unzen Donna Allen steve huber Laura L Boos Brenda Traynor Chasity Jones Joan &; Brian Llewellyn Valarie West Dalia Alvarado Cory Yamaguchi Priscilla and Jorge Roman Ron Hankey Dodi Osburn Andrea Canaday Clayton Powell Tim Spencer Joy Fitts Carlos Carreon MaryAnn Hatfield Whitney Berry GINA WHITE Joyce Rogers audrey lemieux John & Vivienne Carosso Brad Clarke Patrick Lafleur Karen Silveri Steve Caffery Pierre-Alain Joly Yvonne & Michael Arce Daniel Edmiston Michael Yencarelli Wendy Simpson Trisa and Dru Wetzel Gail Ishimoto Charity White Ms. Tanya Jo Brown Kim Pelkey Breanne Kormendy Melissa Boehnke Mecky Lang Michael Santiago Edward Hanks Sharon Bonner Jerry Balczak Jacquelyn and Rhegess Perry Randy & Michelle Allison Joel Briggs Tamara Hite Kelly barker Jo Ann Curado Ausman Zachry Vaughn Josee Beaudry Skye Elder Jessica Vickstrom Wayne and Eyleen Toppila Jaime Dauncey Luis Machado Stacy Tuell Joan Keiner Cleopatra Jones Steve & Jennifer Morgan Bob and Susan Strong Paul Chernhoski Vi Squad Ke-Ke Morgan Travis Germany Dawn Hart Amy Gutierrez Savannah Dyer Rick Clark Heather Robinson Jasmin Hebert & Jordan Rempel Sonia Pantoja Katresea Bouldin Brandon Poulin Harvey & Natalie Gaudun-Stables Keith & Emily Wilhelms Kelly Stump Raeanne Leduc Elizabeth Beerbower Vincent Trudell Wendy Konz Andrew Fisher Vivian Beck Glenda Burba Dennis Kim Dr. Jeanette Haslett, MD Don Kearns- Team Give Lindsey Anderson-Walsh Carmelita Torres James and Teresa Hagerman Vilma Klassen Blum Shaton Williams John Sebring Tracy Johnson Debbie Lamberson Shannon L. George Heather Huston Amber Marsh Teresa Lydon Chad Knight oanya jennings Renee Hamburger Casey Shipp Shannon & LaDonna West TERESA FOKSA Barb Willis Clint VonDielingen JEFFREY FOKSA Marisa Pastrovich Izell King Jacqueline Touhey Wade & Natalie Erickson Isabel Casquinha Matt Harm Kala Drylie Becky Bowdoin Shari Haling John Martin Mincoya Crenshaw Hutch Kim Arbeau Leticia Knudsen Tanya Bobo Lori Petrilli Jennifer Meadows John Turner Marc Yealland Jodie Thompson JOSEPH BECKER Nora Ellis Raylene Bruder Florence W Johnson Terry Schmeltzle Kim & Chad Cumming Stephen R. Santasieri Bryant Wheeler Samantha Sciarrotta Carolyn Bierworth Will Johnson Jen & Mike Garvin Dottie Anderson Kevin Torres michelle bates Judi Nield Nicolas Duchesne David Aquino Robin Fennell E Rick Saccucci Carol Green Quincy Harp II Jennie Stephens Jeff and Allison Blair Erika Pearson Connie Conti Lucie Henry Patty Roddriguez Sharon Borrero Becki Taylor Carole Finch Lisa Trotzke-Laws Lindsey Zahniser Shaine Sundy Pete Bunting Glenn Felty Gabrielle Williams Myra Gobeli Barbara Coleman Gaylynn Cartner Zsuzsanna Horvath Mark and Marti Blanton Tim & Stacey OKeefe Christy Young Josh & Carol Quade Jennifer Marshall Nikki Beebe Darlene Jones Mai-Lin Russell Sara Wyand Brooke and Jake Rhein Michael DeRienzo Cynthia Papp Carole Simons Philip Holsworth KRISTEN ST.PIERRE Brad Swenson Jennifer Misner Tamika Presha Rob and Nicky Horkings Janelle Skalla Beverly Quinn Lorne Mansky Vince and Whitney Filippone Jo Nell Fairchild AMANDA GRAEF Rachel Forster Tc Ward Jamie Queen Heather Brewer richard simmons John & Lynn Dewall Karyn and Jimmy Lomax Angelina Hanson Woolf & Erik Woolf Sharon Miller Ursula Santana-Linares Alicia Kaufman Deb & Steve Larsen Steve Poulin Estella Heng Secha Rich Amanda McClellan Alexis Hinson Jenny Krall steve kinna Gena Smith Tyler Kays Gerald Palmer Earl Ike-German John Schertzinger Terri Huffling Avromy Segal Arthur Green David Castillo & Stacey Arce Sabrina Reiffer Karim Villate Gretchen Coley Live Fire LLC Crystal Mauldin Heidi Chandler Mike & Jo Rivera John Wade Cassandra Saunders Erika Smith Brenda McCamis Greg Castleberry Marilee Maricich Julie Ramirez John Glenn Tami Violette Vicki Meyer Sandie Robbins Linda Rouleau Rachel Ritter Nhi Michelle Banh Ryan Maddox Danny Adams Amy Wade Laura Wade David Jenkins Stephanie & Jim Menker Jacqueline Donk Kevin Dodge Kristen & Barry Harris Juaneta Cooper rhonda flowers Tina Sulser Ana Silva Jacquelyn Chelley Lewis Tomasz Racult & Tanya Bork (TNT) Jon and Jennifer Faulkner Sunni Wilson Lisa Schmitz Charlotta Gustafsson Sandra Holik Anita Estes Suzi Redlich Tammy Hancock Zack Loescher Tina Larson Dania Gonzalez Ryan Brothers Ti Garner Brooke Schrock Cheryl Irwin Kristen Sturgill David Sandate &; Marci Salmeron Natalie Angrisani Raelynn Beintker Deanne Godfrey Jack Oliwa Brenda Ferm Alejandro Feria Kayley Carroll Bonnie Eshuis Nancy French Craig and Peggy Flenker Shannalyn Martinez Josh Welch Darrell Bonesteel Ernestine Pratt Iris Andrini Melissa Lohr Mary Gilstrap Brian & Jennifer Sexton Barry and Sarah Midthun Alice Rainville Allen Neuharth Melissa Stone LeeDon Lawson MARY MARSHALL Donny & Denise Tapia Amber Silverthorn Iris Jung Lindsay and Matt Harm Ginnessa & Cedric Tinsley Kerri Boos Tori Smith Geri Fitch Kim MacDermott Carolyn Reynolds Team Hamsmith Rhonda Fosser Silvia Sever Chad Westenhouse Danny & Miranda Linares Roxie Burrows Vivian Elaine Shirey Daniel Sarrazin Stephen Tyler Lore Jennifer Milne Kelly Cooper lee parriera Christine Wertz Manon Michel Aimee Dusseau - Sandvik Nerisbel Velazquez Marilyn Vega Anna Beverly Bella Latham Eldwin Marks Anna Rich Trina Hart Kellie Mattingly Tim Lawson Carmen & Ed Word NaTascha Krempges Lisa Foster & Paula Waters Joanne Leriger Ronald Duclos Desiree Foote Deborah Tutnauer LLC Trisha Westenhouse George Adrian Aiesha Collins Carlson W. Reese Samantha Finch Debbie Tilley Kimberly Ross Alicia Stewart Marcos Rivera ERIC OUELLET Ondra Pyles Stephanie Jones Betty Mayes Pam Watson Fit 4 the Challenge, LLC Shannon Hamm Nicole Bergstrom Travis Hagler Tony Jankiewicz Katherine & Derrick Lyall danielle Pankuch Team Walker Juan Tanon Ashley Stanton Lavinia Muresan Traci Capps Joanne Beattie Gossett Daley Pradi Mabel Rivera Brian and Heather Denson Susan Gunn Katrina ONeill Sara and Phil Thomas Randy &; Denita Lee Vi Powered RICHARD PALA Christine Cbell Jesse' and Sandra Padilla Mistie Seiler Amy La Rosa Brian Gower Matt & Johnna Parr Cheryl Halm Maria Swinger-Inskeep Pete & Kelly Keiner karen holman Francine Bertrand Ezra Nichols Nitsa Nakos & Priska King Raquel Maden Luke Gowdy doris perkins Gabriela Villalobos Bernadette Olivier LaQuanda White Kristine Street Jennifer Mach Benson and Jessica Gatchalian Stephanie Haberman Sharon Mckibben Tammy Sankey Eric Desrosiers Kimberly Dufault David Vittini Carolyn Daley Michelle McLean Jennifer Hutchins Bryan Barrington Mark & Tracey Hebert Dennis & Kim McClintock Ivy Stirling Gianna Fantin Lisa Ferland Christy & Phil Strohm Kirsten Lindbloom Dana Cheno Darlene Greene Provo Christopher Bourke Carole Pruneau Cyr Mara Wertz Leigh and Scott Brown Courtney Caramanna Ray Osmond Brenda Cintron Jason Miller John Lewis Cac Stiner Shannon Whitworth Amy Calloway Dorothy Louie Brandon Edmundson Jay and Roni Corpron Stephanie Ann Clark April Wierman Timothy and Michelle Simonin Larry Brumback First Quality Courier Of Georgia Inc Sandra L Norby Beckie Saupe Joe and Leanna Palmer Darrin Hutchins Colin Chion Robert Davis Ron Niville Juan Flores Linda Agrimson Charlotte Bailey Betsy Patterson Paige T Moreland Kirsten Verk Jessica Hershberger Adalia Hiltebeitel Sarah Dietle Lizmarie Matias Michael Stroupe Charles &; Traci Hawkins Melissa Dillon Melissa Marnell Rob Durling Jenay Reynolds Greg Mieras Rick & Veronica Eyberson Ellen Perdue Todd Civiello Mindy and Will Nemargut jessica anshaw Aileen Alvarez Pamela Taylor Randy Angsten Jacqueline Izquierdo Valerie Waugaman-Gal & David Gal Kym Lyell Luis Garcia Gayle & Roger Manke Jeanette Ortiz Pat Donovan Teddy Smith Brendan Murphy Thom and Melissa Tillier Katelynn & Jason Carroll Lauren Trotnow Douglas Hardesty Tommy and Angel Perry Karen Huggett Michelle Anderson David Gelineau Alicia Pouliot-Cote Gretchen Karlson Vicki Hunsaker Audrey Lamy Amber McDonough Christi and Bud Reynolds Lisa Robson Andy King Teresa Scanlan Kemi Akinyemi Jennifer Smith Kathy Groendyk Amanda Doerr Mona Mieras Lory David Wayne Quick Eva Huddleston Jennifer Barr Vickie & Tom Paley Dennette Etheridge Benson Bolos Miguel Hernandez Pacheco Remi & Crystal Carrillo Cat Asta & Mandy Novosky Crystal Riggs Dusti Brown Paul Tylla Toni Newman KNicole &; Tommy Ogg Lynn Hrbachek Maronda Yocom Tina Hicks Bob and Connie Roeder Janice Marcum Kelsey Castrey Ron Laxton Tim Strickland Pauline Darlington Ashley Tatman Melvin & Gerry Messner Kristy Kaminski Steve Puchalski Keith Langenberg Karen Nogiec Terrie Hopper ANNMARIE GARVIN Nadia Catino Cody and Leann Herndon Steven Braganca - ViFamily4Life David Glennon & Lynn Hrbachek Patricia Doby Aron Groendyk NICOLE SCHMIDT Melanie Milletics Deborah Sidway Kory & Natalie Kilbourne Crystal Johnson Beatrice Weinstock Linda Beaupre Robbin Squires Neal Tribble Chad Schieler Wilda Kelley Leigh Rodak Victor M. Leon Kristi Johnson Jimmie & Candice Jayes Sherry Raimundo Lindsey Toolson Chris Tice Claude Aumont Gwen Boughton Diogenes G. Linares Jr. Marida Fonseca Candy Ruh LISA HOLMES SHARI Annette Osbern Tricia and Donnie McDonald Sean Reif Alexandre LAJOIE Gene Houston Saidat Vandenberg Carrie Metzger Azure White Erica & Ethan Lanagan PIEDAD CABAL Lori Gamble Jody Pearcy Christi and Tom Mulligan Ruby Jane Burton Angel Sepulveda Tom Elliott Paula Scott Lowe Sue Spooner Tammy Johnson Stephanie Carey Diana Beltran Justin McCarthy Krissy Richard Dustin & Ashley Colie Rafael & Danielle Feliu Lisa Symonds Rhonda and Chris Chase Steven Akers Junior & Jasmine Acevedo Lynn Quick Jimmy Le Monica Ciszczon michelle stephens Dr. Sean Moran Rebecca Najera Rajesh Varghese Cindy Gordon Jeannie Wilson Donald Bridges Carolyn Sterling Elizabeth Gurrola Kristen Warden Maria Corral Mel Cerveny Rowena Roach Kimberly Maschari Delois Fuller Karla & Mike Barnes Brooke and Mark Pancratz Schelli Creacy Lyn Cox Julia Steinman Lauren Lopez joseph tubb Rachel Santiago Donna Boze Esmeralda Perez Diane Audet Edgardo Rojas Cornel Buiciuc Jermaine and Kenyatta Jackson Jeri Harris Julio Velzquez &; Dorimar Rodriguez Jamie Duguid Terry Phelps michelle almeida Bob & Tiffany Carr Raul Najera Amy Boone Amy Lester JILL BLANCHARD Andrea Walker Cheryl Goossen Penny Waack Jackie Lee Gilmer Caryn Broomby Matt Plumer Shantelle Lucero Rojo Debbi Ludwig Wade and Shannon Merriman Addie Aleman Yarbrough RAQUITTA KEMP Dan Parks Cesar Pacheco y Leslie Cabeza Corey Miller Miranda Little Adam and Melissa Cudmore Pam and David Williams Chrissy Wilkin Sharie Knudson Vickilynn Bowman Kevin and Stephanie Merriweather Wendy Jordan Nellie Woodruff Eric Larson Stephen Hall Lindsey & Mike Curry Tom & Deb McCoy Mireille Lavallee JC Goffe Shawn P Daly My Vang Lo and Wayeeleng Lo Lynn Voskan Kaelin Tuell Jill Patton Rachel Sedler Norman & Margie Chun Margaret & Matthew Stoltzfus AMY MIRANDA Tiffany Gall Erin and Casey Baker Scott & Shannon Harnack Sam Evans Cynthia Stuart Scott and Robin Foster Jesseca Webster Doreen Guarracino Christopher Allen Linda CP Thomas melissa Mcguire Cindy Costello Anna Cummins Adelina Flores Sharlene Martinez Big John Boyd Dawn Head Shelton Hagerman Jim Hunnicutt Danny & Penny Delgado Nathaniel Scott Tiwuana Bryant George Fields Rick & Kristen Warden Angela Edelen Stacy Amanda Moreno Trent and Michelle Castor Melissa & Jason Mcgarvey Danny Linares Ashley Hamrick Julie Baca JANIRIS VELEZ Fat2FitNow Brandon & Darcee Baney MARY DOLLAR Gail Maupin LaQuita Ivory Michelle Rogers chevis miyasato jarquatta delos santos Kerri Sweeney Georgi Edgington Dale & Nicole Pearson Megan Lawrence Rosanne Plamondon Dave & Maxine Louis Penny Anderson Magdalene Cano Nestor Baquero Amber Palmer Judit Vancsa Beneranda Alvarez Dr. Mark & Alinda Hale Sarah Kaczor Teara Kilmer Tanis McDonald Tracy Jones & Randy Phillips Tom Crow Charlene Willson Danielle Ridgeway Shayla Hosaka Damien Callais Stephanie McDonald Anthony Gowens Daniel and Laureina Myes Brenda and Lori Norton Al Cutting Esther Amar Angela Wheeler Katherine Chamoun Drs. Dustin & Michelle Craft GABRIEL MENDEZ Elaine Joubert Karen Buttacavoli Beverly Oliwa Dominique Vigil-Lovato Brenda Casamento Jason Rogers Sonja Daugherty Steve Wagoner Carman Hinson Dinah Cervera Called To Be Free, Inc. Andres Silva Eron Wheeler-Lantz Andrew Melendrez Happy Mark Lynn Post Jeana McCray Rebecca Krynock Robert & Blanca Cisneros Carol Ann Markakis Nicole Volpetti Sandra Eden Cliff Shepherd CARLA GOLD Cynthia Teran Blanca and Armando Flores Ann Ross Derrick Johnson Elias & Guinevere Callejo Howard Covington Nathan Black Ashley Tamez Jessica Sykes Dawn & Patrick Moore Di Symbol Tamara Lewis Joshua L. Council Lisa Black United Urology Services LLC Rick Soon Jackie and Doug Bible Keila Stewart Rachel Stack Rick Ferrin Jenelle & Gerald Nolt Paula Foeller Justin Lusby Laurie Cbell Christa Zenoski Deborah C Chad Deschenes Olivia Zwetzig Dallas Gareau Paul Larin

Congratulations to Our July

cereal entrepreneurS





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ViSalus Scientific Advisory Board

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September 6-7th Toronto, ON Canada Houston, TX Newark, NJ September 13-14th Atlanta, GA Chicago, IL Montreal, QC Canada September 20-21st Kansas City, MO Vancouver, BC Canada Glasgow, Scotland UK September 27-28th Denver, CO Orlando, FL London, England UK October 4-5th Los Angeles, CA NEW Regional Success Tour Agenda Friday 7:00 pm 9:00 pm Ambassador Training Saturday 9:00 am 12:00 pm Regional Director & Above Training 1:00 pm 7:30 pm RST General Session Training


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Top Production
1. Ryan McKnight 2. Berg Financial Corporation 3. Glyco 4. Ansharn 5. Big Ventures 6. Wealth Vision

Through July 2013


Top Producer:
New Executive Promoter Systems 1. Kyle Pacetti 2. Tony and Rhonda Lucero 3. Rachel & Josh Jackson 4. Nick & Ashley Sarnicola 5. Lori Petrilli


Top Producer:
New Executive Promoter Systems 1. Ernest Ross 2. Celeste Reese 3. Sherita Ross 4. Chris Ackerson 5. Al Fletcher & Ginger Jonas

Top Producer:
New Executive Promoter Systems 1. Kevin Bacha 2. Nikkia Deane 3. Jessica Campos 4. Wanda Beckett 5. Dorothy Drayton

Top Producer:
Weekly Bonus Pools 1. Wanda Beckett 2. Tina and Dan Partsafas 3. Kevin Bacha 4. Willians Vazquez 5. Michelle Page


1. Cynthia Skalenda 2. Laura Rogers 3. Amanda Kuhns 4. RP Internet Distribution 5. Lori Hicks

Top Producer:
Weekly Bonus Pools 1. Lori Petrilli 2. Kyle Pacetti 3. Tony and Rhonda Lucero 4. Rachel & Josh Jackson 5. Nick & Ashley Sarnicola

Top Producer:
Weekly Bonus Pools 1. Amy Wright 2. Richard Paganelli 3. Ernest Ross 4. Chris Ackerson 5. Celeste Reese


Top Producer:
New Executive Promoter Systems 1. Freddy & Catherine Melero 2. Tara & Chris Wilson 3. Matt Lehr 4. Jordan Delacruz & Michelle Ching 5. Dave Ives

Top Producer:
New Executive Promoter Systems 1. January Howard 2. Jason French 3. Dr Jamie Bell Anderson & Terrance Anderson 4. Matthew & Grace Nestler 5. Dr's Holly & Travis Tarr

Top Producer:
New Executive Promoter Systems 1. Jorge Estrada 2. Jay BeProFit Jackson 3. Roxi Burrows 4. Jason Suess 5. LaQuita Ivory

Top Community Challenge Donations

1. Cheryl Goossen 2. Vicki Golda 3. Cynthia Gratzer 4. Bob & Aimee Spitzer 5. Christian Homeier

Top Producer: Top Producer:

Weekly Bonus Pools 1. Matthew & Grace Nestler 2. Laura Wright 3. Dr Jamie Bell Anderson & Terrance Anderson 4. Jordan Schreiber 5. Jason French Weekly Bonus Pools 1. Roxi Burrows 2. Jay BeProFit Jackson 3. Jorge Estrada 4. Jason Suess 5. Paula Viton

Top Producer:
Weekly Bonus Pools 1. Matt Lehr 2. Freddy & Catherine Melero 3. Tara & Chris Wilson 4. Dave Ives 5. Tito & Irene Aleman










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