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Ren Magritte 1898-1967

The Rights of Man 1947 Modern 1923 Donna 1923 The Intelligence 1946

The Son of Man 1964 The Lost Jockey 1948 The Castle of the Pyrenees 1959

The Famine 1948

Golconda 1953

The Model 1922

War Yea rs

Landscape 1920

Nude 1919

The Human Condition 1933 The Lovers 1928

Project Posters (The center of textile workers) 1938

The First Day 1943

The Liberator 1947

Rape 1934




Complementary My design is based on five periods of Magrittes art style. Rather than using just a horizontal timeline, I incorporated both a horizontal element and a vertical element. The horizontal element encompasses the separate periods (Cubism, War Years, Sunlit, Vache and Surrealism) and the vertical element orders the paintings by date. I chose my colors individually so that they could be representative of each period. The cubism period is neutral, the war years and the surrealism period are both dark, the sunlit period is bright and the vache period is unorthodox. I also chose the shape of the clipping mask according to the tone of the period. As for the choice of Script MT Bold for my typeface, I felt that a dark script would encompass Magrittes dark, mysterious personality.