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Content Marketing Guide for Executives and Small Business

Content Marketing Guide for Executives and Small Business

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Explains how to create your own free traffic system using content marketing techniques.
Explains how to create your own free traffic system using content marketing techniques.

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Published by: ContentBuzz on Jul 30, 2009
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A Content Marketing Guide for Executives and Small Businesses

How to Create Your Own FREE Traffic System

From the desks of Roger & Shaun Hurley Creators of: VideoWildfire.com (Video and Social Marketing Submission Software) ContentBuzz.com (Total Content Marketing Distribution Solution) You have permission to give away this Report on the condition that you do NOT make any changes. Enjoy Whether you have an online business, or an offline business that you want to promote online, I‟m sure you appreciate that you‟ll need visitors to see and take you up on your offers. You can buy traffic from a variety of sources; pay-per-click, banner ads and ezine ads to mention just a few. I want to show you how you can create your own: FREE Traffic System FREE Link-Building System Free Branding System Observation 1 It‟s generally accepted that the best source of long-term, targeted traffic is from the search engines.
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It‟s also generally accepted, that if you are not on one of the first three pages on Google, you‟ll never get found. What if I could give you a blueprint that virtually guaranteed you one of these highly prized spots? Google is the number 1 search engine – undisputed fact. Why? Because they give the best search results of all the engines. Proof? People keep on going back for more. Google has progressed from an idea to a verb. Google has worked out what search results make people happy! No doubt about it – Google is smart! A couple of years back, Google slowly started to reinvent search results. You may have noticed that images, videos, podcasts, Blogs, bookmarks from Digg, and comments on Forums started to appear alongside the traditional results. They did their tests, and decided to go for it. Eventually, they put their hands up and admitted that what they have called “Google Universal” was to become a reality. So what‟s the answer to getting to the top of Google? Giving Google what it wants to deliver to its customers. An extravaganza of Fresh – Unique - Quality Multimedia Content, that is located on Authority (in their eyes) Platforms. Content that provides answers to people‟s problems. Videos on Viddler. Blogs on Blogger. Podcasts on Podbean. etc. etc…

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You produce the right content, and for sure when Google goes hunting it will find it.

Observation 2 At about the same time that Google was changing course, guys like Seth Godin and David Meerman Scott were recognizing the trend that traditional Marketing was becoming obsolete. So-called “Interruptive Marketing” was no longer achieving the desired results. They realized that the Internet had caused this shift of emphasis. With so much information readily available, consumers had suddenly become empowered. They could read reviews and blogs, and even see videos about their possible purchases. Marketers were suddenly discovering that if they didn‟t get information about their products or services out there in front of potential consumers, they would get left behind and soon be out of business. Content Marketing was born. With ONE essential proviso. If your content isn‟t valuable, in the sense that it will solve the problem that the browsers are seeking a solution to, you will never be able to capture their attention and build a relationship with them, let alone make sales. In effect, it is the customer who now decides the rules of engagement. Your role is to be in the right place at the right time. Observation 3 The third part of the equation has been the rise and rise of the Social Media sites. These sites, particularly the Video Hosting sites, are gaining a much greater share of web traffic.

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It‟s where the people are, it‟s where they want to be. Google‟s search results increasingly reflect this phenomenon.

So two leading questions: 1. What are the essential types of Content that you should produce? The simple answers are a mix of: Blogs Micro-Blogs Videos Audio Podcasts Video Podcasts Images (these can be photos or screenshots) Posts to the Social Bookmarking sites Posts to the Social News sites Webfeeds to promote on the Webfeed Aggregator sites 2. Where should you distribute it?

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Social Media Platforms are crying out for your contributions, and they don‟t want to charge you for the pleasure. Distributing your “Quality” content on these platforms:     WILL WILL WILL WILL have a positive effect on your search engine listings increase traffic to your websites or offers increase backlinks for a higher Google PR amplify your brand online

It is ESSENTIAL to be on the Front Page of Google and/or all over the Free Social Media Sites, YouTube – Technorati - Podbean – Flickr etc.

My System involves creating your own unique blend of Content Marketing strategies, generating free traffic from Google‟s organic listings, and free referral traffic from the Social Media Platforms. You need an imaginative mix of:           Social Marketing Strategies Video Marketing Strategies Blog Marketing Strategies Micro-Blog Marketing Strategies Social Bookmarking Strategies Social News Bookmarking Strategies Podcast Marketing Strategies Video Podcast Marketing Strategies Image Marketing Strategies Webfeed Marketing Strategies

Your Content Marketing Strategy Will Become Your Free Traffic System. Create Content – Promote it Find Out What Converts and Do More of it!

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Who does what scenario? Before you start preparing your plan, you need to consider the implications of your new Marketing Journey. Will you be creating your Content? Will you be in charge of the Distribution? A possible constraint on your Content Marketing promotions is the time you have available. It is a fair bit of work creating and distributing content. You may need some help! You can reduce your personal workload by good organization, an element of outsourcing and using professional strength submission software like http://www.contentbuzz.com. Work smart not hard!

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Let‟s keep life simple! There are a myriad of „marketing maestros‟ out there all trying to relieve you of a portion of your child‟s inheritance, or your father‟s pay cheque! Generally, these self-proclaimed Gurus endeavor to complicate the obvious. They are just interested in selling you the same regurgitated marketing manuscripts. There are no Secrets to Success. There are no Magic Pills that you can take to wake up tomorrow morning a billionaire.

PRODUCT can be your own product, an affiliate product or a service. CONVERSION can be increased by improving your copywriting skills or expanding your payment methods etc. If there is one Magic ingredient it‟s the one in the middle. Website Visitors

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Your Internet success is proportionate with the Traffic you can drive to your Website, Telephone Number or any other offer. Still keeping things simple. Think TEXT Think VIDEO Think AUDIO

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When Content Marketing meets Video and Social Marketing, and when Social Media Marketing meets SEO, you get TRAFFIC. Let‟s discover how you can benefit from Content Marketing, using the Video and Social Media Networks. 1. You need to get FOUND. 2. Every visitor to your site comes from a LINK. Attracting web traffic has traditionally been based on Search Engine Marketing. The new web means visitors will come from search engines AND the Social Media sites. The traffic you can generate from Youtube or Flickr or Digg or Stumbleupon is becoming seriously substantial. You need to position yourself for all these sources of traffic, to ensure your business success.

Combine the Power of the Top Video and Social Marketing Platforms to:
                Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings Drive more traffic from the search engines and Social Media sites Brand you or your company with “Authority Status” in your niche Get massive long term benefits for your business Attract more customers Enable potential clients to have a “peek” inside your organization, to help them decide if they want to do business with you Get feedback about your products or services Launch new products Put “new life” into existing products Improve customer support, reduce costs and increase profits Create more effective news releases Strengthen client relationships Improve staff relationships and involvement in company matters Improve your online reputation Get your Marketing messages global Create viral Marketing campaigns

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 Get a higher page result ranking on Google and Yahoo  Find new business partners, JVs or affiliates  Get discovered by mavens in your industry – authority bloggers and journalists  Reduce advertising costs. Traditional Marketing typically relies on non-interactive messages to induce a response e.g. newspaper ads, brochures etc. which all cost money  Encourage people to join in conversations with you using Social Media, for example, by leaving a comment on your blog, or sending you a message on Facebook  Get a multitude of backlinks from the Social Sites  Increase the value of your business

Before I get into specific details of Your Free Traffic System, I would like to emphasize that

“Video is the most important communication tool of our age. “

“Why Video Should be the Spearhead of Your Social Content Marketing Campaigns”
1. Video content will create a relationship with potential customers much more readily than traditional text-based content. 2. A well “optimized” video, with a comprehensive “distribution” strategy, will generate incredible interest and traffic to your “offer” from: The video sharing sites such as youtube, myspacetv, Viddler etc. – which are some of the most highly trafficked sites in the world. The major search engines – Google and Yahoo. They have both adopted a “universal” approach to search rankings,

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that includes not just the traditional text-based results, but higher rankings to photos, audio and of course, predominantly, video content. 3. Well produced video content will quickly raise your online profile to “expert” status. Customers will flock to you ready and willing to be parted from their money. 4. All the major video hosting sites are FREE. They are all eager to display and promote as many “sales messages” as you can send them. It‟s their business. A Win - Win Situation. They get their advertising cash, and you get exposure for your business. 5. Promotional Videos are relatively cheap to produce. Most of us have a camcorder, digital camera or camera phone. The software required is inexpensive, or in many cases, FREE. 6. Becoming a Video Blogger will elevate your status and trust among the online communities and Social Networking groups. 7. A good thumbnail of your video, along with carefully chosen tags and keywords, will “grab the attention” of potential clients on the most highly trafficked search engines and Social Media sites, giving you a huge advantage in an ever increasingly competitive marketplace. Hopefully I have explained all the ingredients of a successful campaign, the types of content that you need to produce, and the wide variety of platforms that you must submit your content to. You need to work to a carefully crafted and manageable PLAN, specifically created for Your Business, and then take ACTION. Bear in mind that it‟s basically a two-step plan  Creation of “Instructional” Content  Promotion of Content via Multiple Distribution Channels

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Take a look at the following diagram which clearly illustrates a potential Content Marketing Free Traffic System for your business.

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Squidoo PR 7 Hubpages PR 6 Myspace PR 8 Del.icio.us PR 8 Blinklist PR 7 De.lirio.us PR 7 Youtube PR 8 Google Video PR 9 Metacafe PR 7 Wordpress PR 8 Blogger PR 9 Livejournal PR 8 Technorati PR 8 Blogdigger PR 7 Syndic8 PR 6


Optin Page Sales Page Affiliate Link etc.


Social News

Social Bookmarks

Social Networks

Digg StumbleUpon Reddit etc.

Del.icio.us Blinklist De.lerio.us etc.

Facebook Gather Myspace.etc.

Free Blog Platforms

Blog/RSS Directories

Wordpress Blogger Livejournal etc.

Technorati Blogdigger Syndic8 etc.

Photo Blogging ImageShack PhotoBucket Flickr etc.

Webfeed Aggregators FeedBucket Bloglines Plazoo etc.

Podcast Directories

Video Sharing Sites

DigitalPodcast MeFeedia Podanza etc.

Your Content

Youtube Google Video Metacafe etc.

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How to Construct YOUR Campaign Plan
1) Keyword Research: a) Keywords to be found by search engines and humans. b) Tags (or user-generated keywords) for the Social Sites. The Internet revolves around keywords, and smart marketers will spend a great deal of time ferreting out the words that produce a desired effect, for example a sale or an optin. Here are some useful sources for your research:
     https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal http://del.icio.us/tag/ http://stumbleupon.com/tag.php http://technorati.com/tag/ http://trend.icerocket.com/

2) Plan the topics for your content: Do your topics answer questions or solve problems for your consumers? Do your topics “warm up” your prospects for your sales messages? Have you done sufficient research? Are you clear what keywords/keyphrases you are targeting? Have you got a title that will attract attention? 3) Create a master article for your Blog 4) Create a Video from the Content 5) Create a Podcast from the Video 6) Assemble any Photos, Images or Screenshots for distribution 7) Create “trailers” of your content for your Satellite Blogs 8) Create your Metadata (Title, Description and Tags) for the Video Sites and the Social Bookmarking and News Sites etc.
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9) Distribute your content to the Free platforms manually, or use ContentBuzz to leverage your time and broadcast your content to the world.

Remember: Your content will become the main vehicle for your targeted keywords and keyphrases, whether it is within the actual content, or in your “keyword loaded metadata” of your submissions to the Social Platforms. Your content needs to „EDUCATE‟ potential buyers about your niche.

Which Content Platforms to Target? The Video Hosting Sites
The incredible success of YouTube has led to the formation of a plethora of rivals. Some really good video sites have evolved, such as Blip, Break, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, DailyMotion, Dave and ebaumsworld. All these sites generate huge amounts of traffic, which can lead to lots of targeted visitors to your site. Some newer sites like 5mins and Sclipo, create a superb environment, where you can show off your expertise in your niche. These “so called” HowTo or Educational sites are tailor made for Internet Marketers to attract followers. Video Marketing is destined to be the most important element of a professional Marketing campaign. A study of some top marketers will reveal the unlimited number of methods available to you. From screencasts to talking-heads, from slideshows to full motion videos, the options are endless, and only limited by your own imagination.

The Social Bookmarking Sites

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Social Bookmarking has grown, from a stuttering start, into a “must have” Marketing tool. Online communities of similar minded people have sprung up with the use of “tags” (user-generated keywords). You can easily infiltrate these groups to promote your websites, or the URL‟s of your videos on Youtube, Viddler etc… Not only are the Social Bookmark sites good for branding your company, but also “getting found” by bloggers and journalists looking for stories and subjects to write about.

The Social News Sites
Social News sites such as Digg, Newsvine, Propeller, Reddit and StumbleUpon provide an extremely powerful way to share your content, and establish your profile within a multitude of communities. Again, you can get many, many backlinks to your offers or videos channels. It is important to mix your messages with bookmarks from related authority content. The more you share the more you‟ll be respected. Getting on the front page of these sites will give your server serious problems. The secret is to create a really compelling title, and short description to draw people into your web.

The Photo Sharing Sites
Photo sharing or photo blogging is an important element of Google Universal, and very much neglected by the Marketing fraternity. For many searches, photos are at the very top of Google‟s front page.

Podcast Directories (Audio and Video)

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Consider „audio podcasts‟ as your personal Radio station, and „video podcasts‟ as your own TV station. Let your imagination go, and think of a series of episodes of your content that you could create. These strategies are really just an extension of blogging, the advantage being that potential clients can “subscribe” to your broadcasts using a webfeed (RSS) reader, and be automatically alerted as you release your new shows.

Blog Platforms
Posting quality content on the Free Blog Platforms is a sure way to Google‟s Heart. The platforms that you choose should, ideally, enable videos to be embedded. Examples of the sites you need to concentrate on, include Blogger, Livejournal, Xanga, Bloghi etc. You can include here, Knowledge sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages and Google‟s Knol.

The power of this strategy really comes alive when you apply an “anchor text link” campaign. This is a really crucial part of your search engine optimization plan. An anchor text link is when you link one of your targeted keywords to your offer (blog, optin page or sales page etc).

You can set up a “one way backlink”. For example: Video Submission Software – where the destination page is VideoWildfire.com.

You can also set up 2/3/4/5… way anchor text links.

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For example:  Targeted keyword from Blogger to Xanga,  Targeted keyword from Xanga to LiveJournal,  Targeted keyword from LiveJournal to your Sales Page. Using the ContentBuzz Blog Editor makes it easy. With some good keyword research and careful planning, you will certainly get Google‟s heart racing, the big G certainly considers sites with lots of “anchor text links” for its top organic listings.

Webfeed Aggregators
Webfeeds are a highly under-used tool for Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization purposes. If you aren‟t taking advantage of them, you should definitely take a little time out to do some research. Webfeeds (formerly called RSS Feeds), provide an easy way to “syndicate” your content. For example; the Headline and a brief description of your latest blog post. This message is then delivered to either a “desktop” feed reader or an “online” feed reader. Once you have entered the URL of the feed, an online feed reader (or Webfeed Aggregator), magically displays all the headlines, descriptions and links back to your sites. From a Marketing/SEO perspective, Google and other top search engines, with their thirst for fresh user-generated content, are constantly crawling these sites. You frequently find your feeds discovered and listed in minutes.

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Just a side note: This is the Traffic Plan that is the basis of the ContentBuzz Marketing software. Please take advantage of a 7 Day Free Trial

But Content Marketing does involve a short learning curve: How to find keywords/keyphrases that lead to sales How to create quality content for the Social Marketing sites How to optimize your content for maximum effect How to promote your business with profiles What Social Media sites are the best for Marketing purposes Content Marketing is NOT for the lazy (unless you‟re an outsourcer or a good Content Manager) By using ContentBuzz and experimenting, you‟ll find exactly the strategies that work for your business.

There are other types of Free Content that you can use to drive traffic:  By putting a link to your website in the PROFILE areas of all the Social Networking sites.  Microblogging on Twitter or Pownce.  Livecasting – ustream.  Q„n A Sites – answer questions on sites like Yahoo Answers to display your expert status.  Other Knowledge sites like:Wikihow, Squidoo, Hubpages & Knol.  Review sites.  Testimonials - give testimonials with your link in.  Leave Comments on Blog sites and Forums.  Leave Comments on Youtube and other Video Sharing sites.  Leave Video Comments on Youtube.
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      

Leave Video Comments on blogs that have this enabled. Software download sites for developers. Guest posts on other people‟s blogs. Build a list and create emails with your content. Free Article Directories. Free Press Release sites. Auction sites.

So to Sum Up! It‟s all About Content – Content – and more Content
Content Marketing is THE new way of Marketing. Buyers/information seekers can find everything they need to make informed decisions on the Internet. Question - Where do most people start their search? Answer - The top search engines. You need to get your compelling, interesting and informational content right there. You need to make the change from a “Marketer‟s Mindset” to a “Publishers Mindset”. Buyers want to pick the brains of an “authority” or recognized “expert” within your particular niche. You need to provide genuine information, not a cloaked sales pitch. How do you achieve “expert status”? By producing great content consistently, and having a widespread distribution strategy. In time, generate strong, lasting, brand relationships, and be recognized as a “thought leader” in your industry.

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This content must be promoted in a variety of ways to suit the tastes of the consumer. Text, audio and video must all be involved. Everybody‟s aware of Blog Marketing, Video Marketing and Social Marketing – let‟s put it all under the umbrella of “Content Marketing” to appreciate the variety of content that you can create, and the variety of ways that you can broadcast it. Find out what works for you and your business, and then do more of it. Solve somebody‟s problem with your content (including some info about you and your company), and you‟ll likely have a new customer and a friend for life. This is Content Marketing in action. Get content out there that gives your potential customers the information that they need to fulfill their goals, whether Personal or Business. Marketers must take advantage of technological changes and improvements to leverage their Marketing Strategies and Tactics.

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ABOUT CONTENT BUZZ: How Software can help you save time and get results from Content Marketing (or a short promotional message from the developers of ContentBuzz – “state of the art” Social Profile Manager and Content Submission software)

Why You Can‟t Live Without Content Buzz
You won‟t have to spend hours researching what Social Media sites you need to join, and filling in lots of forms. Our software pre-fills your profile information, enabling you to complete each task in seconds. You can easily create a structure for your Marketing campaigns, which means your newly created profiles will be spread all over the Internet, enabling potential customers to find you, and elevating your perceived “expert” status in your niche. It is very simple to use, which means you get more done in less time. It is Desktop based – distribute your content 24/7 and know that it has been successfully done, which means your Marketing campaigns are 100% under your control. You are already paying for your Internet access – why pay again to use somebody else‟s? Why risk letting a disgruntled employer of an online service potentially sabotage your promotions, by knowing your username and passwords to the Social Marketing platforms? You are safe with us. It has “One-click submission” to dozens of Video Sharing Sites, which means that your promotional clips are exposed to millions of

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visitors from these highly trafficked web platforms. What difference could that make to your Band or your SEO Consultancy or your Flower Shop? It explodes your productivity. Why upload a video to one site at a time, when ContentBuzz can upload to over 50 sites for the same amount of work? That‟s PRODUCTIVITY in action. ContentBuzz is a Total Social Media Marketing Dashboard. ContentBuzz does not leave footprints for the search engines to find and penalize you. You can change titles and descriptions – send to x number of sites with one and y number of sites with another. ContentBuzz can make your profiles on the Social Bookmarking sites unique and interesting, mix up your bookmarks with others from Authority blogs. You can be as creative as you want with your distribution strategies.

“Using Content Buzz as your „power-packed workhorse‟, will take the weight off your shoulders, leaving you more time to concentrate on your business.”
In the time it takes to optimize and submit a video to just one Video Hosting site, you can submit to more than 50. Ever tried doing that manually? Keep feeding Google with fresh, optimized content, and you‟ll reap the rewards Big Time. You‟ll have Google writhing with pleasure and begging for more. Don‟t believe me? Take a free test drive

Content Marketing – as Seth Godin says “It is the only Marketing left”. Got Content – Get ContentBuzz
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For more Video, Content and Social Media Marketing Information please visit: Content Buzz Blog Content Buzz on Twitter Content Buzz on YouTube For the #1 Video and Social Media Marketing Software to generate Traffic and Backlinks to promote your business online, please visit: Content Buzz

For a unique little application, that can help you generate thousands of ideas very quickly, I would encourage you to take a look at: The Content Ideas Factory

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