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Two newly released reports by some so-called rights group based in New York USA, say the US may

have committed war crimes in Pakistan and Yemen through its drone strikes but the reports made no mention of the thousands of people who have been killed in Afghanistan. Apparently, the killings in Afghanistan are old news and no longer viewed as war crimes. About 40,000 people have been killed in Afghanistan and at least 15,000 of these total deaths were the results of deliberate acts of harm by the US and its allies with many thousands more wounded or severely mangled by the mindlessness of the US and its allies. But such acts are no longer viewed as war crimes. Pakistan recently said that about 400 people have been killed in US drone strikes in the past ten years but this tally is widely believed to be way way below the actual count (the CIA alone is believed responsible for committing ~ 3,000 killings and /or assassinations worldwide) because in the most recent full year, or 2012, Nato air fleets successfully carried out 447 drone strikes. Nato drone strikes usually kill multiple persons per strike as each drone carries a standard payload of two missiles. All drone strikes carried out by the US and Nato air fleets in Third World countries are war crimes because the drones are always armed with anti-tank missiles. Using such weapons against humans are clearly very uncivilised acts thought up by people trained to be war criminals and by countries that endlessly cherish acts of war crimes. The US is one of them.