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Moonee Ponds Primary Mystery

On the 17/10/13 at Moonee Ponds Primary school, Jesss tail was cut up and ruined. The suspect is David and he shall be interviewed. Jess says: I was in the staff room at lunch time and I was never in the classroom during the break. After lunch the investigators found a footprint belonging to a Converse shoe, a bottle of Lynx deodorant, the cut up tail, a fingerprint on the scissors, writing on the whiteboard and a song playing called The Kooks she declared. David was interviewed and he claims: I was not in the classroom at lunch. Although he also said: I am wearing Lynx deodorant, Converses and my favourite band is The Kooks. David was soon found guilty, as his fingerprint matched the one on the scissors and his writing matched the one on the whiteboard. He eventually admitted to cutting up the tail.