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Supervision The word supervise comes from the word supervide which means to oversee or view directly.

Supervision is the providing guidelines for the accomplishment of a task or activity with initial direction and periodic inspection of the actual accomplishment of the task or activity. It is the active process of directing,guiding, and influencing the outcome of a persons performance of an activity. There are legal implications that pertain to delegation and supervision. The nurse who delegates Is responsible for the acts of the subordinate and may incur liability if found negligent in the process of delegating and supervising. This is under the doctrine of respondent superior which means let the superior answer for the acts of subordinate. Qualities of Good Supervision Good supervision requires 1. Good technical, managerial and human relation skills; 2. Ability to communicate well in both spoken and written language; ability to listen; 3. Firmness with flexibility to adjust to the needs of the situation; 4. Fairness in dealing with employees; 5. Familiarity with hospital and nursing policies that affect patient care; 6. Good decision making skills 7. Willingness to grow and develop; 8. Ability to accept changes and consider them as challenges; 9. Dignified and pleasing personality; 10. Ability to motivate employees and provide opportunities for continuing professional growth and development; and 11. Advocacy for nurses and nursing; Principles of Good Supervision 1. Good supervision reqires adequate planning and organization which facilitate cooperation, coordination, and synchronization of services. 2. Good supervision gives autonomy to workers depending on their competency, personality and commitment. 3. Good supervision stimulates the workers ambition to grow into effectiveness. 4. Good supervision creates an atmosphere of cordiality and trust . 5. Good supervision considers the strength and weaknesses of the employees. 6. Good supervision strives to make the unit an effective learning situation. 7. Good Supervision considers equal distribution of work considering age, physical condition, and competence. Techniques in Supervision Supervisory techniques include observation of the worker while making the rounds; spot checking