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Moonee Ponds News

Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

On the 17th of October 2013 a very sad accident happened at AMF Bowling this morning. Max was playing bowling with his friend John. John went to get a drink but went missing. Max thought John had left him on his own and John is no where to be seen. Lets interview our witnesses.

Bowling Mystery
Max: I was setting up for our game of bowling when John finally arrived. He started helping me and then we started our game. John said he needed a drink so he went to get one. I just did my last bowl when I turned around and John wasnt there. I waited an hour but he still didnt come back. Worker: I saw Max sitting down there on his own, so I went up to him and said what are you waiting for. He said he was waiting for his friend John to come back from getting a drink. I went back to work and I saw a shadow at the drinks table and then I heard a crash! I ran to the table and there was glass all over the floor and there was also a body covered in blood. I was astonished and really scared so I called the police.

After getting both sides of the story, the police investigated. The only thing that could of caused Johns death was he accidently smashed the glass and it went up in the air and went straight to Johns heart or someone smashed the glass and it

went straight to his heart. The police had to break the news to Max. He was devastated. A

month after Johns death they had his funeral. All his family and friends were there. It was a very sad day.