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Andrew Perricelli

Address: Home phone: Mobile Phone: Email: To _________________, I would like to express my interest in a casual teaching position at ___________________________. I am an aspiring primary educator currently in my fourth year of university. I study at the Australian Catholic University in Strathfield. Over the course of the Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree I have gained much experience with lesson planning, creating units of work and implementing a variety of strategies in the classroom. I have gained invaluable experiences from the number of practicums I attended. The schools that were attended include schools with differing socio-economic statuses and learning needs. These have helped to shape my understanding of creating inclusive learning environments and the importance of diversifying learning for all students. My practicum experiences, and in doing casual teaching, have laid the foundation for my future as an educator and sparked my passion for it. Throughout my practicums I have been given strong reflections from the assessors when they have viewed my lessons. These have encouraged me to continue my training and provided me with confidence in my skills. Through my practicums, and in doing university assignments, I have been well trained in the effective implementation of ICT across all Key Learning Areas. I have learnt how to efficiently use technology to diversify learning and differentiate for the needs of the students. I have also learnt skills that allow me to integrate different Key Learning Areas. I have gained a teaching philosophy that implements cooperative learning and cohesion amongst students. I aim to develop this teaching philosophy through my casual teaching. Furthermore, my experiences in a casual role has developed my ability to be adaptable and show flexibility in the inevitable changes that occur. My experiences at a variety of schools and my study at university has gifted me a passion for education and my Catholic faith that I look forward to spreading to students. Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you further. Please find attached my resume. If you would like any further information please contact me on my mobile ___________________.

Andrew Perricelli

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Andrew Perricelli
Address: Home phone: Mobile Phone: Email: Institute Number: Identification Number (PIN):

Education qualifications
2010 2013: Bachelor of Education (Primary) at the Australian Catholic University. Expected year of completion: end of 2013 Achievements: Completion of Child Protection and Protective Behaviours Program ASCIA Anaphylaxis NSW Schools training Attainment of First Aid accreditation.

2004 2009: Completion of Higher School Certificate at Patrician Brothers College, Fairfield.

Skills Summary:
ICT: Over the course of my university studies I have learnt and effectively implemented a variety of teaching strategies that incorporate ICT. I have created lessons across all KLAs that entwine technology to actively engage all students in their learning. I am proficient in using both Macs and PCs as well as web 2.0 applications. I am confident in my abilities to use programs such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and SMART Notebook to efficiently integrate the Interactive White Boards and present cooperative lessons to differentiate for the classroom. Differentiation: From my experiences in my practicums I have been exposed to a range of students with differing learning needs and behaviours. I have had invaluable experiences in a disability school which has grown my appreciation for differentiation and have experienced, first hand, the positive repercussions of adapting learning to student needs. In my practicum at Bonnyrigg Heights Public School I was given the opportunity to attend a professional development workshop focus on how to implement differentiated learning tasks. Teamwork: I have learnt the importance of teamwork and the benefits it can have on conducting lesson plans and units of work. In working cohesively with grade partners and other staff members, my skills as a teacher has grown and developed as I absorbed new ideas and adapted my ideas to be more beneficial for students.

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Casual Experience
School: Saint Gertrudes Primary, Smithfield Year: 2013 - Ongoing Stage: All stages Key responsibilities: To continue the practices of the class teacher for the full day. Covered many RFF days, teaching across all stages in one day. I have done some work in the Learning Centre with students with targeted special needs.

Practicum Experiences
School: Our Lady Queen of Peace, Greystanes Year: 2010 Stage: Observation of all stages and classes. Key Responsibilities: To observe and question different teaching techniques across all stages and years of the school. I was asked to develop and run guided reading activities for a range of classes.

School: Saint Gertrudes Primary, Smithfield Year: 2011 Stage: Three, Year Five Key responsibilities: To create lessons that continued in the planning of the practicum teachers. Ran all mathematics lessons over the four week block and progressively worked towards whole day teaching.

School: Bonnyrigg Heights Primary School Year: 2012 Stage: Two, Year Four Key responsibilities: To create an integrated unit of work on Space across the KLAs of Science, HSIE, English, Creative Arts and Mathematics. Encompass behaviour management techniques that would shape my teaching style. Develop the entire four weeks teaching from a starting off point given by the practicum teacher by liaising with other grade team members.

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School: Caroline Chisholm Public School Year: 2012 Stage: Two Key Responsibilities: Create a two week swimming program for the students of the classroom I was in. Delegate and decide on tasks that best suited students with special needs and created lessons based on those tasks. Acquired an understanding of different disabilities whilst reflecting on progress.

Other Experience: Before and after school care. For approximately six months I worked in a before and after school care program that helped working families. I helped students work on their homework, conducted sports and games for students and worked with students across all Stages of primary.

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