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1)Create the Staging tables 2)Develop the Control files and register as concurrent program 3)Develop the PL/SQL

Program and write the validations and insert into interface table 4)run the standard program called Import Standard Purchase orders from PO Repons ibility Parameter : Default Buyer :null Create or update items :No PO Status :APPROVED Batch ID :13 (We can get from headers interfa ce table) 5)Take the Request ID execute following query we can get the PO numbers select segment1 POnumber from po_headers_all where request _id = 145233; 6)Go to the PO Application and Query the PO from as per the PO number. Pre - Requisitions: ==================== 1)Distributions Accounts should be done. 2)Supplier,Site,Contact information should be entered 3)Locations Data should be entered 4)Curency,Organization ,Terms and Condisition data should be entered.