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  1483198 - Error F5 727 "Maximum number of items in FI reached" when releasing invoice to accounting. Version   1     Validity: 25.06.2010 - active   Language   English


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Accounting Document is not created. When releasing an invoice to accounting, the accounting document is not created. When releasing a billing document to accounting, error F5 727 "Maximum number of items in FI reached" is triggered. When releasing a billing document to accounting, error F5 727 "Maximum number of items in FI reached" is triggered and the accounting document is not created.

SAP Release Indepedent SAP SD Billing/FI Interface

Reproducing the Issue
1. Create an invoice with a large number of line items. 2. Release the invoice to accounting. 3. Notice the accounting document does note get created due to error F5 727.

There is a limit of (999) line items which can be posted per FI document.  This is because the line item number (BSEG-BUZEI) is defined with a field length of 3 numeric positions, i.e. (999) line items.

Unfortunately there is no fix for this restriction at the moment. However, there are 2 commonly used workarounds:

Implement FI summarization (per note 36353).  Also, SAP Note 195653 is for summarizing tax lines. 


Cancel the original billing document.  Split the billing document into multiple billing documents with fewer line items. This, in turn, would avoid  the 999 line item limit for financial postings. See note 11162 that describes invoice splitting.

See Also
SAP Notes: 111813  Billing doc: Collective run differs from individual creation 511873  Invoice lists with more than 999 FI items 195653  No summarization of tax line items in FI

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Released On Release Status Component 25.06.2010 12:47:46 Released to Customer SD-BIL-CA Account Assignment

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