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buildings relies on human maintenance because they are very fragile 13 million gallons of water is drained daily in the subways of Manhattan After the disappearance of humans: o Power plants will shut down causing power to go out o Sewers gets clogged with debris o Subways shall be flooded and collapse Over a few decade, Manhattan will return to the time before human civilizations The moment a building collapse, a few more buildings will do the same creating a clearing then eventually, plants will grow in that area An addition of lime from powered concrete = less acidic environment for a few species Weathering will cause cracks, then water goes down the cracks and freeze as the season changes. Crack expands in size over time and seeds gets blown there When forests become reestablish through a period of time, larger herbivores would evolve along with larger predators Species that would benefit from the disappearance of humans: o Birds, trees, mosquitoes, feral house cats Species that would have difficulties surviving after the extinction of humans: o Domesticated cattle, rats, cockroaches, head lice

When one human dies, it does not affect every single living organism on planet earth. But once the whole entire species become extinct, then it will cause a chain of reaction and many other living organisms will be affected by it. Buildings and other non-living objects will be affected by the disappearance of humans too. Subways will be over-flooded with water causing the ground above to collapse and forests will become reestablish. This may sound horrific, but it is beneficial to some organisms, including birds, trees, mosquitoes, feral house cats, and etc. Many primary producers will also benefit from this and eventually the herbivores will evolve along with predators. Animals would rule the earth without worrying about humans disruptions and the Earth would be less polluted after the disappearance of the human species. Its surprising how much the disappearance of humans can impact the world in good and bad ways. One of the advantages after the extinction of humans is that the population of primary producers will increase, and then it will cause the population of herbivores and predators to also increase. But a few animals such as domesticated cattle, rats, cockroaches and head lice will cease to exist without the presences of humans. I feel kind of sad after knowing that our extinction will cause many humans production to also disappear or be destroyed. It feels like all our efforts are being thrown in the trash can. I think that a day like this would eventually come and it is evitable; therefore we should live life to the fullest and contribute as much as possible to our planet before we become extinct.