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Above is a quote from a prominent Gestalt theorist in relation to the field of psychology.

Due to my psychology background, this statement encapsulates what I believe it means to be not only a psychologist but also my perception of what it means to be an effective educator. I believe the essential nature of teaching is summed up in this statement. As a teacher I have begun to realize the importance of viewing and evaluating the whole picture; the whole student, the whole school, the whole function of education and learning, rather than viewing these aspects in isolation. Through my university studies and my professional placements, my view of teaching and learning has transformed from being one of viewing teachers purely as the vehicle, driving students towards knowledge, to a more synergetic relationship, in which students are metacognitively aware and involved within their education. The development of meaningful and respectful relationships with students, paired with the inclusion of students within the learning process, allows for an in-depth conceptualization of a students learning capabilities and preferences, ensuring all students have an opportunity to achieve their highest potential. Consideration of all aspects of teaching and learning in relation to an individual student ensures the big picture is visualized and consequently achieved. Therefore, as a teacher I aim to consider all elements of a students learning and development; socially, physically and mentally. As a teacher I aspire: to promote positive learning; to spark enthusiasm for learning; to provide a positive and inspiring learning environment and to provide a strong foundation for lifelong learning and knowledge. To accomplish this, I believe in applying a wide variety of strategies based on essential educational principles (PoLT), learning theories and diversity, safe and positive learning environments, respectful and meaningful teacher-student relationships and effective assessment and feedback. As a teacher I believe in creating a safe, welcoming and nurturing classroom environment which stimulates the diverse needs of all students. I believe all students need a calm and comfortable, yet stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. It is my goal as an educator to help students achieve their fullest potential by providing an environment supportive of the sharing of ideas and encourages self-discovery. My classroom will be an environment in which students can learn without fear of failure, where students can express their opinions and ideas, one in which their creative voice is inspired. All students have the capacity for learning and knowledge, thus an environment which stimulates and inspires this is essential. I firmly believe the respect I show my students is the respect I will receive in return. I will endeavor to Elise Wyett 30113561

inspire respectful relationships within my classroom; students respecting themselves, others, and the world around them. I believe a meaningful and mutually respectful relationship between students and teachers is essential in the ability to effectively communicate knowledge, values and standards. As such, I vow to take the time to connect on a personal level with all my students, gaining insight into their lives beyond school, to greater understand their capacity to learn and potential impeding factors to their learning. Although I will always be empathetic and compassionate towards my students, I will also always hold them to high standards, ensuring they have high personal aspirations and are able to reach their fullest potential. Throughout my teaching career I will aspire to ensure all presented lessons are engaging and authentic. I wish to inspire and motivate students to learn and enable them to apply their knowledge within their everyday lives, beyond the classroom. As a teacher I believe it is important to teach students other life skills outside of the set curriculum, skills such as organization, time-management, goal-setting and values and beliefs, fostering well-developed and socially responsible citizens. Engaging students within learning is essential not only within knowledge formation but also knowledge retention. Conceptually linking learning outcomes to students own lives, interests and experiences, fostering intrinsic motivation and stimulating their passion to learn. An essential element to effective teaching is the individualization of learning and the ability to cater for high-achieving students, while also accommodating for students requiring extra attention. As a teacher I endeavor to be aware of students capabilities and learning requirements and individualise learning based upon their thinking or learning styles, ensuring all students have the ability to reach their fullest potential. Further, in enabling students to reach their full potentials, I aim to ensure appropriate, effective and applicable feedback is given to all students. As a teacher I am a firm believer in individuals learning from their mistakes, adjusting, reapply their knowledge and consequently enhancing not only their ability but also their metacognitive awareness. An essential role of a teacher is to scaffold and foster students selfawareness and enhancement of individual skills and abilities, a process which can be promoted through effective feedback. Therefore, as a teacher I aim to provide timely, effective and guided feedback to enhance a students learning experience. Finally, in order to ensure my students are intrinsically motivated, life-long learners, I will endeavor to be a strong, responsible and relatable mentor from which students can learn. I will always strive to express my dedication to teaching, and convey my passion for learning, which I believe will be transferred through to students. All these aspects of teaching and learning are my personal reflection upon the teacher I wish to develop into. Through my experience both within schools and my university studies, I have developed an awareness of what it means to be an effective teacher. To me the above reflection encapsulates my perception of an effective teacher and the type of teacher I hope to one day become. I have also created a Padlet wall space of inspiration teaching quotes which convey my sense of an effective teacher. It can be found at:

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