Dear Sir/ Madam I am Dheeraj Sharma student of CMRIMS, doing my final year MBA as part of the curriculum; I am conducting a survey on ³STUDY ON INVESTMENT PATTERN OF INVESTORS AT HDFC LIFE´. I request you to kindly give me your valuable time to fill this questionnaire. I assure you that the data provided by you will be kept confidential. Name««««««««««««««««« Contact No««««««««««««««« Age group a) 20-30 Gender a) Male

b) 31- 40

c) 41-50

d) 50 and above

b) Female

Education qualification a) Postgraduate Occupation a) Salaried

b) Graduate

c) Non graduate

d) Others

b) Self Employed professional d) Retired

c) Self employed non professional Monthly income: a) up to Rs. 20,000 c) Rs. 40,001 ± 60,000

b) Rs. 20,001 ± 40,000 d) Above Rs. 60,000

1. What percentage of your income do you save? a) 0-10% b) 10-20% c) 20-30% d) 30-40%

2. Have you invested your savings so far? a) Yes b) No

3. Which of the following avenues have you opted for? a) Insurance f) Mutual b) Banks c) Post office d) Equities h) Gold e) Real Estate i) others_________

g) Government securities

What factors influences your investment decision? Rank in order of priority (1 to 4) a) Liquidity b) Returns c) Safety d) Tax Savings .4. What is your level of satisfaction with HDFC Life products? a) Highly satisfied b) Satisfied c) Moderate d) Low 7. What is your long term goal of investment? a) Retirement corpus b) Children͛s future c) Dream House d) others (please specify) ________________ 12. In which of the following HDFC life insurance products have you invested? a) Protection plans d) Savings & investment plans b) Children plan c) Health plan f)None e) Retirement plans 6. What is your investment horizon? a) <1 year b) 1-2 years c) 2-5 years d) >5 years 10. Your decision to invest depends upon? a) Past performance d) Company analysis b) Economic scenario e) Credit rating c) Industry analysis f) others___________ 13. How do you time your investments? a) Monthly b) Quarterly c) Half-Yearly d) Yearly 8. Are you aware of all the insurance plans provided by HDFC Life? a) Yes b) No 5. What is your short term goal of investment? a) Return b) Liquidity c) Risk 11. Whose advice do you seek on your investment decisions? a) Local brokers d) Bank b) Magazines & newspapers e) Family & friends c) Chartered accountants f) any other______________ 9.


Suggestions if any ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ (Signature) Thank you Sir / Madam«. Do you find difficulties in differentiating various investment avenues? a) If yes Specify______________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ b) NO 16.14. What level of risk are you ready to undertake for your investment avenue? a) Less risk b) Moderate risk c) High risk 15. for sparing your valuable time in filling up the Questionnaire«« .

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