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[2037] B.Sc. (HMCTT)


Time : 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 75

Instruction to Candidates: 1) Section - A is compulsory. 2) Attempt any Nine questions from Section - B. Section-A Q1) a) Differentiate between training and development. b) Define vestibule training. c) Define Performance appraisals. d) Explain the concept of Managing by Rules. e) What is the need of training in Hospitality Industry. f) What benefits are associated with Line Management. g) Define Human Resource Planning. h) Explain Ranking method used for Performance appraisals. i) j) l) What is meant by Induction? What is the role of Interview in selection process? Define Hotel Management. (15 2 = 30)

k) What is meant by On - the - job training? m) What all importants points are kept in mind while organising a hotel. n) List down the flaws associated with Scientific Management thought. o) List down the qualities that should be present in managers of hospitality industry.


Section-B (9 5 = 45) Q2) Throw light on the Contribution of Henry Fayol in the development of Management thoughts. Q3) Establish the link between Management and Administration. Q4) Discuss the impact of implementation of Management by Objective (MBO) in Hotels. Q5) Differentiate between Recruitment and selection. Q6) Point out the sources of manpower recruitment. What sources will you prefer to recruit managerial personnel in Hotel Industry and why? Q7) Discuss various methods of job evaluation and their effectiveness in evaluating different jobs. Q8) Throw light on Current Hospitality Management practices. Q9) Discuss major problems faced in Hotel Business. Q10) Discuss the need and importance of performance appraisal in an organisation. Q11) Discuss the organisational structure for a 5 star hotel. Q12) Discuss the job of a manager in Hospitality Industry. Q13) Discuss the objectives of Human Resource Planning (HRP).

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