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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF LABOR Onnce or Apsiwisreanive Law Juoors ‘Suite 700-1111 20th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036 IN THE MATTER OF Case No. 82-WPA~38‘~ 82-JS-1¥ JOSEPH DEL BOVE OHIO BUREAU OF EMPLOYMENT SERVICES ORDER OF DISMISSAL This proceeding under the Wagner-Peyser Act of 1933, as amended, 29 u.S.C. §49k, and the implementing regulations at 20 C.F.R. Part 658, was initiated at the request of the Complainant for review of a determination by the Regional Director, Office of Civil Rights on August 15, 1963, the Complainant notified this Office of his withdrawal of his request for hearing. By letter filed September 7 1983, the Respondent, Ohio Bureau of Employment Services, notified this Office of its consent to the withdrawal of Complainant's appeal (see attachments). In accordance with 20 C.F.R. 658.425 (a) (2)y this proceeding may be dismissed upon the written consent of the parties. Accordingly, it is hereby ORDERED that the hearing request in the above-captioned matter is WITHDRAWN and this proceeding is DISMISSED. Deputy Chief Judge at ser 3 Washington, D.C. EET/JB/wrs SERVICE SHEET } case Name: Joseph Del Bove v. Ohio Bureau of Employment Services Case No.: 82-WPA-38, 82-JS-1 1 certify that copies, of the foregoing ORDER was sent to the following individuals on 60 Fa Sen Hg wegen s O y Legal Clerk Mr, Joseph Del Bove 1673 Evergreen Avenue Akron, OH 44301 Mr. Alvin Castille, Director Akron Ohio Bureau of Employment Services 150 East Market Street Akron, OH 44301 Mr. Gary Stein, Administrator Ohio Bureau of Employment Services 145 South Front Street, P.O Box 1618 Columbus, OH 43216 Lianne L. Santellani Assistant Attorney General 145 South Front Street Columbus, OH 43215 Darlene M. Lorman Regional Director Office of Civil Rights, OASAM U.S. Department of Labor 230 S. Dearborn Street Chicago, IL 60604 James A. Rudgers Attorney at Law Roderick, Myers & Linton 300 Centran Bldg. Akron, OH 44308 William S, Kloefper Associate Regional Solicitor 881 Federal Bldg. 1240 East Ninth Street Cleveland, Ohio 44199 Steven M. Singer Acting Regional Administrator Bmployment and Training Administration U.S. Department of Labor 230 S. Dearborn Street Chicago, IL 60604 Patrick West OBES P.O. Box 1618 Columbus, OH 43216 Mary Anne Garvey Trial Atty. for Grant Officer U.S. Department of Labor 881 Federal Office Bldg. 1240 Bast Ninth Street Cleveland, OH 44199