Concept Artists “Who’s Who?

Kyle R A Kemp Space and Environment

Sergey ‘SamFX’ Musin
Sergey Musin is an artist I came upon through chance. His artwork is inspirational to me because many of his paintings make use of basic and fundamental techniques to such amazing effect. The two concept paintings below are called ‘Colonisation’, left, and ‘Train Station’, right, are two of my favourite paintings by Musin. ‘Colonisation’ uses overlapping to construct its cinematic depth with a central focal point, a pillar, that overlaps a mountain range and a distant planet. Where as ‘Train Station’ uses the one point perspective to split the audience’s view between two contrasting landscapes.

L.S Lowry
While L.S Lowry is not a concept artist, he is a traditional artist who drew very stylised industrial landscapes. Lowry takes what could be a highly detailed scene a reduces it to basics, with the people becoming expressionless stick characters with clothes and the buildings reduced to simple constructs of simple shapes. I have taken influence from him for work many times and each time I keep finding it inspirational to do so.