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“ .Speech by the English Language Master teacher (Pn. Anyone who keeps learning stays young forever.Speech by the Head of English Panel (Pn.Performance by the pupils of Year 3 Setia “It’s a Small World & Do Re Mi” “Anyone who stops learning is old. S.K ENGLISH WEEK 2013 11th March 2013 – 15th March 2013 Opening Ceremony: . whether at twenty or eighty.Launching by: Puan Norazmah binti A.Vasantha Kumari) .Aziz Headmistress of SK Rapat Setia . Vimlarani A/P Larul Gabriel) .

Hasri .Master of Ceremony: Pn.Performance for the Opening Ceremony: En. Julie . Siti Zuriana & Pn.Programme Pamphlets: Pn.Performance for the Closing Ceremony: Pn.Activities for the week  Pre School :Colouring Competition  Year 1: Singing Competition  Year 2: Rhyming Competition  Year 3: Tongue Twister Competition  Year 4: Story Telling Competition  Year 5: News Reading Competition  Year 6: Essay Writing Competition Committee Members .Gimmicks for Launching/ Banner: Pn. .Prizes: Dtn. Vimalarani .Discipline: Teachers on duty and all English Language teachers. Vasantha . Fauziah . Benedince .

” “The only dreams impossible to reach are the ones you never pursue.” “Men learn while they teach.” .” “You haven’t failed until you stop trying.” “Teachers should guide without dictating and participate without dominating.“The English Language is like a broad river on whose bank a few patient anglers are sitting. the stream is being polluted by a string of refuse-people tipping out their muck. while higher up.

PERKARA JUMLAH . 31350 Ipoh.Sekolah Kebangsaan Rapat Setia. Perak. never too old to turn” PERBELANJAAN (DISERTAKAN RESIT) BIL. English Language Week 2013 11th – 15th March 2013 “Never too old to learn. Jalan Tenaga.

1.00 RM35. Banner Hadiah Murid   Tempat Pertama Tempat Kedua Tempat Ketiga Tempat Keempat Tempat Kelima (RM10. Ais Kering Jumlah Besar .00 RM252.00 x 7) (RM6.00 x 7) (RM8.00 RM42.00 x 7) (RM5.    3.00 RM49.00 x 7) RM50.00 x 7) (RM7.00 2.00 RM56.00 RM20.00 RM70.


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