<BAJU> Noble garments of security (str=18 int=36 armor=515) Champions cloth of security (str=18 int=35 armor=509

) Guardians robe of security (str=17 int=34 armor 461) Padded armor of stability (str=13 int=34 armor=446 2.66 dodge) <KEPALA> Champions mantle of security (str=18 int=35 armor=276) Reinforced cloth cowl of security (str=17 int=34 armor=264) Bonechhill mantle of stability (str=13 int=36 armor=246 2.82 doge) <Cincin> Charged circuit of warfare (33int 1.9damage 34armor) Cobalt band of warfare (35int 3.1damage 36armor) <Pendan> Arcane pendant of potency (34 str 17 int 3.0damage)

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