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Published by: Lorretta Kong on Oct 25, 2013
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PPISMP TESL Foundation Course Cohort 3 (July 2010 Intake) PI 1353 P (R) English Literature II GUIDELINES TO ASSIGNMENT “SCRAPBOOK” All

scrapbooks must be compiled according to the guidelines given below. Any failure to follow these guidelines will result in penalised marks. All scrapbooks must be A3 sized, and tapebound (NO ring- or spring-bind). 1. Cover page - Must be the standard colour (lemon yellow) - IPG’s new logo on the top, centre - Title of assignment (Scrapbook on Macbeth) - Act ...... - Names of group members with Index number and IC number - Name (Index number; IC number) - Class/ Group 2PPISMP/TESL GROUP ......... - Code and Subject PI 1353 P; ENGLISH STUDIES II - Lecturer’s name MDM. NOR ASHIKIN H’NG BT ABDULLAH/ MS. NENNY DJUHARA BT JOHARI - Submission date 18 APRIL 2011 2. Table of content - Introduction to the play, Macbeth - Script for Act .... - Organizational chart (together with photos of the students) - Costumes (with pictures and descriptions) - Props (with pictures and descriptions) - Backdrops (with pictures and descriptions) - Sound and lighting (with descriptions) 3. Chapter 1 Introduction to the play, Macbeth - Background research on the playwright, William Shakespeare (include his other literary works) - Background research on the play, Macbeth (include research on the social, political and economic backgrounds of that era; the food, culture, costumes, beliefs, social classes, etc.) - Background research on the characters in Macbeth (include a comparison between the real people and the characters in the play) - Include pictures of the evidence (of the costumes, weapons, food, lifestyle / culture

the scene or scenes it is worn in) . name.. Chapter 4 Costumes . Scene . Arial. Chapter 5 Props .Must be in colour... Chapter 6 Backdrops . the role it is for.. Chapter 3 Organizational chart ...Position of the props on stage ..Pictures of the costumes worn for the play .. .. ..5. ... . index & IC numbers. ...Pictures of backdrops .Must be in colour. the role it is for. .Act ... Scene .Original designs of the costumes .Etc. and job description) 6.. Chapter 7 Settings .Costume manager .Descriptions of each costumes (include reason for the design. at least 8x6 in size 7.- of that era) (at least 300 words.Pictures of the props used .Pictures of settings (props with backdrops.Description of each prop (include reason for the design..Act .Props manager .. Scene .. Scene .. the scene or scenes it is used in) . .Must be in colour. font size 12..(depends on the number of scenes in the Act) .(typed. with stage directions) 5. the scene or scenes it is used in) . in paragraphs) 4. follow the textbook layout.. at least 8x6 in size 9. ..Act .(each with photo. at least 8x6 in size 8. line spacing 1.Description of each backdrop (include reason for the design..Director . . according to scenes) . ... Chapter 2 Script for Macbeth Act .Act ..

..List all references used to complete this assignment . at least 8x6 in size 10.... margins justified......... Prepared by’ . Chapter 8 Sound and Lighting . Collaborate with your lecturer as often as necessary to complete an excellent scrapbook..Paraphrased version of play for primary school level ..5 line spacing.. the scene or scenes it is used in) 11. Bibliography .. 1.. font size 12 .Use APA style of citation ... the scene or scenes it is used in) . Please be reminded to follow the guidelines given above......Description of each sound used (include reason for the choice of each sound.. Chapter 9 Paraphrased versions of Macbeth .Any failure in using the correct APA style of citation will result in reduction of marks for this assignment.Must be in essay form...Paraphrased version of play for secondary school level . Arial........- Description of each setting (include reason for the design.Description of each lighting effect used (include reason for the choice of each lighting... the scene or scenes it is used in) Must be in colour.Must check for grammatical accuracy 12.. (NOR ASHIKIN H’NG BT ABDULLAH) Subject Leader of PI 1353 K(R) English Studies Unit Department of Languages IPG Kampus Temenggong Ibrahim ...Labelled accordingly (primary or secondary school version) .

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