Defination :- Physical Counting of stocks at the receiving warehouse, without having any knowledge about the quantity mentioned on despatch document. Steps involved in Blind count process 1 Consignment arrives at the warehouse. 2 Lorry Driver approaches security with all papers. 3 Security Officer appraoches warehouse Manager with the transit documents. Warehouse Manger on checking all documents, advises his uloading supervisor to unload the material without 4 handing over the transit papers to him. Warehouse manager hands over blind count sheet to the unloading supervisor after filling necessary details like item 5 etc (Blind count sheet annexure attached) 6 Unloading supervisor unloads the consignment at the unloading bay/receipt bay. 7 Physical counting of stocks is done & filled in the Blind count sheet. 8 Unloading supervisor appraches warehouse manager with the duly filled blind count sheet. 9 Warehouse Manger tallies the quantities recd & qty mentioned in the blind count sheet as per physical count. If both quantities match, then warehouse manager handover the transit documents to the unloading supervisor & 10 advises him to proceed further with necessary documentation etc. 11 In case, the quantities donot match warehouse supervisor advises the unloading supervisor to do the re-counting of 12 13 In case of any discrepency, the discrepency in the stock recd is confirmed & mentioned on the blind count sheet. 14 Same discrepency is mentioned on the respective GRN, LR copy of the transporter. Intimation is forwarded to sender.

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