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Intern Lesson Plan

Daily Lesson Plan

Theme: The Solar System 1). Curriculum Goal The children will be introduced to the solar system (astronauts). 2). Concept to Develop (For the Day) There are many things to know about the solar system

Planned By: Diana Ruiz For Week #: 15 Day/Date: Thursday/ May 23/2013

3). Behavioral Objective: The children will play and talk about the solar system (astronauts). 4) Anti Bias Emphasis (For the Day) Both, boys and girls can enjoy exploring about the solar
system (astronauts).

Opening-Implement the Master Teachers routine. Finger Play- 10 little astronauts exploring in space Creative Story (no book) (Write down type 20 ways). Song- Twinkle, twinkle little star Movement- Hokey pokey Objective- The children will listen, talk, sing, move, and participate in circle time routine. Learning Centers Creative Self Expression Manipulative/Fine Motor Language Arts -Spaceship outline fuzzy wire Laminated worksheet pompoms foam stickers Dry erase markers paper cut outs -aluminum foil Behavior Objective: The children will create a collage using fuzzy wire, pom poms, foam stickers, paper cut outs, and aluminum foil. Blocks Laminated pictures of astronauts, stars, planets and spaceships Behavior Objective: The children will use their fine motor skills to trace on the dotted lines to help the astronaut find its way to the spaceship. Home Living / Dramatic Play Spaceship Behavior Objective:

Music/Auditory Fill up 4 sets of containers with different items (beads, rocks, rice, and pennies)

Behavior Objective: The Behavior Objective: The Behavior Objective: The children will have opportunities children will pretend play to be children will identify and to build using wooden blocks. astronauts. distinguish sounds. Cognitive/Math Science -Different colored astronauts Balloon rockets -Different colored trays Balloon Plastic straw String Tape Behavior Objective: The children will group/sort Behavior Objective: The children will investigate the astronauts according to their color. as to what makes the balloon move forward

anything pushing against it but the air it is releasing. Activity Time (Gross Motor Activity, Music, Art Projects. Music Pictures of space shuttle

movement using straws and balloons. without

Behavior Objective: The children will use their gross fine motor skills when they dance to the music and move around the classroom as they find a picture of a moon to stand on when the music goes off. Books Of the Week:

Behavior Objective: