The US internet company Google is a top level outfit in the world of digital technology AND also a top level

stooge of the world’s most sinister and evil intelligence system. The NSA, for example, has been able to install digital traps or backdoors in applications and software programs used by Google to handle internet traffic flying around the world. This dirty work has been carried out with the full connivance and knowledge of top Google employees. This dirty relationship was revealed in mid- 2011, almost two years before anyone had even heard of Edward Snowden. Besides helping the NSA (the CIA and Mossad) in collecting private or confidential data from the internet traffic passing through its servers, Google has also served as a propaganda organ for the US intelligence community. It has acted on the orders of the NSA and its other sister agencies to block files and videos that the NSA and others wanted censored. Outside the US, Google has been charged in several nations for obstructing justice in anti-trust suits, blocking and stifling competitors, bribing local people and violating privacy laws. In May 2011, Google and another company were charged in a South Korea court for tracking users’ locations without their consent. It was uncovered after Goolge attempted to buy the other company for a huge sum of money. In Feb 2012, Microsoft accused it of inserting ‘cookies’ in Inter Explorer by employing methods that bypassed browser settings set to protect users. In January 2012, Google was discovered to have helped certain fake websites circumvent regulations to set up sites advertising the selling of unregistered medical drugs. In Nov 2012 Google was accused by DuckDuckGo of trying to smother it. And in India, it was investigated for illegal content. And the list of wrongdoings goes on and on, aided by NSA !

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