and creation of laws DEMOCRACY IS HAMPERING THE PROGRESS OF INDIA Or Is It?? 2 . in the proposal. development.EIS-GD SHASHTRA Volume 1 / Issue 1 DEMOCRACY Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives.

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During the housing crisis of 2008. such as Las Vegas. homeowners in the hardest-hit areas. Who is the best! 5 . the ruble lost 25% of its value in one day.DEPRECIATION OF RUPEE DEPRECIATION Currency and real estate are two examples of assets that can depreciate or lose value. During the infamous Russian ruble crisis in 1998. saw the value of their homes depreciate by as much as 50%.

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The food security bill was passed the Lok Sabha worth $20 billion. FOOD SECURITY BILL .NEED OF THE HOUR OR AN ELECTION GIMMICK? Lock the Future? 7 .Volume 1 / Issue 1 FOOD SECURITY The food security bill aims to provide subsidised food grains to the poor people.

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Volume 1 / Issue 1 MBA Today MBA has become a preferred qualification for each and every individual be it an engineer or doctor. Is it because everyone wants to earn more money? THE RUSH FOR MBA IS REALLY A RUSH FOR BIG MONEY Or Is It?? 9 .

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ARE ADVERTISEMENTS BENEFICIAL OR MISLEADING Or Is It?? 11 . and Newspaper etc. Advertisement is a process of promotion of goods and services through media. to promote the business. by hook or crook.Volume 1 / Issue 1 ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisement are an integral part of modern life. Radio. The focus of today's advertisements is. such as TV.

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