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Falling In Love

Falling In Love

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This book has lots of action and adventure. An inspiring boss, named Getgo, helps three secretaries sell car insurance. They worked in the same old office for over thirty years. Their boss, Mr. Getgo, is a fully devoted man with a self-mocking humor.
Someone in the organization intends on taking over the old office. There is an enormous car on a mission, and the mission can offer many explosive, hefty rewards. With the help of longtime friends, an alter ego is part of the plan to stop the accomplice.
This book has lots of action and adventure. An inspiring boss, named Getgo, helps three secretaries sell car insurance. They worked in the same old office for over thirty years. Their boss, Mr. Getgo, is a fully devoted man with a self-mocking humor.
Someone in the organization intends on taking over the old office. There is an enormous car on a mission, and the mission can offer many explosive, hefty rewards. With the help of longtime friends, an alter ego is part of the plan to stop the accomplice.

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Whatever the struggle. to publish a book. This is the way to go for a boost of encouragement to start the ball rolling. Angelina Cruz Rocco. Without her. and appealing action filled with humor. Angelina Cruz Rocco: My daughter. Elmer Ho: An Author Solutions Manager. but she also has brains. decision. He will keep you posted on the progress. Her solid strategy. Amanda Carmichael: My Editorial Associate. She pampers to please. ix . Especially my daughter. I could not have completed this project. He will check on and provide updates for a manuscript. he will follow up and keep things in order.ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank all those who helped move my book forward. He tells you what would be best for your book. Ella Centino: My Publishing Consultant. Her high school education and higher learning. taking care of a manuscript. He answers any question an author has and gets back to you before the end of the day. How awesome was this! She reads and corrects additional materials for publication. expression. Tim Mendoza: A Production Supervisor. Not only is she beautiful.


Mr. it’s me.” The phone rings. Please leave your name. you fooled me again.” “You prick. I have your favorite coffee and clams. what is that? It looks like a ventricle artery with a valve and veins.” “Yes. Get your green ass out of bed.” “Hi. I got ya.” 1 . I can’t get to the phone. How’s it hanging. Getgo.CHAPTER 1 Dreaming Getgo is dreaming about when he was very young.” “It’s been such a long time since our last conversation. looking at his father building a car. “Hello. Getgo?” “We need to—” “Oops. or just holla back. Get up. Unfortunately. Frankie. We have big changes to do in building 2809. It goes straight to voice mail. “Dad. you. son. one day you will see what this bad boy can do.

“Good afternoon. “Zariah. I was on the phone with that pain in the ass. oh sure. Mr. We cover total loss. Miss Tina on the phone. sir. Okay. “Hold on. Yes. Brooks. He starts dancing the “Getgo dance” all the way to his bathroom. You will get a call on new offers for age seventy-five. “Hello.” “Good afternoon. but anyways Miss Getga went to buy a Christmas tree. chairs. let me find out it’s a snowfall. Getgo reaches for the phone to call Mr. Mr. Lee. The office on the thirty-fourth floor is over fifty years old.” Getgo closes the bathroom door and starts to sing Christmas songs out loud. All the phones in the office are ringing. and library. Mr. Bye now. and then he pulls up the shade. Mr. A supervisor and three employees have had the same job for over thirty years. Looking for an auto insurance quote? Good day. He is playing Christmas songs on his iPod. Slow down.” “Looking for an auto insurance quote. Brooks. that was a mail joke. I will mail it. Paranoia. he plays Christmas music. desk. Fox Five News can be pretty unreliable when it comes to the weather forecast. I’m still on the phone.” “Hello. Frankie. whichever comes. Bye now. have a great day. I have your contract. Hope you get it. Miss Delilah on the phone. Getgo puts on his slippers that are shaped like a football. He has on a Mets pajama top and Yankee pajama pants.Angelina Martinez Getgo turns in an upright position.” 2 .” “Did you girls read the memo? Look. Yes. shit. you’re still talking to Miss Delilah. and you were approved for 50 percent off on your next purchase. I’m on my way.” “Hello. He opens the bathroom door while talking on the phone. with the same old phones. Mr. Brown. bye. anybody. Mr. Okay. Brown. 20 percent off car insurance for a person who forecasts the weather with no fuckups. “Oh. Our professionals are available 24/7.” Getgo starts to laugh with amusement. and please feel free to call again. what time is Miss Getga coming in?” asked Zariah. Did I answer your question? Okay. Bye now. with many old books. have a great day. Yes. read it for yourself. He pulls down his blanket and jumps out of bed. Yes.

let’s hope we still have a job.” “Miss Delilah. do you think he’s single? Or maybe he has a brother. Miss Tina.” “No.Falling In Love The girls run over to Delilah. “The big boss is coming to town. They all say out loud.” 3 .

CHAPTER 2 Time to Introduce Music is playing. yelling out. “I accept your offer!” 4 . I’m loving it. This prick Mr. Avalanche all over the place. takes off his Christmas hat.” Many people start waving their hands. puts his headphones on. excitement. for 20 percent more you get to make a connection. jacket. starts listening to his iPod. He so better have my clams and coffee. Getgo is at the front lobby door.” Getgo pulls his Heelys wheels out. and puts his hat back on. Getgo starts skating down Fifth Avenue. discover passion. “Oh shit. his interpretation had better be excellent. He makes a expression when he opens the lobby door. I can do this. He checks for extra wheels and his measuring tape in his backpack. and red Christmas hat. He gets dressed and puts on his Heelys boots. dancing with his SpongeBob shorts on all the way to his bedroom. puts the Heelys chains on. clips the iPod to the inside of his jacket. Look at all these people in the snow. adventure. and your choice of the best insurance package if you try out my Heelys.” “Yes. baby. calling out my name. Frankie. Getgo is out of the shower. “People all over. Let me shut off my iPod. scarf.

opens up the zipper. you sent me a programmed database with no code. He tries to fix it. take me to 2809 between Fifty-Ninth and Fifth Avenue. guys. Hey. Bobby plays music as he drives down Manhattan to pick up Getgo. The streets are full of snow. from the thirtieth floor. “You should know my voice by now.” Getgo starts skating faster. meet me at Thirty-Fourth and Fourth Avenue in five minutes. and feels for his extra wheel. Miss Gina. Christmas lights are all over Manhattan. Do you want to offer me any?” A man in the crowd yells. You go. with your new health package. “Get your own. I need a good health plan. I smell clams. “Destination reached. but no luck. Bobby. throw me a clam. 5 . “Don’t sweat me. Bobby.” “Yo. sugar nuts. Getgo notices a wheel is missing from his Heelys. His head is spinning.” Getgo walks with a limp to the car. He gets in and tries to fix the broken Heelys. Oh. Your dad implemented many parts for action. Let’s do this. Okay. Bobby plays Christmas songs.’ Now get your wheels over here. I love clams. President Obama. chill.” Getgo hangs up the phone and then tries to get all the snow off him. “Yo. no he didn’t. son. you green lizard!” “Oh.” “That’s what I’m talking about. my pussycat. Oh. He takes off his backpack. “Hello. Suddenly there is a loud explosive sound. Play me some of your funky music. Getgo. What a bang. Mr. Getgo. and nobody is around. my code is ‘rock the boat.Falling In Love Getgo replies.” Bobby plays some funky music. Your Lamborghini is in your service. Getgo takes out his cell phone. When they approach the building. Never mind car insurance. you’re talking to your gold-and-black-striped Lamborghini that talks and plays music. Many people are looking out the window. looks out her window. Getgo bangs into a parked car.

“Hello. The girls start to clean up the office. we need to change the phones. say what? The boss—her name is Getga? Maybe she’s related to me.” The headlights go on and off. and files. looking at their boss. Bobby. “Later. Getgo. There goes your coffee and clams. You don’t have to tell the ladies anything for now. It took you long enough to get here. I’ll call ya.” “Getgo. Listen to this. We are going to do a huge makeover. and these clams are slamming.” “Frankie boy. Mr. As for this coffee. Frankie.” “Mr. Oops.” “Whatever. Frankie? The ladies have been doing this job for over thirty years—and a great job at it. No more limp.” “Mr.” “What are you crazy. Frankie. ­ I would need you to start measuring the office on the thirty-fourth floor. it looks like mud. We are better than Geico. I said a funny. tables.” “About time.CHAPTER 3 Getgo Hears Frankie’s Plan “Delilah and the girls are leaping all over this window. hear me out. Getgo. you’re looking good. Remember your code. She’s the boss on the thirty-fourth floor. Let’s get to business. first of all.” 6 . Mr. the thirty-fourth floor is going to be remodeled with the great PSP computer with the capacity of over one hundred feet. We can input all the record files and every library book we have on auto insurance. this better be good news. what the hell are you talking about? A body or something else?” “Please don’t make me laugh. moron. Getgo. Ask to speak to Miss Getga. pumps the music then takes off. library.” “Frankie boy.

Now start writing some new offers. “Which one of you beautiful ladies is Miss Getga?” “I am. Let’s give parked cars a discount of 50 percent if they put bumpers all around their car. a discount of 20 percent off on car insurance for people who stay home in bad weather. and starts to write more offers. Let me not forget 75 percent tax deductible on your car if you name it Bobby. Miss Zariah on the phone. Who am I?” Getgo and the girls start to laugh. “No I’m Miss Getga. sits down in the back room. it’s Gina. Frankie’s secretary. Mr. The front door opens. Getgo is on his way to your office. Mr.” Gina whispers into the phone. My buttock would be six feet under with no clams. 7 . I make new offers for car insurance. and I love clams. looking for an auto insurance quote.” “Ladies.” The girls take their break. Twenty percent off car insurance for a person who forecasts weather with no fuckups. “I’m so looking for a partner with a solid battery of a heart. my turn. Getgo takes out his measuring tape and starts to measure the front room and then the back room.” Getgo busts out laughing. ­ I work with my measuring tape. They run to the mirror and start to fix their hair and makeup. I know you are.” says Tina. “I’ll give you more offers after your break. “Ladies. “Good evening. my beauties.” Getgo knocks on the door and walks in. My name is Mr. Now let me introduce myself to you.” All three girls look at each other. Good luck.Falling In Love Gina. so they don’t freeze their ass off. That parked car saved my life. He puts the new offers in an envelope and starts to lick the envelope. Getgo. it was a long journey getting over to the building. “Hi. “Okay. please. I need to start my work in this office. ladies. Bye. Mr.” says Zariah. calls the girls. number two.” “What do you mean ‘your work’? Are we going to lose our jobs?” “Relax. He stops for a few minutes.

I sent them off on a break. “Man meets reptile. if you buy me clams. Mr. Hello. puts the tree in a corner of the first room.CHAPTER 4 Miss Getga “Hello. come help me with this tree. Frankie sent me over to measure your chest—oops. I’m just doing my job. nice conversation. and why do you sit in my chair? Where are my girls?” “Yo yo yo.” Getgo’s long tongue gets stuck to the envelope when he sees a beautiful lady walk in.” “Well. But we can take this to the next level. “Oh my.” 8 . She jumps back. what an acquaintance. I know my momma didn’t have two offspring. “Yes. Let’s discuss business now. As for your girls.” “We have no connection. Miss Getga. My name is Mr. and walks to the back room.” “Oh my. Mr. I’m just doing my business. Mr. I want answers now. Getgo. We are not related.” “The federation of state will call your remark sexual intercourse— oops. Miss Getga. Reptile meets women. girls. Mr. Okay. I mean sexual harassment. you startled me. Getgo. Who are you.” “Whatever. you’re a cold-blooded. lady. Frankie wants to implement new changes in this office. I am the boss on the thirty-fourth floor. “Sorry to startle you. I meant measure the office.” “Miss Getga. I love clams.” Getgo pulls the envelope off his tongue. slow down. 69 percent off your next car payment. horny-plated reptile. This baby rocks. Are you Miss Getga?” “Yes. it looks like I have to put the Christmas tree up by myself. He tries to talk with the envelope stuck to his tongue. Getgo. poo.” Miss Getga takes off her coat. I am.

Miss Zariah.” “Miss Getga. go answer your ringing phones. Zariah. my frozen nuts.” The girls come back from their break. Frankie has planned for my office right now. Frankie says. it’s my birthday. They put up the Christmas tree.” Getga and the girls keep on doing their work. We have a Christmas party every year next door. “Mr. uh-huh. Miss Getga. Your workers have more new offers to input. Anyways. Getgo. Bye. hello. “Oh. Did you tell the girls?” “Frankie boy. I can’t do this. you’re a frenzied little shit. I’ll make sure to order an extra tray of clams just for you. What a fox of a lizard. Let me not forget her big green eyeballs.” “You too. that’s not my sister. and answer phones. No one is in the elevator.” “Is that an invite?” “Duh.Falling In Love “Mr. Let me find out. Her jumping red lips can be mine. Frankie’s office. Getgo says out loud. Come on in. long neck. no. Ladies.” “Miss Getga. With a serious face. 9 .” The elevator door opens. Sexy long legs. Oh yeah. What big teeth she has—better to eat me with. have no fear. Getgo. Mr. Getgo is here. take this envelope. no doubt. over my dead body.” “Miss Getga. I want to know what changes Mr. and get somebody else to do your dirty work. Getgo walks to Mr.” “Don’t just hand me an envelope. everyone.” Getgo leaves and gets in the elevator. Put that PSP computer in your office. sounds inviting to me. The ladies are so organized. sing Christmas songs. “Nice to see you. nice percentage. are we going to lose our jobs?” “No. I’m already hot.

I missed you. my love. Please come back with me. let me answer my phone. I have to leave. She runs to him and gives him a big kiss. maybe one day. They go to her office. what about the Christmas party?” 10 . my girl?” “Oh. My darling Getga.CHAPTER 5 Getga’s Boyfriend Miss Getga’s boyfriend walks in. Gilbert.” “My Gilbert. my darling. can’t you see all this work I have on my desk?” “Darling Getga. I can live by the tuna of the sea. “My beautiful Getga.” “What did you say. it sounds good to me. Gilbert. I meant to say. Why don’t you come back with me to the islands?” “Oh my.

Woman meets reptile. long hot-pink nails. Getgo. I’ll take a rain check. a big ass.” “Come on. Miss Getga. Later.” He takes the flowers and gives them to Miss Getga. The elevator door starts to close. “What the shit is that? I thought there was only one.” “Yes. my love. high heels. “No. you ugly motherfucker.” “Okay. Getgo.Falling In Love “Sorry.” “I’m bugging.” “Hello. “You good people need any help?” “No thanks. Mr. miss thing.” Getga smells the flowers and then puts them on her desk.” All four girls go crazy laughing. Gilbert gets in the elevator as a few people are getting out. we saw your big smile when Mr. What beautiful flowers on your desk. “What’s up. “What. Take these flowers. I’ll come back later. sir. Gilbert looks steadily at Getgo.” “So what’s up. big boobs. Blondie has long blonde hair. “Beautiful flowers for you. we can handle this. sports? You want me to tackle her?” “No. This is a token of my love. Getgo just handed me the flowers Gilbert gave me.” “What the shit do I know? I only sell car insurance. and hot-pink lipstick. Nobody makes a facial expression like that unless they’re falling in love. just look at it this way. who are decorating the tree. dick face? Let me introduce you to Miss Blondie.” Getgo returns to the girls. a short skirt. Getgo gave you the flowers. This is for you. She will be your training coach. he did not just say face-lift. Blondie. The last one out of the elevator is Mr. Getgo walks in Frankie’s office. you prick. my name is Getgo. you want some of this?” 11 . I’ll just start measuring the back room.” “That’s right. you’re pulling my leg.” She walks up to Mr. What are you talking about. Show me what you got. Frankie boy.” Getgo bursts out laughing. what if I sell auto insurance to you? Twenty percent off for three months if you get a face-lift. girl. I hope you like them. girl? Are you feeling it? Girls.

I think it’s more than a primary color. she says. Let’s get married. Go get the girls. Tina. I have to go. walks in. Getga. my love. Let me put my gift on my table.” “Let me open this bad girl.” Getga’s boyfriend. babe. Getgo. “Hello. Don’t flatter yourself.” “I don’t think so.” Getga goes in her office. I should be back soon. Darling.” “Chill. especially now. I understand. “What part didn’t you understand? I can’t leave my job. a pair of drums and a baton. “Hi.” Delilah walks up to Miss Getga. boss. She reaches under her desk for the twelve old reliable black books. I think it’s that time of the month. Give me a big kiss. and give me all the application so I can approve them. and Getga runs to him.” It takes them a few hours to input all the information from Mr.” “No. open your Christmas gift. and puts the applications on her desk. Bye. “Now we need to try out the disk on that bad-boy PSP computer tomorrow.” Getga opens her big green eyes wide.” “Miss Delilah. special coated floppy disk. You need to see if Miss Getga has any more records to input.” “What a big box. Tina. we will talk again. Frankie. Let’s get started. just take this thin. I’ll be fine. Stop whatever you’re doing.” “Getgo. In a low voice. girls. what’s up with her?” “Zariah. thank you. “Darling.Angelina Martinez “Oh. Bye. I have something to tell you.” 12 . I so hope for good. Just what I wanted.” Gilbert’s phone rings. boss.” Miss Getga walks into her office. “What the shit is this he gave me?” “Darling. Gilbert. baby. Mr.” “Oh. yes. plastic. “Are you okay? I noticed that Gilbert was gone. Let’s have some fun at the party next door. closes the door. “I’ll protect my valuables in my safe. Come back home with me. you came back for the Christmas eve party. Gilbert. no he didn’t.” Getga replies.

Drums and a baton. this is for you. Getgo and crash the party. Oh.” “Bring the shit to the party. let’s hold onto Mr. we all would love you to come. Somebody will work it. ladies. Come on. Getgo walks in the girls’ office.” “So then. girls. Can I go with you girls?” Delilah says. “Party over here. I found it on your desk.Falling In Love Mr. “Sure. Miss Getga.” 13 . let’s go do this.

I want to rock with you. in sequence with the music. Getgo. Hey. Come on. Say what. Right. “Hello. let’s do this. you remembered my offer. He walks over to her. Getgo whistles out loud. 99 percent more. you. All night. Deal or no deal?” The old man says. Let’s all do the Getgo dance. Right one first. Getga. Don’t you feel great? Now do the tighten up. Play it all night. Getgo.” “Tell me. Wiggle wiggle wiggle. get it. I said.” “I would love this opportunity. Wiggle your legs. shake them like a milk shake. down.” “Wow. “I want my 69 percent off my car insurance. all around. Flip flop. girl. Wiggle on closer. it’s me. “Hey. but I smell clams. Till you just can’t stop.” Getga waves to Mr. Mr. I’ll give you it all. 14 . If you dance. Stand up straight. I said. Up. Getga says.” A short old man passes by. let’s rock this floor.CHAPTER 6 Christmas Eve Party Getgo and the girls walk into the party. play the wiggle wiggle wiggle song. Left one last. I love clams. people. I’ll give ya 25 percent off your next car insurance.” Now. The old man is playing the drums and becomes a conductor with the baton. come over here. left. closer. “Pardon me. “Oh. “Deal. baby. Wiggle your arms.” Wiggle wiggle wiggle. I bought you clams. Hip hop. All night. DJ. miss thing.” They start dancing to a slow Christmas song. old man. Get it. what else can you possibly offer me?” “A dance. I must be pussy-whipped. I have something else to offer you. All night. Getgo. I got my mind made up. Take this drum set and baton. Mr.” “Come on. shit. I have a private bargain for you. Many people start to shake hands with Getgo.

Falling In Love

closer. Now lean back slowly. Oh, shit, it feels good. Now freeze. So wiggle on up your stuff. You sure gots enough. “Hi, it’s me, Getgo. Let me find out who got this 100 percent.” “Hello, Ne-Yo.” “Getgo, get over here. They’re ready to wiggle wiggle wiggle your bad boy. ‘Closer.’”



The PSP Computer Installed
The next morning, everybody is wiggling to their office. Getgo goes to the girls’ office before they return to work. Getgo needs to finish measuring the office. This little old lady Stella walks in with three books and her cane. She looks at Getgo, sticks her middle finger at him, points her cane at him, and says, “Don’t you dare try and change this company. The old way is the best way.” She goes to the library, puts the books back, looks at Getgo, rolls her eyes, and then leaves the room and slams the door. “Oh, no she didn’t. What a little bitch.” Getga walks into her office. “Okay, big guy, what are you doing in my office?” “Hello to you too. Just finishing up my job. But let me tell you, this little old bitch walks in. She had a few bad-boy words to tell me. Yeah, she so has claws. Nobody can get in her way.” “Whatever. Getgo, have no fear. I would like to take you all for lunch on the twentieth floor.” Mr. Getgo opens the door. Mr. Frankie comes in with Miss Blondie. “Hello, Miss Getga. The PSP computer will be installed tonight.” Getga screams out loud, “What are you talking about, Frankie boy?” Mr. Getgo puts his head down and then tries to caress the girls. Ladies, please, been there, done that. You girls still have your jobs. We are just updating the database, making over your room.” Miss Getga starts to cry with bloodshot eyes. “It’s time for me to shout out Mr. Green Lizard.” “What kind of auto insurance quote are you looking for?” All the girls leave. Miss Blondie goes up to Mr. Getgo. “Hello, I’m your partner now.” “Check this out, you wannabe, go get a real skirt, and get out while you can.”


Falling In Love

Getgo leaves the building. He sees Delilah, Tina, and Zariah. “Hi, girls. Where is Miss Getga?” “Walking home,” reply the girls. “I need to find her.” Getgo takes out his chocolate-colored cell phone. “Bobby, pick me up at building 2809.” “What’s the code? Holla back.” “Come on now, Bobby, I ­ can’t remember. Ha-ha, oh yeah, the code is ‘rock the boat.’ “Now get your ass over here.” Bobby arrives the minute Getgo hangs up the phone. Getgo jumps in the Lamborghini and then tells Bobby, “I need to find Miss Getga. Go straight up Thirty-Fourth. Hey, Bobby, you’re the best.” “Whatever, Getgo, you didn’t remember the code. Bling, bling.” “Ba da bling back. I’m cool like that.” Getgo and Bobby start laughing. Bobby takes off fast and pumps the music. Getgo notices Miss Getga. “Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Stop the fucking car. There she goes. She looks so sad, cold, and so wet. Oh, shit, I have a hard-on.” “Stupid, that’s my clutch you’re working.” “Oh, Bobby, just smack me.”


Many cars beep their horns. my fuzzy pair. “Good evening. Getgo Getgo jumps out of the car. is it really you? Come on in. Getga opens the door. look at you. and go freshen up.” “Mr. girl. Bobby puts the top down. “Are you sure. nuts roasting on an open fire. I need to talk to you. you have nothing to tell me. Getgo. how the hell are you?” 18 . “Please stop.” The temperature has fallen below the freezing point after the snow stops. be happy. let’s go to your home. Then he sees Miss Getga. Come to my place and get warm.” “That’s so inviting. Getgo runs across the street. Getgo.” They walk to the apartment. Go sit by the fireplace.” “Thanks.” “Miss Getga.” “Take this robe. Okay. Getgo.” Getgo comes out of the bathroom. Getgo? Come again. I said. Miss Getga.” “I have that Christmas song. Don’t worry. Mr. sweetest. Leave me alone. ugly. and pumps the music. Getga opens the door.” “Thanks for your hospitality. I got this. “Oh. Miss Getga?” “Does a horse eat hay? Let’s go.” “Oh. “Ba da bling. “What can you possibly do for me?” “Time out. Miss Getga.” “Do you care that my nuts are freezing?” “What was that. Getgo.” Getga stops walking and turns around. what a beautiful place.CHAPTER 8 An Invite for Mr.” The doorbell rings. Gilbert.” “Hi. You’re freezing. just give me a bloody green chance. I’ll get you something warm to wear. drives off.” “Please.

I peed my pants.” 19 . I’ll be back. Here is your robe. It’s the other lizard.” “Gilbert. Then he walks Getgo to the door.” “Getga. Come on. let’s get along.” says Gilbert. The next morning Delilah. “I got jokes. “Later. “What a monkey’s uncle. guys. frog face. Dangerous. Getgo goes to the bathroom to change.” “You heard her. please don’t make me laugh. Mr. our books? They moved everything. Getgo. You tell me. What did they do with our furniture?” ask the girls. my love. Tina says. girls. I have enough on my mind. let’s have a tea party.” They sit by the table. Excuse me.” Then Gilbert slams the door. Tina.” “Stop it. “What happened to our phones. He walks up to Getga. guys. Come on.” Getga walks into the office and tries to calm the girls.” “Good night.Falling In Love Gilbert replies.” “Good night. Double your pleasure. Gilbert. The mail boy walks in and gives Getga four pink slips. double your fun. “Fire up the grill. guys. You talk about a PSP in your pocket. Getgo is talking business. What happens when a frog’s car breaks down?” “I don’t know. my love.” “What a relief. “Thanks for everything. and Zariah go to the office and start to scream. Miss Getga.” Mr. What a huge piece of technology. “Everything is destroyed. she peed her pants.” “It gets toad away.

Brown’s information. She pulls it out. but you were not approved for the 50 percent off.” “Kiss my sunshine. Delilah. Hello? Can I help you?” “Hi. you didn’t receive a pink slip.” says Getga. Mr. Who is on this phone?” “Bye.” “No. Get your paws off. for the risk at age seventy-five. Brown the wrong information. “Yes. Brooks. I can do this. Did you ladies mail out my contract?” “Hold on. “You’re touching the wrong key. it’s me. mighty sound effect.” Then Blondie sees this long sheet of paper coming out of the PSP. “Oh. Brown.” The girls start to laugh and flash their pink slips.” “Come on. girls.” The phones start to ring. let’s get started. let’s go to the back room. “Say what? There seems to be static or electrical problems with the phone. Brown on the phone.” “You girls are being unreasonable.” “Let me guess.” “Oh.” Blondie picks up the other ringing phone. We have work to do. Holla back. Zariah. Mr. you giant Toys ‘R’ Us. Call back. its Mr. Tina. miss thing.” “Girls. Blondie says.” Getga replies. The PSP starts to change colors. girls. Your contract was mailed out to you. she did not just give Mr. let’s all sit together in my office. hell no. “Hello?” “Hi. lets out a lot of smoke. please help me. “Bling bling. I would like to find out more information on the new offer.CHAPTER 9 You’re Fired Miss Blondie walks in. Blondie runs over to the PSP computer and inputs Mr. Brown’s information. sorry for keeping you on hold. 20 . my little chicas. and then starts to talk. “Ladies. it’s Mr. please.

ladies. Miss Getga. my bad. Blondie.” The PSP starts making loud noises and then says. I’m so infuriated. “Here goes your big black eyeballs. Almost everybody received pink slips on the thirty-fourth floor. it looks like Miss Hypothermia had enough.” “Oh. You talk about interaction.444.” Blondie walks over. Something is wrong with this bad-boy PSP. you moron. Frankie and Mr. not in my book. please help me. ladies. “The past thirty years. total input is 877. “There was one envelope in my hand. I feel abnormally cold. Oh. Come on.” “Whatever. shit.” “Time out. “What in the world is going on?” “Your Blondie needs to go hibernate. no.” The mail boy walks in and hands out envelopes to the bosses. I have my twelve black books. Let me recite your resources out loud. For the past thirty years.444.” says Zariah.393.” “You girls are some crazy bitches.650.393.” Blondie walks up to the PSP and then starts reading the display on the screen out loud. miss thing. What is the amount of files in the past thirty years? Do your thing. Blondie takes her glasses. girls.” “I have the past thirty years. prick.448 in files.” “What part didn’t you understand. chill. Can you girls come manage these ringing phones?” “Oh.” “Your numbers are so wrong. “Give me your old books.” Getgo tries to calm down the mail boy. Frankie asks. “Everybody.” “Read this.800—oops.800.Falling In Love “Ladies. I am programmed. Our accountable valuables increased to 877. Blondie? Us girls received pink slips. it’s for me. Getgo walk in. “­ I have the information you requested. “Let’s see if PSP got skills.” “Let me find out. I’m running around like a chicken without a head. let’s do this. ­ a unit of 589.” 21 . Toys ‘R’ Us did not call me moron. Come and get your request.” Blondie starts looking for her glasses.” Mr.

” “Some people really need it.” “You can’t do this. 50 percent off your car insurance for this airline ticket with no return. why should I?” “Because I want you to open it now. stealing money. I no longer need your hassle. Deal or no deal?” Frankie replies. “No. Some people got to have it.” “As of this moment. tampering with the files.” Getgo slams the door behind them.” “Now get out.Angelina Martinez “I thought so. get out. slake me some time. I have a videotape of you with Blondie. You all are so unrelated to the insurance provisions.” “Slake this.” “Okay. I’ll make you an offer. “Deal. money. You’re fired. Start reading. money. Frankie. You talk about triple play in the house. 22 . Go get a real pink slip. All three of you.” “Read it out loud. Take your Blondie with you.” “Say what? You’re replying to me? You seem to forget I’m the spoiled lizard who sells car insurance.” “I already did.” Getgo walks over to Mr. “Did you open up your envelope?” Frankie replies.

my darling. but first come closer.” “Hey. Bye. “Are you okay.” “Negative. You’re no longer my boyfriend. “Esta por la masata. But business comes before pleasure. Why don’t you do a David Blaine. can you please take a chilly willy pill? You girls still have your jobs. That’s a positive. you’re so fine.CHAPTER 10 A Dozen Roses for You Gilbert walks in. Yes.” 23 . a dozen roses. Getga. I received a pink slip. I left my boyfriend. Gilbert. I reassure you I have potential liabilities arising. no that bull face didn’t.” “Oh.” Getga runs over to the girls. let’s make the deal. Gilbert. This is for you.” “Hello. Getgo touches his face and then says out loud. My three girls received one. I thought you were dead or had another girlfriend. take the first flight back. Mr. we do have that physical attraction. Girl. I took the first flight to hold you in my arms. what’s up with this PSP? Show me what you got. my darling Getga. That’s a negative. Getga?” “I can’t be better. I’m falling in love. The whole thirty-fourth floor received a pink slip due to complications with the PSP data.” “Let me go tell my girls. Later frog legs. Miss Getga. Getgo walks in. A negative. shit.” “My darling Getga. “I feel chemistry.” “I’m better off with real people anyways. That girl is so dangerous.” “I’m not showing you shit. What’s that? Disappear. Getga.” Gilbert shuts the door behind him. Let me give you a hug and kiss. “Hello.” “Whatever. just put them by the PSP. what a surprise. did you miss me? Oh. Fifty percent off your car insurance for this one-way ticket. awesome PSP.” Getga walks over to Getgo and says.” “Well.” “Hello.

Look at this PSP. Ladies. That’s what’s up. an oldie but goody. Getgo. Two crocodiles with big eyeballs falling in love. “Mr. You get to keep your old books in the new library. “Now I need you ladies to call Mr. Jones. look what I found—a red notation. and a collection of recorded data organized for easy use. Your old and new files are upgraded.” Then he sees a flashing light from the side of the PSP.” Getgo snaps his fingers. The old lady Stella walks in. shit. “Let’s party. “Getga. “Ladies. let’s not go there. It accepted all of the input. do your thing.’” “That’s why this bad boy didn’t have a prognosis. mama. Check this out. A dozen roses for you. let’s go fix this bad-boy PSP. my baby girls. “Hello.” “Yes. Getgo. I have an idea. let’s do this. Getgo. Jones” is programmed. ‘Warning: do not turn on computer. touch-tone phones with voice control. shit. let me find out Getgo wants some of this. looking so sad. It says. Mr. girl. “Wanna be my girl? I have a dozen roses for you. “Come on.” “Girls.” “I wish. Many bring food and drinks.” “Old lady. “Oh. you’re my daddy now. You saved the library.” 24 . Getga. Getgo.” Getgo inputs his picture and asks Getga in big flashing red letters. we still have our jobs. Your call.” The girls walk over to Getga. Who’s your daddy?” The song “Mrs. let’s dance.” They jump for joy.” “Come on. You girls have modern furniture. Only input a USB memory key. Just look around.Angelina Martinez “Come on. It’s showing us the Christmas party.” “Uh-huh. Brooks.” All the coworkers on the thirty-fourth floor walk in. We got a thing going on. You’re so cool.” “Oh. Getga. let me find out this electronic device can maximize our fun. Mrs.” The ladies start jumping with excitement.” Stella sticks her middle finger and points. lean back. Let’s celebrate. let me find out. Show them what you got. Also call Mr. They look like salamanders.” “I’m coming. Brown and let him know he was approved 50 percent.” “How romantic.

” Clever puts the memory key in the PSP. Yo. mama. somebody named Bobby gave you this memory key. But right about now we need to find out what Bobby is all about. play this. He truly is a ba da bling. 25 . Mr. Mr.” “I had enough. I’m the one who supervises the music.” “Oh. Embrace your formation.CHAPTER 11 The Cavemen They start dancing the wiggle wiggle wiggle. mama duke. yelling out. Bobby starts to talk. Miss Getga. Show him what your mama gave ya. it’s your birthday. Everybody surrounds them.” “Thanks. “Go. Hey. take over your man. Getgo. The lights on the car turn colors. Clever.

I need a chick. my people? Thanks for coming. you’re a crazy chick. This is better than one million BC. baby. Mr. don’t forget your code.” Steve goes over to Getgo.Angelina Martinez “Hello. Come on. Moron. “What’s good? Hooray for Holly Rock.” “Did you know yo’ mama is so ugly they put her in dough and made monster cookies?” “Absolutely. Getgo. “Yo. and black leather boots walk into the party. I can maximize your fun on the dance floor. Can I drag you on the dance floor by your ponytail? Alley-oop!” “You’re so far out. Aramis. See ya.” Jonathan calls over to Zariah. Steve. let’s rock and gravel. I need to call my father. See ya.” says Elliot. the cavemen take off their helmets. caveman.” “Oh.” “Oh. Ice age here. Have no fear. Do you need a cave?” “No.” “Good looking out. let’s do this. Sticks and stones can break my bones. “Yo. Let’s stone this floor. Later. let me smack that booty call. Later. You must be Aramis.” Aramis walks over to Getgo. I need to go back to the Stone Age. freeze my nuts. Yabba dabba doo. I’m Stella. See ya.” The PSP starts to show everybody the wiggle. Let me pull this hot chick on the floor.” Steve walks over to Tina. hairy.” “Okay. but you can never harm me. Here comes Stella. come on. With their mouths wide open. Getgo.” “Oh shit. Zariah in the house. “What’s up.” “Hold on a minute. moron. With quality time. just call me Flint Stone. He needs to rock this party. Getgo.” “Far out.” “I always wanted to do a Britney. Let’s do that movement towards a goal. that can fix my revolving cylinder. “Come on. Spicy in the house. I feel like a teenage caveman again.” 26 . Continuous music is playing. Four cavemen wearing blue helmets. Everybody looks at them. leather riding outfits. I love cavemen. did you forget I have the Clever flavor? Let’s play the wiggle wiggle wiggle. girl. Hi.” “Time to dust myself off. kid.

That’s like giving me rocks on ice. I’m out. Getgo.” “Okay.” “Well. “What’s up? Having fun?” “Nice one. Zariah starts dancing with caveman Elliot. I’m glad you did party over here. Everybody is clapping.” Aramis walks up to Steve. Steve.” “Total recall. Maximize your humor with one of your own kind.” “I’ll wiggle wiggle wiggle with you all night long. girl.Falling In Love “Say what? Oh my rubbles.” “Yeah. bad-boy PSP. let’s do this.” Everyone gets a partner and starts to dance. let’s rock.” Clever plays the song “Babe. One of your own kind.” 27 . brother. “Unbeweaveable. Thank you once again. Get home safe. Miss Getga rocks my world. this prehistoric body had so much fun. It’s more like Tarzan bang Jane. “Yo. Let me find out Miss Tina has a thing going on. where is she when I need her to take me home?” “Grandma. flip doodle. Come on. with all due respect. she’s a hot mama. wolverine. “Wow. get a grip. Stella’s in the house.” “I know that. Daddy’s home. for all of you specialized workers in the house. let’s wiggle. mami. “That’s what’s up.” “Let’s jingle jangle out of here. Steve pulls Tina by her ponytail and starts swinging her all over the dance floor. “I give you all props.” “Hey.” All the cavemen start laughing and then say. Peter Piper’s red vipers. First I would like to shout out a song in remembrance of our loved ones. Godfather. “Come on. Lean back. It’s so easy a caveman can rock this. you sure can dance. This old stone is mine. hooking me up with a grandma. Getgo.” “Hello. Can I have your individual attention? I want to thank you for celebrating with us the new kid on the block. kitty. See ya. Getgo. Then Steve yells out. Giddyup.” Caveman Steve and Tina take the whole floor. All the cavemen go up to him. Father. On that note. Her ponytail comes off.” Getgo takes the microphone. this is your nightcap with a little bit of mix.” Getgo walks over to Miss Getga. people. I have my own wood working.” Father caveman Joe walks in with his leather outfit and helmet. stick to your own kind.” Getgo walks up to Aramis. “Good luck.

Angelina Martinez Everybody hugs and shakes hands. Zariah walks up to Tina.” Miss Gina goes up to the girls.” “Absolutely. did you have a great time?” “Awesome time. “My ladies. open the door.” says Stella. “Come on. The cavemen put on their helmets. Mr. Who knows?” “Maybe tonight.” “Later. Bye now.” 28 . “What’s the rush? You girls are up to no good. and then wave bye.” says Tina. Come on.” “Thanks. The cavemen are waiting by their motorcycles. drama queen.” “Maybe next time I’ll be lucky. ladies. girls.” “I want a piece too. rock the nightlife with us. so stop talking if you want a piece of this shit. Getgo. “Let’s go. Get home safe. All the girls run to the elevator and then out the front door.

’” 29 . girls.CHAPTER 12 Bobby Transforms into a Motorcycle Miss Getga walks over to the window and starts pulling the shade down. shit. “Hello. I can see the mental hospital. They took off at the same time.” “Look. My code is ‘rock the boat. look at old lady Stella. “Oh. Getgo. Getgo. She notices everyone.” “Now you’re talking. Bobby. She’s rocking their father. it’s me. Joe. come look at this. Have fun. I can see Russia from my window. knucklehead. Getga.” “Oh.” Getgo takes out his phone. no they didn’t.” “Good one. girl. The girls are cutting out with the cavemen. let’s paint this city green.” “Come on. That is so fly.

she did not say “sea stars.” “Okay. Getgo. “I forgot my purse in the office.” She grabs him.” “Oh. Getgo. so blue. The moon is shining over them. I love clams. I like it like that. Getga covers her face when she sees all the bright lights on Bobby’s car. Hope they’re having fun. Let’s get your purse. let me say it now.” That is so carnivorous. stop flavoring me. my lady. baby girl. “I’m ready.” Getga reaches for her purse. they get off the motorcycle and take off their helmets. The sky is dark blue with many small white clouds and a full moon. moron? How can I be of your service?” “Come pick me up at building 2809. Getgo. “Look. do you know how to 30 . Now I know you’re pussy-whipped.” Getga is so excited she forgets her purse. “What a beautiful bridge.” They start to kiss again. Miss Getga. “Oh. Right in the middle of the bridge.” “Come on. New York. I feel electrified. Show me that energy.” “Flavor this. Getgo. without doubts. baby. They eat clams. So many lights.” The streets are empty. . New York. Tiger Woods.” They jump on the motorcycle. Let’s do this. Miss Getga. Before I burst into thirteen golf balls. Getga.” “They look like sea stars. They ride around Manhattan and get on the Brooklyn Bridge. Look at this water. “Oh my heavens. This is better than golf balls.” “Don’t go that way. and they kiss. is calling us. If I forget to tell you. a falling star. Lean back. it’s not that serious. thanks for such a super night. Falling in love with you.” The cavemen are having a blast.” “Oh.Angelina Martinez “What’s up.” “I can’t wait to tell the girls about us.” “Need your transformation. Getga. “How did you learn such a kiss.” They open the front door of the building.” “Let’s go to my place. Bobby’s computer plays the song “Sailing. riding with the girls on the highway.” No. ­ I so need your golf club first. your car just turned into a gold motorcycle with an guardian angel on the handle. “Hey. Suddenly they all get the munchies. Getgo sees a falling star. Getgo?” “Implicitly. Steve.

the time machine. Gina?” “I love the view of Manhattan. take this food over to the table. wrong order. guys.’” “Shut up. what’s the order?” “I got this. I’m Jonathan. People who are sitting down start to drop their food right out of their mouth when they see the cavemen.” “Sure.” “You have skills. sir.” “Excuse me. All I had today was chips. carry me out. I’m starving. can we order five grilled salads and five grilled fish? We also need ten bottles of water. let’s go eat.” “Let’s go eat. Aramis. Your employer that took the order— what is his name?” “His name is ‘What’s It To Ya. shit. Let me stop. brother Jonathan. Is that a caveman yoke? Are you hungry. It’s that I’m just so overwhelmed.” “We’ll order the food. Gina.” “I’m Elliot. thank you.’ and his last name is ‘I Don’t Know. your motorcycle is the bomb.” “I so apologize. “Ladies. “Elliot. Can I get my food? Your employee is in shock. Can you repeat the order?” “Sure. but not for Fruity Pebbles. Can I speak to your boss?” “Oh.” “Well. why don’t you get that table in the corner. Come on. and this is my family. what is your name? My name is—” “What’s it to ya?” “Oh.” All the cavemen walk over to order the food.” “Kid. my ancient brothers.Falling In Love rock your engine? I’m so energetic when I eat Fruity Pebbles. Hello. Rocco.” “So are you having fun.” “Miss Tina. everybody is going to Checkers.” 31 . son. ten salt waters.” Everybody meets at the same time at Checkers. Aramis. Hey. you’re having five burgers.” “No. The employers have their mouths wide open. It’s not every day I get to see one thousand BC. You all want burgers?” “We would like to try their finger-licking-good grilled salad. no. the manager.” “How can I help you? I’m Mr. Tina?” “Yeah. I’m out. five fish.

profits in my pocket.” Everyone jumps on their motorcycle. that’s the kid’s name. They stop in front of the building. Mr. waves good-bye”. an electromagnetic current is about to pass through.” “That’s what’s up. let’s burn this floor with the cavemen.Angelina Martinez The cavemen and the girls enjoy the food. They stop in front of building 2809. Okay. Everybody gets off the motorcycles. Jonathan. let’s leave this joint. “Hi. you cave dweller?” “Stupid.” “Come on. what’s it to ya?” “Did your mama teach you respect. can I take your picture”. a threesome. The full moon is shining over the Brooklyn Bridge while they drive over it. Joe. Let’s dance right here.” “Sorry. Manager Rocco walks up to them. my Angelina. You go. Smack me in a salmon sandwich. Step to the side here. “Wow. look at him.” 32 . shake your hips with your bad boy Jonathan.” Rocco yells out to the guys. Omega. “Oh.” They take off and wave good-bye while the nice music is playing. Mr. “What’s it to ya. Delilah. Miss Stella.” “Did you guys take a picture for me? I left my camera in the ladies’ office. shit. you all. Woo woo! Move that old-fashioned sexy body. you girls are hot. Rocco. boom boom bang. Now that’s a motor.” Aramis and Gina start dancing. guys. Look at who? Elliot Da. I don’t know. “Come on now. I have the key to the office. But it’s time to say bye-bye.” says Elliot. He tells all the workers to help him move the tables.” “Cool. “Hey. “Sure.” Elliot walks over to Mr.” “Dandy idea. Rocco and his employers wave bye from the window. Thanks. Steve.” “Look at that rocket. Rocco. Come. Miss Zariah says. Getgo and Miss Getga come down the block on the golden motorcycle. Miss Getga. “Yo. “I’ll make sure to hang up this unique group picture. Miss Tina. Steve rocks the floor with Tina and Zariah.” The omega Rocco sees his wife by the counter and yells out her name.” “Don’t worry. thanks for your unnatural gathering. “Que tengo que aacer.

” “Tina. why don’t you ask Getgo for a ride?” Getgo and Getga get off the motorcycle. “Oh. guys.Falling In Love Tina runs over to Zariah and says. no she did not have more fun than us.” 33 . “Hi. “Now that’s a bling. you like?” Everybody at the same time says.

The code is ‘rock the boat. for taking me home.” “Sounds good. This can rise swiftly. Jonathan.” “Delilah.” “Be careful what you ask for. chopped liver? Take me home.” Zariah says.’ Everybody.” The car takes off. and colorful smoke is all over. I so want to try out that bad-boy golden motorcycle. move back.” “Steve. I got this. everyone. Getgo. Memory in check. everybody did a boo boo bang. Getgo. Everyone will take their girl home. I would love to live in an interesting time of history. Getga left her purse in the office. “Yo.” 34 . I’ll take her home. It makes a loud noise.” “What about my family?” “Don’t worry. Frankie Is Back Mr. you are so pussy-whipped.” “Mr. Tina. Mr. I just can’t stop. Let me walk Miss Tina to her door. please transform. Bye.” “No problem. Stella here. I’ll be right back. Getgo says. the only one who rides this golden bad boy with me is Miss Getga. girl. “Why are you guys here?” “I left my camera in the office.” Then Bobby transforms back into a Lamborghini.” “Oh my god.” “Sounds good. Joe. You have such a sharp mind.” “It’s just an illusion. somewhat like the Bronx Zoo. What am I. “Bobby. “Thank you. Miss Tina gets in the car with Getgo.” “Bobby. “Remarkable. Getgo.CHAPTER 13 Mr.” “The city looks great. Maybe you would like to live by the gorillas. And at the same time you get your camera.” “Sorry.” “As for Miss Tina. why don’t you go with Getga? She needs to get her purse.” Bobby stops in front of Tina’s house.

Help me. what in the world are you clowns doing? You destroyed my office. Blondie grabs Miss Getga.” Miss Getga and Steve are waiting for the elevator. Miss Getga. Miss Blondie turns on the lights. “This was all too brief. this is so fun.” “Oh. She notices the door is open.” “Okay. Miss Getga. Let me tape up that trap. You’re coming with us. Getga?” “Hello. thanks. you ugly bitch. Would you like some hot cocoa?” “No. unconscious. Mr. Story of my life. “Shut up.Falling In Love “Thank you. mami chula.” “Good night. Bobby. Aramis. They get in. Frankie and his wannabe are putting rope all over my body. “What’s happening over here? This door has been open all night. for taking me home.” Elliot passes Zariah’s house.” Steve gets hit over the head with a chair. Miss Getga puts her key in the door. Time flies when you’re having fun. yes. Getga starts screaming. my car has all the high beams on us.” “Steve. dust myself off. Getgo. “What’s the room number. Jonathan. that’s my place. I had a pebble-stoning time. My bike is so shabby it has a mind of its own. let me bring you into your next universe. press the thirty-fourth floor. I always leave the light on. I’ll take a rain check.” Steve opens his eyes and then closes them again. “Stop. They’re kidnapping me. Front wheels go up. sir. Later. get up. He falls to the floor.” The hot rod puts all the lights on and makes a loud rumbling sound.” “No problem. I need to pick up my girl. Hold onto your paradise. “Oh my heavens.” They walk to room 2809.” Jonathan stops in front of Delilah’s house. Blondie. “Thanks. Elliot. girl. Getgo.” “Gina. Turn this way. and start all over again. you hot rod. Mr. “Later. let me go in first.” Aramis takes Gina home.” “This bun wagon motor doesn’t seem to stop rolling. “Nobody gives me a pink slip. I have to pick up my face. Frankie is holding a large rope and black tape. and all four hub caps spin. Mr.” Frankie yells out.” 35 . go load all her files into my laptop. “Bye.” “So did I.

Check out the thirty-fourth floor.” “Where is my girl? They should have been in front of the building by now. I heard something about a tugboat. Help me put this bitch on my shoulder. Bobby? English.” “You asked for it.” “She is just so mind-blowing. Do your thing. The elevator door opens. I’ll be back. puts him on his shoulders.” Steve tries to get up but loses his balance and falls back to the floor.” “Well. Various kinds. Bobby lets go. For 100 percent discount on your next car insurance. My tugboat will take us into port. Consider a dark point of view. please. moron.” Steve walks very slowly to the elevator. moron.” “What happened? Where’s Getga? What happened to her? Where’s my girl?” “What am I. “Oh. Consider done. “You’re pulling my leg. He takes Getgo back to building 2809. knock that bitch out. room 2809. I’m getting an electronic reading from the elevator.” Frankie puts Getga in his trunk.” “My pleasure.” Getgo grabs Steve. Bobby is playing continuous music. get into your HD screen. Bobby. that Miss Tina is hot. chopped liver?” Frankie takes her by force. tell me more.Angelina Martinez “Been there. It’s Steve.” “Oh. Bob. We need to find Getga. Let’s go to the river. shit.” Getga is kicking and making loud sounds.” Blondie grabs a vase and hits Getga over the head. Blondie. but what’s the code?” “Oops.” Getgo runs into the building. moron. “Yo. Bob.” “That’s fine with me.” 36 .” “Your commands are created. I can’t see a fucking thing. The river. He’s alone. my diggy nuts. let’s get the hell out of here. rock your fucking boat. Getgo. and goes to the car. “Yo. Doesn’t look good.” “Yo. “Get in the car. “Open your door. This can’t be happening.” “So then.” “Say what. “Blondie. done that. “Ouch. Make my dreams come true.

” 37 . Oh no.Falling In Love “My computer graphic has the image produced for you. she’s putting tape over Getga’s mouth. It looks like Blondie tied up Miss Getga with rope. Getga is under the Brooklyn Bridge in a tugboat with Frankie.

” “What are you talking about? Today is all about fifty cents.” In the middle of the bridge. Not even a caveman would do that. I got this. traffic is moving slowly. Bobby has to slow down due to traffic. Chong.” “Cheech. He goes through E-ZPass.CHAPTER 14 Cheech and Chong Take a Walk Bobby picks up speed as he gets on the highway and goes toward the Brooklyn Bridge. is coming. Getgo. You overslept. E. or is that Cheech and Chong walking on the side of the bridge? Power to the people.” “Yo. He’s a personal friend of mine. let’s back it up with a nickel. Oops. dude.T. “Is it my eyeballs. “Yo. no reception anyways. Let me phone home. we missed our ride.” “Sorry. Now we have to walk this bad-boy King Kong bridge.” Walking on the side of the bridge are Cheech and Chong.” 38 . “Check for a tugboat.

and water pours out of the slide. are we there yet.” “That’s too much information. He’s with that imaginary sea creature with that big head who sells car insurance. It makes a loud splash in the river. guys. We might need your help.” “Oh. The code is ‘rock the boat. welcome to plan B. The body of the car turns into a yellow speedboat with black and gold strips. this ride blew me away.” “Come on. Bobby. Getgo. Chong?” “My friend. get in. there goes the tugboat.” “Can you guys give a caveman some of that shit you’re smoking?” 39 . shit. I’m Steve. “Oh.” “That’s cool. “­ Yo. chill.” “Far out. “Oh.” “Say what? Give me what you’re smoking. guys. I want some of their gasoline. let’s go up to that bad-boy car. He’s that human being thousands of years ago.” “I want their autograph. Chong.” Bobby yells out. and that hairy one is my lost antique.” says Bobby. Come on.’” Bobby starts to transform. A sudden stop of the cars on the bridge makes them bang into each other. It makes a loud roaring sound and speeds down the slide. good looking out. Getgo. Look. it’s that caveman.” “Time out.” “Oh.” “Good one. Bobby turns around in full speed. “Hi there. I’m so falling in love.Falling In Love “Look at this. Cheech. my. the middle of the bridge was where Miss Getga and I first kissed. How can I be of service?” “Bobby.” Everybody puts on a life jacket and goggles. Don’t we know you guys?” “You’re the guy who sells car insurance. The front wheels turn into a slide all the way to the river.” “And I’m Chong. this is better than James Bond. let me be myself for a while. they’re walking up to us. Look. The front wheels deflate under the speedboat. and if you don’t mind. and the speedboat takes off. Cheech. Back home my babe is chopping wood. fucking shit. Chong. The front wheels of the car rise up in the middle of the bridge. Chong. the tugboat just changed speed. shit. I’m Cheech.” “Getgo. guys.

sealed. remember me? I’m Steve from the block. trying to download our information on car insurance. Getgo and the three guys go up the side rope on the tugboat. Getgo walks over to Getga. and yours. I see. Mr. Frankie and Blondie come on deck.” The speedboat splashes in the water all the way to the tugboat.” “Yes. Let me take this tape off your mouth. Steve takes the chip from Frankie. this can be a new look for Lady Gaga. Chong. Can I have the opportunity to throw him overboard? He is signed.” “Good idea. and my better half. get the life jackets. delivered. Everything is in this chip. Look at all this rope. Frankie and Blondie are down below. “Where is Frankie and that wannabe?” “They’re down below. “Asshole. Let’s go. Do the overboard on down. There goes my babe. “My darling. “We did it. Cheech. Oh. baby girl. Frankie boy. prick. Caveman. you’re alive.” Frankie makes a big splash in the water. “There she goes.” Getgo walks over to Miss Getga. just a few more seconds to be free at last. my Getgo.” “I’m here to save the day. They see Miss Getga tied up. What’s up. Oh shit.” “What a remarkable team you have.” “Oh. girl? It’s me. no she didn’t. Cheech and Chong hide behind the door with Steve. guys. you’re the guys who like to go up in smoke.” Then Frankie puts the chip in the case. Steve grabs Frankie by the neck.Angelina Martinez “Shake it like a pom-pom.” “Hey.” 40 . Miss Getga. Who are these two funny-looking guys?” “Oh.” “I got this. Bobby. Getgo.” Frankie and Blondie start to go up the stairs. We can start our own business.” Getga hugs all the guys and then gives Getgo a big kiss. Chong and Cheech hold on to Blondie. “Steve.” “You’re the bomb. this wannabe is all yours. guys. Put them on these two crooks. this ancient gladiator is in the house. Blondie. My baby girl. rock your engine.

Mr. The front side of the speedboat goes up. The speedboat moves up to the deck and transforms back to a Lamborghini. rock the boat. worthless.” The police get out of their cars and bump a high five. Police. Transform now.” “Are you kidding me? We are already frozen. “Kiss where the sun don’t shine.” The cops take off to the deck. Bobby puts on the lights. Blondie goes overboard and is knocked out for a few seconds. stupid man.” “Hello. “Everybody. Getgo goes up to Bobby. Let’s go. what kind of shit is that?” “Hostile little prick. Blondie starts to hit Frankie. Anything you say can be held against you. shit. guys. I’ll read the rest later. Bobby. Oh. They go in the speedboat. “Did you see that shit? The boat transformed into a car.” 41 . we’re on the clock. you thoughtless.Falling In Love Miss Getga gives Blondie a hard punch to the face. “Keep your hands off me.” “You have the right to remain silent. don’t leave us here.” “Hey.” “Don’t worry. With loud sounds.” “The only thing we’re getting on is a paddy wagon. making raw sounds with the motor. Let’s bring these crooks to jail. Frankie grabs Blondie. splashing the water.” “Freeze! Put your hands up. move back.” Frankie and Blondie are pulled out of the water. Then Bobby speeds. Blondie. splashing the water all the way to the deck. The back wheels start to form and spin fast. Blondie opens her eyes and starts to scream.” The wheels start to grow high up into the deck.” Steve replies. We can try to get on The Apprentice for a job. “Awesome car. All the guys get in. it spins around fast with colorful smoke. “Snap out of it.” Getgo picks up Miss Getga.

42 .

Miss Tina You can say I gave her several blows with my fist then she went overboard.” “My Getga. I need to walk this one out old school. and then takes off.” “Oh. Tell us more.” “It’s all good.” “What an adventure. Bobby. Getga. A lot of pink smoke shaped like hearts lets loose from the engine. The lights go on. Let’s keep on trucking.” “Can I take you guys home?” “Take us to the nearest fast-food joint. you give me goose bumps. We’re gonna jump on the train.” “Miss Tina.” “Did you finally kick her ass?” “Oh sure.” “Getgo. are we out? Let me take you home. Frankie and his wannabe are in jail. you will see me soon.” “Oh my.” Bobby plays music. Getgo. can I take you home?” “No thanks. my darling. Getgo.” Tina walks over to Bobby. pumps the speed. Come on. wow. We got it like that. let’s get some ice for that enormous blow to your head. you bad boy. We are so having the munchies. you’re the bomb. I might seem crazy talking to a car. Okay. we do have a rain check. They sit down. Bobby plays the theme song “Closer. going all around Manhattan and stopping in front of Getga’s home. Getgo.” “Absolutely. like a child at play. 43 . All the people are looking at them. here come my girls. Bobby. rock the boat.CHAPTER 15 Tina Meets Bobby “Steve.” Cheech and Chong get on the train. Tonight let’s do a lot of sexing. I can do this.” “For shizzle my nizzle. “Do you want me to stay?” “Is a scout master in charge of his troops? Look.

The train door closes. Miss Delilah?” “It’s confirmed. moron. They’re still laughing and rolling all over. just lean back. Miss Zariah. Forty-Second Street is the joint.” The people on the same train can’t stop laughing.” “Listen to this. dude.” “Getgo.” “Dude. We get off at the next stop. I rushed over to the cab and told her. plus limitations driving at night or bad weather. you’re pussy-whipped.” “Hi. I’m so happy to be home. my girlfriend’s mom has her own personal horse. They’re delirious. Oops.” “Miss Tina and Miss Zariah. Mr. A success in my book. Chong.” “Cool. ‘Baby.” The train stops.” The conductor of the train says out loud.” “All gone. Let’s focus on our job. let me get some chicharrones. “Chong. Too bad Miss Getga didn’t want any of ours. I adopted new beliefs. The people wave bye. Cheech and Chong get off. You know. my girl was ready to have her baby in a cab. and I was in the wrong one. she rocks my water pipes. don’t fall asleep.” “No way. ­ I have so many new orders. office 2809 is back in order. Cheech. girls. good people.” “Oh. So. and how about you.’ Suddenly I noticed there were eight cabs.” “Foul play. I thought it was the end of the road for me. that must be some good shit they’re smoking. enough about me. no. My observation is confirmed. Next stop Forty-Second Street.” “Far out. can we still interface communication programs?” 44 .Angelina Martinez “Yo.” “Awesome. look at these people. “Chong. I’ll drop you off. The ladies will be pleased. I contacted all my customers. my girls. so one day my mom took out my balls and kissed them for good luck.” “Good job. you know for a fact I love to play tennis. Dude. Brooks took the offer for the risk of people aged over the hill. Chong. are you ready for this? I’m out. I know that for a fact. Later. Get out. No need to call Miss Getga. It helps keep the pain away.” “Oh. Ladies. I mounted her. there’s more.” “Let’s keep on trucking. our stop. Bobby. Anyways. dude. “This is an express train.

“Come on in. you.” Bobby takes off. Bobby. Hey. I have them. my country bunkers. beautiful. “Stop it. mama. He pumps up the music and opens the side door. The door closes down while the slow music plays. I have needs too and a lot of hot air to let out. Get home safe. I’m so loving it. Now I know I have a heart. did you see my keys? Oops. Bobby. “Hey. Hello.” “No. let’s do this. Bobby. Let me booty-call this. I so miss my dad. This is all for me. moron?” “About time. you need to fix that hole in your pocket. The girls leave.” She puts a “Do not disturb” sign on the door. Tina. Hello. no he didn’t. Getga opens the door and sticks her hand out. once you transform. parks her car. answer your payless phone.” “What’s up. and looks across the street.” Bobby turns the corner. are you still a virgin?” 45 .” Tina gets in the car. Winning first place is my ambition. I can become your right-hand local agent.” “Guitar hero in the house. The backseat turns into a gold sofa. playing music. Dad told me one day I will see what this bad boy can do. By the way. ­ I need you to pick me up tomorrow afternoon in front of building 2809.” “It’s broken. drops off Getgo. Let’s face humanity. let me give you the ride of your dreams. Let’s start spreading the news. I perform in a way that shows new meaning. “Oh. Get it?” “Bobby. Oh my goody.” Getgo has tears coming down his face. great affection. very strong interest.” “Tina.” “Getga. My dad was building a car. shit. gets out. there’s no turning back.” “What the fuck. You sure know how to bring unique to the table. Getgo. I am not talking to a car. I was very young. I’m so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. it’s all coming back to me. Tina drives in front of her home. Getgo? If I tell you do not disturb. Bobby. and then drives off fast. look above ya. don’t holla back. Oh.Falling In Love “Who knows. “Good night. I’ll be there. I’m impressed. They drive all around Forty-Second Street. Bobby has all his lights on.” “Don’t say any more. you’re talking to me.” “Where there is love. Listen up. Getgo. Getga opens her front door.

You’re the one for me. Getgo goes back to the bedroom. stop it. he’s an octopussy. you’re such a cool car. And nice. Bobby. “Look what I have.” “Okay. Miss Tina. Look at the computer screen.” “Please come in the car. fucking shit. “For shizzle my nizzle. Miss Tina is ready to go home.” Bobby speeds up in front of Tina’s home. she notices many lights under the car. slow music playing. hot rod. I was created by Getgo’s father. Tina starts to scream. Tina. no more blue balls.” “The feeling is mutual. can you repeat that in English?” “I have a fucking plastic heart.” Tina gets in the car. “Hello. Bobby lowers the doors. let me be by myself. Please. Bobby. I’ll take you home. “If you don’t mind. I dropped my house key.” 46 . Later. Don’t forget seminal vesicle sperm tubes. Reddi-Wip.Angelina Martinez “Oh. I need to fix my pocket. pulls the drapes down. “What the shit? It looks like a sea animal with eight long tentacles on wheels. a pulmonary artery. Let me explain before I get blue balls. a circulatory system with all ventricles. Getgo jumps in the bed. I’m made out of rubber. one of two or more equal portions that make up a whole set of reproductive body parts.” “Oops.” “Remarkable. All that is seen is the reflection of objects bouncing off them. I hope to see more of you.” Bobby shuts off all contact and lets all calls go to voice mail.” Bobby drives onto Tina’s block and stops the car. “What can you possibly tell me. All the lights are turning different colors. He opens up both doors of the car. Your dad hooked me up. beautiful. no she didn’t. it’s about time I get home.” As Tina picks up her key. Oh. “Thanks. I’m about to engage my trade secret to a true soul mate. Bob. you terrifying eight-legged water gun?” “Oh.” “No problem. Later. boo. what the shit is that?” Tina starts running across the street to her home. Getgo. The anterior surface demonstrates an open left-descending coronary artery.” He opens the long silk drapes. The left ventricular wall has been sectioned lengthwise to reveal a large recent infarction. I’m a heart icon.

Miss Tina’s ponytail blows off. He stands up. He has blue eyes and a bold head. Acknowledgment is a foundation for new technology.” “You haven’t seen anything yet.” “Well. Trees are moving. A continued roaring sound vibrates all over the car. your egg layers are showing. He walks over to Tina in slow motion.Falling In Love “I’m programmed to support the structure built around the loading data to protect all areas from the flow of water. Exit the car. Dude. peanut butter and jelly. Branches fall off. Tina is in shock. “This is a scientific solution. Bobby. and stand a few feet away. Bobby is transformed.” Bobby lowers the door. Come to mama. He has on black leather pants with a skin-tight. I’m blown away. Tina says. Mr. Black. He is kneeling. He looks up at Tina. and gold smoke covers the car. It starts to spin around fast. short-sleeve shirt with gold suspenders and gold shoes. That’s what’s up. Her mouth is wide open as she looks at the car transform.” The spinning slows down. “La la lee la la la. yellow. yellow.” 47 . The incredible car. All the lights turn on.

I’m so gifted. They go to her bedroom.” 48 . Bobby. “Time out. yeah. let me find out your short-term memory. girl.” “Make yourself at home. Let me go powder my fuzzy wuzzy.” Tina opens up her front door. mama.” Bobby walks up to Tina. will you accept this rose?” “Absolutely. Slow music plays as they both jump in the bed. as you can see. Don’t forget the latex. “Miss Tina. Listen up. from the top of my real heart. this is all natural shit.” “Wow. I hope you’re gigantic. Bobby has something for her.Angelina Martinez “Oops.” “Oh. I’m made out of rubber.

be cool. This place is horrible. “Okay. Miss Diana. I say no add-ons. mami. 49 . My child is eighteen years old. Oops. I’ve always wanted to see you in person.” Getgo sits in the front.” “Dude. I was on your bus. bus driver?” “Oh. everyone. but my girls will hook you up. People are looking at me like I’m the fuzziest thing preserved in rocks. Yes. Only joking. we can save you big-time money.” Getgo crosses the street and walks into court.” “May you offer me a seat. He gets in. get off the bus.” Cheech and Chong walk in. My ladies will hook you all up. Steve walks up to Getgo. I have this awesome RV. Only joking. check this out. Kick her ass out. step to the left. “This prick stood me up. My name is Jetty. shit. Getgo. A lady pushes Cheech with her gigantic boobs. Anthony. People start coming up to him. says.” “With all due respect. Do you think I’m at risk for driving?” “Oh.CHAPTER 16 Take the Bus to the Courthouse Getgo is waiting for Bobby in front of building 2809. They go in the elevator. “My name is Diana. Just take a shave. A gay man is already in the corner of the elevator. shit. Getgo runs to the bus. I’m gonna be eighty-three. The bus driver. and you’re hot. take my business card. Let me get my green buns to the court.” The bus stops on the corner of 2809. this is my stop. Everybody. that’s a lot of seats. “Hi. we’re switching from superhero to that influential green insurance clam lover. Can you give me a quote on my car insurance?” “Wow.” “Getgo. What potential liabilities can I add on?” “Well. I’m installing five more car seats. Only joking. I’ll even throw in a wide-screen TV with Barney. If you put a plug in it.

” Getgo jumps out of his seat and walks fast to Getga. kid. you talk about H2O.” says Mr. that was some bang on your shoulder.” “Chong. guys. Getgo and Steve are sitting down. and Margie gets out. That’s what’s happening. “Hello.” The door opens.” “Let me find out he has a peace pipe in the courtroom. I found a winner. Cheech. screaming all the way to the courtroom. “Order in the court! Oh.” They open the courtroom door. my cushion ass.” “That’s what’s up. Would you guys like to receive some spicy tickle my pickle?” The elevator door opens. can we stop? Sit down. Chong? Wolverine is in the house.” “This is Margie you’re talking about. Getgo. “Don’t get frostbitten. It’s about to start. Your charges are as follows—” Miss Getga walks into the courtroom and starts to yell out loud. “Teamwork here. dude. The court officer brings in Frankie and Blondie.” 50 . “Mama. How cool is that. My name is Gay. Cheech and Chong go up to them. I so need to retire.” “Wolver this. you chopstick. Her clothes have stretch marks. “How could you be so heartless!” The judge starts banging his peace pipe and yells out.Angelina Martinez “Yo. Getgo can use all the support right about now.” “Far out. Frankie. Obviously you all are killing me. They tried to bring back the Great Depression. Cheech and Chong can’t stop laughing.” The elevator door closes. Cheech yells out. and your wannabe.” “Cheech. Blondie. “All rise. I’m digging it. Cheech. what the shit was that. please come sit down. I’m chopped liver. let me catch my breath. Cheech and Chong run out. Puff. “This is a federal order that forbids people like you. Here comes the judge. The judge comes in. Talk about pulled skin.” The judge puts on his glasses and starts to read. the Magic Dragon?” “Let’s move it on up.” “Come on. She has such a big chest. “Hold on.

Come on now. Officer. kid. why don’t you hand out the New Year’s fund-raiser ­ flyers?” “Brilliant idea. let’s get out of this joint. man.” “Oh. The judge is inside. “Oh. Where was I? Oh yeah. “Oh. Getgo here. Are you having a fart face fiesta?” “No.” Cheech and Chong walk over to the cavemen. yeah. your charges are as follows. Chong. “Yes. “Listen up.” The elevator door opens. Getgo? My wife got this old car. recycle that shit. Getgo. A very loud buzz sounds in the elevator. “I’m seeing double. squeeze on in. Cheech congratulates Steve and then says. chop suey? Can you read the verdict?” “I was gonna try and give you both a break.” Getgo starts handing out flyers. you ate all the chicharrones. Miss Getga. I’ll be back.” “All right. Is that you. “This is not the end.” Getga yells out. My home is heated by lighting my farts. shit.” “Hello. It’s his brothers.” The court door opens slowly. Oh. Steve turns around. my court of law.” “Yo. I’m bugging. Chong. Guilty of all crimes. Frankie? We are toast. they have to be up in smoke. what the hell? That was some foul wind. “Do you grow grass in your back yard?” All the cavemen start laughing. Keep it creative. Jonathan. They wave hello to the judge and then apologize for being late. no they didn’t call me governor.” Frankie turns around and yells out.” Miss Getga calls everyone over. justice is served.” Everybody is waiting for the elevator door to open. Cheech. “Are they your brothers?” Steve replies. “We have a late pass. but fuck it. and throw away the key. Oops. can I offer you a mint?” 51 . it wasn’t me.Falling In Love The judge wipes his glasses. Yo. get them out of here. my darling. Governor. They all run out. Does anybody have a Tylenol?” “Mr. total recall.” “What part did you not understand. “Sorry. Judge. Getgo is the last one out. step on in. now who’s doing fart pranks?” “It could be my brother. “Oh. what are we. and I know how to save energy. no. Lock them up.

” 52 . Remember we planted all the trees. throw me a bone. the last time was at Central Park. how long has it been since you went to a fund-raiser?” “Wow. Yo.Angelina Martinez Cheech and Chong are walking down the block. Cheech. “Far out. Talking about trees. dude.

don’t go there. It’s just an illusion. set me up by that boom box PSP.CHAPTER 17 A Man by the Door Getgo and Getga are waiting for a cab. who’s that sexy lady? Elliot. dude. yellow cab. Let’s go do this.” “Did you bang yet?” “All in my beeswax. Zariah.” “Aramis in the house.” “Me too. old school is back. Zariah. “Hey. girls. Music is playing. “Oh. Steve. darling. go show her your skills. Delilah. that’s my mama’s slogan. “What’s up.” “Cool. it’s ladies’ night. get in the cab. Later.” Getgo and Getga walk in.” “No.” “Why.” The ladies are sitting up for a New Year’s Eve fund-raiser. Yo. girl.” 53 . what happened to your car?” “Come on. take us to 2809 between Fifty-Ninth and Fifth Avenue.” “No. Aramis.” “Hi. I’ll tell you what I know. Don’t stop the music. here I come. thanks. dude. paaarty! Oh. look who just walked in.” Cheech and Chong walk over to Clever. remember that party where we dressed up like bones? And that big dog chewed you up?” “Jonathan.” “Wow. DJ Clever walks in. Clever. Miss Tina.” The cavemen walk in. shit. Tina. “Woo hoo. yes. cocktails over here. dudes. They have to be up in smoke. The girls run over to them. “Yo. It’s slamming. Zariah. Let’s go eat. I so just got the munchies. This place is banging.” “Booty call. let me find out you got it like that. the real thing. You guys are the joint. Delilah. kid?” “Get the fuck out of here. Come with us. Getgo hugs all the girls. Let’s get loud. Let’s just say I don’t have to worry about safe sex. beautiful. “Okay. Ready or not. Miss Tina. “Oh my.” Cheech and Chong walk in. I’m about to break loose. I ate already.

Judge. go to the right. Every time the song repeats “boom boom pow. “Hello. Chong. Miss Margie. Miss Margie.” “Hi. Getgo and the guy walk up to each other. rock it to the left. “I have the munchies. Come on. I have ants in my pants. I’m about to let out some heat. Wow. He notices a man by the door. “Let’s take this to the dance floor. and this is my better half. that’s some pair of knockers. Mr. I’m Getgo. “Hi.” My name is Chong. and I need to dance.” They walk over to the table with Getgo.” “Chong.” Cheech and Chong ask Margie to dance. come with me a second. It’s gonna take you both two hours to watch 60 Minutes. Let’s go dance.” Clever takes the microphone.” “Boom boom pow.” “Hello.” “Let me find out they’re playing my song. You go. girl. “No pressure. girl. “Come on. Do you have a Milky Way?” “Milky Way this.” Margie grabs Cheech’s and Chong’s hands and takes them to the dance floor. shizzle my nizzle. Aramis. Cheech. “Ladies in the house.” Cheech walks up to Delilah. Nice to feel you. with your massive chest. Let’s do the wiggle. Men. feel free to sit at our table. I’m pleased to see you. Oops.” “I so do remember her.Angelina Martinez Zariah walks up to Gina.” Stella walks in with caveman Joe. girl? Having a blast. let’s go rock and roll. They stop in the middle of 54 .” Getgo is standing in the corner. Judge. There goes my baby.” Chong walks up to Zariah. everyone. girl. “What’s up.” “This is my secretary. Zariah. When the music starts. find your partner. Come on. look who’s here. Have a seat. In slow motion. my turn.” “You guys are so stupid.” “Absolutely. baby.” Margie’s breasts knock Cheech’s and Chong’s faces back and forth. baby. looking at everyone dance the wiggle wiggle wiggle. hairy caveman.” The judge walks in with Margie. my caveman. “Oh yeah. light my fire.

Bobby is extraordinary.Falling In Love the dance floor. can you be my employee of the year?” The music starts to get loud. my Getgo is in serious trouble. and that’s no clutch.” “Excuse me. I’ll be back. take this device. Come on. Remember me? Whatever. and you’re gonna give me more. 55 . the new kid on the block. Miss Getga.” “Oh my. moron?” “Extraordinary. arms. Tina. Can’t remove these plastic organs.” “Yeah. This device will give you a destination. “Shit. I was the last transformation. and he’s Chong.” “Can I talk now? Thank you. They run on water. let’s blow out the wiggle wiggle wiggle. baby daddy. excuse us for the interruption. “I gave you all the love that I ­ got. Put it on your wrist. “Baby girl. but it’s time for me and my baby girl. with low music playing. You can say I’m the ultimate guide for your showcase in selling car insurance. The lights go back to normal. “What’s up. there’s no immigration over here. moron. if the red light goes on. This is so remarkable.” Getgo touches his face. Please do take a device now.” “I so don’t believe my eyeballs. Getgo. my brother is in serious trouble. Miss Tina. guys? I’m Bobby. girl. far beyond a doubt.” “Well then. Your father was the bomb. All the people are dancing around them in slow motion. Lights are shining all around the dance floor. Then he says. you’re packing it. let’s go rock this slamming song. “What’s up.” “Yeah. He’s my brother. Who’s your brother?” “Getgo. Then she says. guys.” Bobby walks over to the cavemen. I’m all the pieces of new data.” Getga puts her arms around Getgo. Guys. Is it you? This is not happening. you talk about science project. He notices the cavemen and then tells Tina. I’m Cheech. Getgo.” Bobby and Tina finish their dance. baby. Later. but don’t sweat me.” “Absolutely acceptable. I’m made of a million computer chips that are linked together with electronic wire—made of plastic. Let’s just say I’m a computer nerd drive-through that can perform the same tasks as a human being. Tina and Getga walk up to them. Bobby. and legs. “So you finally found my wheels.” “Thank you.” “Let’s do this. Don’t get all hypothermia on me. I gave you all my love.” “Ah. If a red light goes on.

“Gina. four.” “Mr. one. Take this key. five. You got your ride in front. I can break you down. If you all. Everybody goes to the dance floor. please.” “Thank you. can you step on up? Bring your mama with ya. We don’t have to be cavemen to figure that one out. and don’t forget the code. Take this device. Clever. This envelope has two tickets for a getaway trip. Chong. Hello. Press the red button if needed. I’ll answer all questions.” Everybody starts counting. you got the knowledge to a body of material for computer programs. this is a far-out adventure for me. Bobby. eight.Angelina Martinez “I’m Steve. hairy baby.” All the caveman brothers do the caveman laugh.” “You got that right.” “Damn.” “Hi. this is Jonathan. Come on. I would like to thank everyone for our fund-raiser. a creation of publishing and a preparation of text. and Aramis. moron. This is Jonathan. Chong.” Tina grabs Bobby. three. Elliot. “Hello.” “Hello. I would like to take this time before the New Year to shout out my brother. Balloons and confetti come down all over the dance floor. Steve’s brother. A 100 percent revenue in the house. “Ten. Clever lowers the music and takes the microphone. bad to the bone?” “Mr. Getgo. 56 . is everybody working it off? That’s what’s up. Let’s stay with the program. you’re good. Mr. I definitely could use a break with my boo. Now it’s time for the king of auto insurance to step on up. nine. two. just call me auto index. So let me guess. For our car computer. yes. it’s me. tomorrow is the grand opening. This is better than a caveman party. Bobby. You have to be clever for that introduction. Happy New Year! Clever plays the original New Year’s tradition.” “A vacation. seven. Jonathan. Is this a historic sale.” “Aramis. no you didn’t just talk about a caveman party thousands of years ago. six. I’m Bobby.

The car of the future is a transfusion of water from an outside source into the stream.” Then Bobby’s abs start a transformation into water vapor. 57 . This device can be placed in your old cars. Tina says. including carbon fiber. Bobby and Tina walk in with a lot of signs. Let me find out I have to take off my shirt. What a beautiful day in the neighborhood. stronger than steal.” Bobby is in a trance for a few seconds. Tina walks over to Bobby. She faces the audience in a calm and confident manner. new technologies. my shit. Alternative fuel sources for your car. Wow.CHAPTER 18 At the Airport The next morning the girls are at the office.” The colorful smoke appears. Cars of the future will be the knockout. giving off smoke in large colorful amounts. The smoke settles. You talk about transportation. This is amazing. “Good afternoon. This is it. Hi. my name is Bobby. So please do ask questions. Getgo and Getga drive up in a broken-down Bug car. Zariah says. Delilah. It’s a device used to control the flow of electric current. Just like Bobby. Bobby’s stomach transforms back into his eight-pack. Hydrogen will replace carbon. Pump. Many people go up to Bobby for his autograph. Bobby is in an upright position. The car of the future. Getgo?” At the airport. you so have to read this. Just check out my eight-pack. “Did you hear from Mr. pump the plastic. Want some of this hydro juice water? Just look at me. everyone can close their mouth now. “Welcome. No more gasoline. Then he asks Tina. Over here we have a brand-new shiny pump.” A big crowd gathers in front of building 2809. “Good afternoon. So please do move back. Bobby opens up his arms and then says. a technical machine. Bobby is about to do his major change. “So let me take out my pointer to discuss the educational system.” The girls start showing all the flyers. “Nizzle nizzle. the structure is built for H2O on the go.

Don’t try this at home. he starts to take off his shades. “Hello. “What are we gonna do. “Jack in the fucking box. “Yes.Angelina Martinez They wait for the guard to let them pass through. take over. “Oh. my peeps. Babe. I’m unique. Then he says.” Getga turns around. my lovely Getgo. Dramatize this. shit. “Yo. mash potatoes.” “My better half needs backup. We have to go.” 58 . I’ll be back. the only thing we can do is put our heads between our legs and kiss our ass good-bye.” As Getgo wiggles his head to the side. what’s up with all this construction work? It took us hours to get here.” Getgo starts driving down the runway.” The device on Bobby’s wrist goes off. this is not happening.” Then he remembers the device. He plays music. he notices a jumbo plane is starting to move. Getgo?” “Well. There is a crowd of many people in front of building 2809. “Remember. “Oh. is this for real?” Getga leans over the driver’s side. showtime. no you’re not trying to do the wiggle wiggle in this buggy car. They’re eating clams. chillax. She starts to scream. An airplane is about to take off. sir.” As the guard is talking.

“Excuse us. Bobby?” “Let’s just say I have to upgrade a few digits. dude. They pop in and out of the big clouds. 59 .” “Yo.” “We are forever in this line. did you all get the code?” “Yes. Bobby wants us to stop the plane. shit. It’s on us. Jonathan. “My brothers.” All the caveman pop a wheelie with their motorcycles. With many big white clouds in the sky. With no stress. connecting to the airport. “Construction is halfway finished with the ramp. “I don’t know.” Cheech and Chong run up to a policeman. Give us all a number two. To complete this mission. they hold on really tight to their motorcycles. that’s a code red for me.’” “Aramis.” “Do what we do best.” Then the cavemen start to laugh. let’s do this. your red light is flashing. Chong. The cavemen walk into Checkers. They jump on their motorcycles and ride all the way to the airport. My device just went off. Get the fuck out.” “Guys. We’ll pick up our airline tickets in a few. sir. we did. Traffic starts to build up on the highway.” “You guys need to stop smoking that shit. read this shit: ‘Go to airport.” “Thanks. having fun as they do many tricks in the air.Falling In Love “What’s up. let’s go. they go right off the ramp into the blue sky. They take off their helmets. it’s your friendly cavemen. I’ll send you codes through your device. .” “So is mine.” “Elliot. Stop that plane. it’s about to get funky. They drive through all the cars and stop at the edge of the ramp. With so much speed.” “Only a caveman has balls big enough to do this.” “Steve. you need to stop that plane.” Cheech and Chong run outside. We just love the food in Checkers. guy “But are you sure?” All the cavemen at the same time say.” “What’s it to ya Eat this food.” “Oh. Why don’t we step outside.” “Well then. heads up. “Hello.” They put their helmets back on and go down the ramp. Stop stuffing your face.

Chong?” “He jumped into his shoes and ran. Rock the boat. Check this out. hello. Cheech and Chong?” “Let me guess.ch away from the cavemen. It shoots right out of the smoke and up into the sky. mama.” The little Bug car turns around at full speed. “Yes. black. “Hello. you guys had a mission. party over here. dude.” They wave bye from the car and drive down the runway. Look over there. “What’s up. The plane does a sudden stop one in. you’re not dead.” They all start to laugh. baby.” “Well. Getgo.” “Thanks for your help. “Come on. moron.” “Are you sure?” “Baby. put on your oxygen mask.” Getgo turns the car around and drives up. “The bogeyman. The guys stopped the plane. brother. So where’s the police now.” “I don’t think so. They get out. Getgo. Mr.” The cavemen wave to Getgo and then land right in front of the airplane.Angelina Martinez “Oh my heavens. babe.” “That’s what friends are for. we are safe.” “I’m not dead. Cheech and I gave the police some of this. let me tell you.” The cavemen do their laugh and say. Thanks for the help. Getgo. I’m jetting. See ya when I see ya.” “Let’s go thank our heroes. your brother has the digest.” “Yo.” “I’m out. we are dead. That’s far out. Oh yeah. Getgo and his lady give everyone a hug. I leave the best for last.” “Oh yeah. 60 . Smoke all around them transforms into a gold. Bobby calls Getgo. let’s do this. and yellow jet. and he told us he stopped the plane because he saw four bogeyman in front of his window. it’s about time you say the code.

” Everybody starts dancing to the song “Closer.” Then at the same time they jump up and wave bye to Getgo and Getga. mama. We have trees to grow. my baby boo. The End 61 . Chong. we’ll give you a ride with a little bit of funky music. “Come on. “We still have a lot of people buying H2O on the go.” Back at building 2809. Bobby. Getgo starts moving the jet slowly. A lot of colorful smoke comes out from the back of the jet. Come to your dynamite. Cheech.” “Come on. Give mama a big yummy kiss.” Elliot walks over to them. looking up to the sky.” “Yes. everything went as planned. Miss Getga and Mr.Falling In Love “Now I’ve seen everything. Getgo are going to be pleased. Then he says. you can say up in the air. let’s go. The cavemen show up right on time. ‘You don’t have to be a caveman to do the wiggle wiggle wiggle. “Unbeweaveable. Everybody gets off the motorcycles and walks up to Bobby.” Bobby gives Tina a kiss. Getgo passes by in the jet.’” Then Getgo takes off fast. “Hi. turning all around. Bobby tells Miss Tina.” A strong wind passes through. The caveman says. dudes. “He wrote. you want to sweat this locomotive?” “Absolutely. How did everything go?” “Well. Everybody is holding on.

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