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045330 Simulation Laboratory

Lesson 2: Chemical Engineering Principles and Material and Energy Balances We continue the coverage of basic skills for the solution of material and energy balances started last week: 1st step: Begin by reviewing the section Getting Started in HYSYS - 3. Convergence of Simulation. Study the three modules that cover the implementation of recycles: Setting up Recycle, Setting Convergence Parameters, and Dealing with Multiple Loops.

2nd step:

At this point, you should try to set up and solve a flowsheet involving material recycle. The second tutorial supporting a course in M&E balances, Ethylchloride Manufacture, is appropriate. You should follow the multimedia while at the same time develop your version of the simulation using HYSYS.Plant. Make sure that you save a copy of your simulation, for possible future use.

3rd step:

Continue reviewing items in Getting Started in HYSYS - 3. Convergence of Simulation, and Getting Started in HYSYS - 4. Advanced Techniques. The most important features that should be covered are the materials that support for the use of the Spreadsheet and Databook, to assist in sensitivity analysis, covered in the modules: Spreadsheet and Case Study (HYSYS Databook). Complete WebCT Quiz 2, to test what you have learned so far. You need to pass this test to be able to move onto more advanced materials next week.

4th step:

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