Toyota: A glance • Almost every 3rd car in Pakistan is a Toyota • Produced locally by IMC under the variants of Altis. • An ideal every day family sedan • Known for durability and resale • Also suits the roads and rough terrains of Pakistan • Has one-of-its-kind 3S dealership . Gli and Xli. also imported on demand.

Sub urban and Rural Demographics: Age 28-35 • Early career • Affordability • Growth • Frequency • Durability • Accomplishment • Reliability • Family 34-47 48-56+ .Segmentation • • • • Geographic: Urban.

Segmentation contd… • • • • Family size: 4-5 Income: Above 10 lacs per year Social class: SEC A and SEC B ( upper and upper middle class) • Benefit Segmentation: Resale. Value for money. good features for a premier sedan an 3S dealership .

• VALS: Thinkers and Achievers . would leap to another brand for a very strong reason.Segmentation Contd… • Usage: Suitable for high frequency and provides good mileage • Loyalty Status: Mostly very loyal.

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