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Intro to Geocaching

Intro to Geocaching


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Intro to Geocaching

Tony Giannone
with thanks to: Wisconsin Geocaching Assn. & Cathy Jewell (Chelmsford

What is Geocaching?
• Geocaching is a high tech world-wide outdoor treasure hunting game enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s a great family activity. • A Global Positioning System (GPS) Receiver is used to hunt & seek containers called geocaches (also known as “caches”). • A cache is a hidden container that includes (at a minimum) a log book. Some of the medium-larger caches include trinkets known as “trading items”.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

§ GPS is a system of satellites used to calculate a position on earth. § Satellites transmit their current position down to Earth via radio waves.

What is a GPS Receiver?
• Receives signals from GPS satellites. • Determines latitude and longitude of your position on Earth. • Accurate to about 20-30 feet (you do

Uses for GPS receivers
• • • • • • Hiking and backpacking. Canoeing and marine navigation. Hunting and fishing. Bird watching. Search and rescue. Traveling via car, motorcycle, bicycle.

• Geocaching!

How to geocache
• Create an account on geocaching.com (it’s free). • Search the website for caches in your area. • Choose a cache that sounds interesting to you and enter the GPS coordinates for this cache into your GPS receiver. • Get out and have some fun.

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Geocache Containers

After pinpointing a location with a GPS Receiver, you’ll need to look for the cache hidden in the surrounding area.

Cache Hide Style Examples

• In Rock Crevices • In Tree Stumps • Next to a Log or Fallen Tree • Under a neat arrangement of sticks • Hanging from a Tree

What is in a cache?
• Log book, pencils, sharpener and Geocacher’s Note inside a ziploc bag. • Trinkets for an even trade (or a trade-up) including small toys, coins, logo memorabilia … • Trackable items

Trackable Items
(aka “travelers”) *Not trading items. They want to keep moving!

• Travel Bugs

• Geocoins

Geocaching Etiquette
• Respect the Environment and Private Property. • Search with your eyes first. • Respect other visitors/hikers in the area. • Follow all laws and regulations. • Record your visit in the log book. Follow-up by logging your adventure on geocaching.com. • Trade even, or trade up. • Return the cache exactly as you found it.

Happy caching!


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