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ENVI LAW Pointers for Midterm (Atty. Zelda DT Soriano) 1. What government body is in-charge to protect the environment?

*DENR What are the bureaus under this government entity? *Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Forest Management Bureau (FMB) Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (FAWB) Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau (MGB) Land Management Bureau (LMB) Ecosystems Research and Development Bureau (ERDB) Pollution Adjudicatory Board (PAB) Among the sub-bodies under the DENR, which two are mandated to protect the environment? *EMB (Provides environmental management code, news, laws, and publications) and PAB (for adjudication of pollution cases) 2. It refers to the system used by the sub-bodies to protect the environment (heart of the environmental laws). * EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) 3. What will happen to a company who failed the EIS? * ECC (Environmental Compliance Certificate) will not be issued. 4. What is PAB in general? * It is a quasi-judicial body created under Section 19 of EO 192 for the adjudication of pollution cases under Republic Act 3931 and Presidental Decree 984. It is under the supervision of the Office of the Secretary of DENR, with Secretariat support from the EMB. Its organizational placement is co-equal with that of the Regional trial Court and its decisions may be appealed to the Court of Appeals. 5. Balugas Co. violated the provisions of Sustainable Development. Which department has jurisdiction over the entity? Can you file it directly or do you have to pass through another department? * It is the regular courts who has the jurisdiction over Balugas Co. violation of sustainable development. You dont need to pass through EMB nor PAB, and may just go directly to the court in filing the case. 6. What are the five principles of environmental law? (refer to Maputis report) 7. What are the legal principles that can not be brought to the court? (refer to Maputis report) 8. Define the following: a. Environment b. Pollution

c. Environmental Rights d. Malthusian Debate Theory e. ECC f. EIS 9. Review cases: a. Indian Landmark case b. Smither Case c. Oposa vs. Factoran 10. Provide the Evolution of Environmental Rights 11. What is/are the mandate/s and tasks of DENR? PAB?