Political Party: Republican Office sought: Fairpot Harbor Village Council Name: Albert Paolino Age: 55 Date of Birth

: 4/8/58 Place of birth: Cleveland, Ohio Home address:524 Second Street, Fairport Harbor Length of residence in that community: 19 years Occupation: Waver Coordinator Employer: Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disiablities Elected office experience: Fairport Harbor Village Council member since 2011 Non-elected office experience: Served on the Fairport Harbor board of Zoning Appeals, 7years as a trustee for the Fairport Harbor Public Library, served 3years on the Fairport Harbor Port Authority and Currently serve as a member on the Fairport Harbor Tree Commission. Education: John Carroll University B.A. in Sociology, Ashland Theological Seminary M.A. in Pastoral psychology and Counseling, Cathedral Latin High School Marital status: Married Name of spouse: Katherine Name and age of any children: Daughter Cora age 16 Organizations: Member of the Fairport Harbor Historical Society, Fairport Harbor Senior Center, Ohio Energy Fastpitch Softball and I attend the Pilgrim Lutheran Brethren Church in Mentor ,Ohio. Should you be elected... : (1) My first goal is the work to preserve village services, safety forces and employees, with sound fiscal management. (2) Work to seek and assist in securing grants to provide additional funding to the Village. (3) Continue to find ways of using the Villages natural assets to promote tourism and bring business, within an family atmosphere.

Past accomplishments or Future goals, why should voters elect you? As a member of the newly formed flood committee I am looking forward to working with the other Fairport members and the Lake county agencies to find solutions to our surface water drainage and sanitary sewer flow issues that occur during periods of heavy rainfall. I look and listen to the will of the people, when presenting any issue to them for their vote for, ordinances and changes within their village. Fairport belongs to it's citizens and it's up to me and other elected official to recognize that fact

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