Printing checks in Peachtree.

(TAS, FINC, Sigma Coatings BV, and Reserveco)  In Peachtree go to <Tasks>, <Select for Payment>, <Paper Checks>

 Select Filter; always include invoices at least 30 days from the date of invoice.

. Make sure the “Cash Acct:” is correct for each company o TAS = 1112-282-00 o FINC = 1112-288-00 o Sigma = 1112-001-00 o Reserveco = 1112-091-00  The “Discount Amt” should be zero (0) for all companies all the time.

” is not correct. Insert checks in the printer face down with header facing the front of the paper tray. going down to the largest number on bottom. .  If “Cash Acct. then the next check number will not come up.  After the checks are in the printer. The checks should start with the smallest number on top.  Make sure that the “Last used form” says “OCR-AP Preprint – Checks”(it should default to this setting). press Print.

 Click on Print once everything above has been confirmed.” field. confirm that the pre-printed check number matches the numbers printed in the “Check No. .  If all of the check numbers match.  Once the checks have printed. then click “OK” to assign the numbers.

000 or more. as needed.  Two signatures are required for checks of $25. or distribute internally.  After checks have been signed. either mail. . Have all of the checks signed. according to the “Delegation of Authority” form.

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