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Cheat Sheet
Example 1. Running Eclipse Search Refactor - Java
eclipse [-consolelog] [-data Declaration in Work- Ctrl-G Change Method Signa- Ctrl-Shift-Y
path/to/workspace] [-nosplash] [-vm space ture
path/to/javavm] [-vmargs [-
Xmx600M] [-Xms200M]] Occurences in File Ctrl-Shift-U Convert Local Variable Ctrl-Shift-F
to Field
Open Search Dialog Ctrl-H
Edit Extract Local Variable Ctrl-Shift-L
References in Work- Ctrl-Shift-G
Content Assist Ctrl-Space space Extract Method Ctrl-Shift-M
Context Information Ctrl-Shift- Inline Ctrl-Shift-I
Space Navigate
Move - Refactoring Alt-Shift-V
Copy Ctrl-C Go to Line Ctrl-L
Redo - Refactoring Ctrl-Shift-Y
Cut Ctrl-X Backward History Alt-LeftArrow
Rename - Refactoring Alt-Shift-R
Delete Del Forward History Alt-RightAr-
Undo - Refactoring Ctrl-Shift-Z
Find and Replace Ctrl-F row

Find Next Ctrl-K Go to Last Edit Location Ctrl-Q

Find Previous Ctrl-Shift-K Go to Matching Bracket Ctrl-Shift-P
Debug Last Launched F11
Incremental Find Ctrl-J Go to Next Member Ctrl-Shift-
DownArrow Display Ctrl-D
Incremental Find Re- Ctrl-Shift-J Execute Ctrl-U
verse Go to Previous Member Ctrl-Shift-
UpArrow Inspect Ctrl-Q
Paste Ctrl-V
Next Ctrl-. Resume F8
Quick Diff Toggle Ctrl-Shift-Q
Open Call Hierarchy Ctrl-Alt-H Run last Launched Ctrl-F11
Quick Fix Ctrl-1
Open Declaration F3 Run to Line Ctrl-R
Redo Ctrl-Y
Open External Javadoc Shift-F2 Step Into F5
Restore Last Selection Alt-Shift-
DownArrow Open Hierarchy Ctrl-T Step Into Selection Ctrl-F5

Select All Ctrl-A Open Resource Ctrl-Shift-R Step Over F6

Select Enclosing Element A l t - S h i f t - Open Structure Ctrl-F3 Step Return F7

UpArrow Open Type Ctrl-Shift-T Toggle Line Breakpoint Ctrl-Shift-B
Select Next Element Alt-Shift- Open Type Hierarchy F4
Open Type in Hierarchy Ctrl-Shift-H Source
Select Previous Element Alt-Shift-Lef-
tArrow Previous Ctrl-, Add Block Comment Ctrl-Shift-/

Show Tooltip Description F2 Show Outline Ctrl-O Add Import Ctrl-Shift-M

Undo Ctrl-Z Format Ctrl-Shift-F

Indent Line Ctrl-I
Important Update Sites Organize Imports Ctrl-Shift-O
• MevenIDE [http://- Remove Block Comment Ctrl-Shift
eclipse/update/] Remove Occurence An- Alt-Shift-U
• Subclipse [ notations
• TestNG [ Toggle Comment Ctrl-Shift-C

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