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Career Objective: A dynamic and self - motivated System and Network Administration. Aspiring for a Bright and challenging career in the field of Networking Technology, Which would enable me to upgrade myself with emerging trends and technologies. Experience Summary: I have 3 years of Experience as a System Administrator on Red Hat 9.0 and RHEL 3.0 and expert in PC assembling and trouble shooting good knowledge etc networking, which are installing and configuring RUN LEVELS, DNS, DHCP, SAMBA, APACHE, SENDMAIL, NATING, FTP, SQUID, Veritas Volume Manager, RAID and TELNET. I was associated with CMS computers Ltd. Working with Vendor site in ASCI (Administrative Staff College of India) and ITC Ltd., at there I was maintaining the Linux environment i.e. DHCP server, SQUID proxy server, qmail servers and LOTUS.

Academic Qualifications:
1B.Sc (computers) from Osmania University secured 69%, 2Intermediate (MPC) secured 52%, 3SSC secured 46%. Network Skills: 1Installation of operating systems like win98, 2k, 2k3, Linux, Solaris, SPARC, HP-UX11i, IBM AIX-4.0. 2Managing groups and user accounts assigned permissions to users. 3Installation and configuring the DNS, DHCP servers and assigning IP addresses to client hosts. 4Configuring FTP server to maintaining the shared folders in the Organization. 5Integrating to Linux domain and windows clients using Samba server. 6Manage and maintaining Squid Proxy Server, 7Configuring and implementing Bind 9, Web servers (APACHE) and virtual hosting 8Configuring and implementing LINUX Kernel re-compilation. 9Implementing file integrity check tools like Tripwire.

10Managing printers, modems file systems and security. 11Configuring and implementing DHCP, DNS, SAMBA installation and configuration on different. Platforms in heterogeneous Network environments. 12Troubleshooting and installation of software’s on 32bit based hardware.
»»» Network installations of Kickstart & NFS configurations and installantion scripts. »»» Disk Management , partitioning tools like fdisk, sfdisk etc. file system management ext3 file system & utilities (mke2fs, e2fsck, tune2fs) LVM physical volumes and logical volumes & volume groups extending file systems on LVM mount, unmount of filesystems - /etc/fstab mount options disk quota. »»» RedHat Linux Startup process - init - /etc/inittab - /etc/init.d service scripts , runlevels ,chkconfig, etc.

Hardware skills: 1Installing OS WIN9x, WIN NT, WIN 2000, WIN 2003, Red Hat Linux, and Solaris. 2My major work is to detail with assembling the PC's. 3Installing the device drivers for all the external and internal devices. 4Dual booting the system with two or more OS. (Solaris, Windows, Linux) 5Installing all the software applications like oracle for Linux and windows, SQL, Visual Studio etc 6Troubleshooting the PC Assembling, hardware Components Installations and Software Installations and using the third party tools and utilities. 7BIOS Configuration, Hard disks, CD-Rom Drives, NIC cards, Modems etc, 8Crimping RJ45 Connectors, Hubs, Switches. Technical Skills: Operating Systems Backups Firewalls Mail Servers Web Servers Other Linux Tools Servers Database : : : : : : : : RedHat9, RHEL3.0, Solaris, SPARC, IBM AIX-4.0, HP-UX11i, Windows 98, XP, 2000, 2003. RAID levels (0,1,5) VERITAS on SPARC. IPTables, Internetblocking using Squid. Sendmail, Squirrelmail, Qmail. Apache Web Server. Dump, Tripwire. DNS (BIND9), DHCP, SAMBA, NFS, FTP, IMAP, NIS. Oracle9i, 10g in Linux

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