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It's summer and you're a teenager girl who has just moved into a new town and doesn't know

anyone. You're pretty cute an 8/10 but not extremely hot or anything. You've been bored all summer because you don't know anybody in town but today you notice a boy your age is moving in next door. Deciding that you're going to try and talk to him to cure your boredom you decide to.. A-Make a sammich and bring it over to him as a moving in gift and then go from there B-Just go and talk to him casually C-Dress in skimpy clothing and go and talk to him casually You decide to dress out in the shortest shorts you can find, and a tank top. Thank god your dad isn't home or he'd kill you. You find the boy out on the front porch, and you approach him. You introduce yourself although he's paying more attention to your body then to what you're saying. You learn his name is Eric and he just moved here from Canada. The heat outside is getting unbearable and you decide to.. A-Invite him over to your house. B-Ask if you can come over to his house C-Ask him about bagged milk "Hey it's getting pretty hot outside, wanna come over to my house" you ask him "Sure, do you guys have an AC? Ours is broken and not getting fixed until tomorrow, so it's over 35 degrees in my house right now" he replys "Only...35?" I mean Celsius. "Oh.." Damn foreigners. Anyways you get to your house and you begin to ask him questions about why he moved here, apparently his dad works at the local engine plant as an engineers, the same place your dad works at. A few minutes later your nerdy brother storms in with 4 or so of his A-Try and kick them out of the house B-Ask Eric he wants to your room to get away from them C-Introduce Eric to your brother You bring Eric to your room and you talk some more you begin to notice a bulge in his pants. Try to not laugh you ask him A-Have you ever had a girlfriend before? B-Have you heard Micheal Jackson died? C-Have you ever kissed a girl before? D-So what's up with bagged milk? You ask him if he's ever kissed a girl before, he looked stunned at the randomness of the question nevertheless he answers in a shameful no. You laugh it off.

"No big deal, I've never kiss a guy either" You.. A-Ask B-Ask C-Ask D-Ask him him him him if he wants to try it what's up with bagged milk if he likes guys to join you while you go beat up your little brother and his friends.

"So do you want to try it" You ask him He obviously can't believe this is happening and looks like he was about to faint. Which is surprising because he didn't look bad, he wasn't socially inept from as far as you can why was he acting like he's never seen a girl. begin to make out with's awkward but it's not bad, at least his breath doesn't smell like crap or anything. He grabs you petite hips and pulls you down on your bed. You don't resist, you just continue to kiss this guy that you just met and it looks like it could get end up going a bit further. HEY DO YOU KNOW WHERE I PUT MY IPOD Your brother storms in your room and screams those words at you, then he stops after seeing what you're, begins to giggle to himself and run back to his friends yelling "Hey guys get a load of this!" You... A-Go after B-Go after C-Go after D-Ask Eric him him him what's up with bagged milk

"So Eric..umm, what's up with bagged milk" "Uhh what do you mean, and isn't your brother getting his frie-" You cut him off "Well it seems like such a stupid concept, does it save plastic or something" ..... You hear you brothers friends down the hall A-Go confront them B-Lock the door and continue "Wait right here" you tell him... You go and lock the door but it's just one of those crappy ones you usually find on bathroom. Oh well, it'll have to do. You grab the mace on your key chain and pocket it in case they break into the room. Then you climb back into bed with Eric. "Shouldn't we do something?" He asked.

"Don't worry" You continue to press your lips against his..and you press your bodies together..and things are really starting to get serious. You feel his erection pressing against your leg through his clothes. You whisper into his ears "Eric, are you hard?". He didn't say anything. I got up and began to take off my shirt, I was in my bra and getting ready to take that off to when Eric blurted out "I'm a virgin" "Umm, I assumed so when you said you've never kissed anyone" "I know it's just..what are we doing here? " You pause a minute think... "Well do you like what see?" You ask him slyly "Of course" You crawl back onto to the bed and give him a deep kiss "Then we're doing everything" A-Continue to make out/more foreplay B-Start to oral C-Start intercourse D-Ask him more about bagged milk You begin to unzip his pants and you finally see his wang...damn it was big. You've never actually done this so you begin with your hand and then...

Click You look behind you and to your horror is 5 teenage boys with a video camera and screw driver that you used to pick the lock. You and Eric both jump out of bed. "What the hell are you doing, and turn off the ****ing camera." They continue to laugh and you try to cover up but it's pointless. Eric grabbed the camera, and takes out the disc. Your brother is extremely pissed off and tries and swings at him, but misses. Eric in turns knocks his ass out. In the middle of this cluster**** you decide A-Coutine to sex up Eric B-Get dressed C-Sex up one of your brothers friend. You grab Eric and throw him on the bed...your naked and everybody looking at you but you don't care. You take off you shorts and get on all fours...Eric..looking bewildered.

" front of them?" "Why not?" He got naked and grabs your hips. He leans over and grabs your breast firmly as you moan softly, as you feel his warm bodly arch over your back. You feel a spot in between your legs get warmer and he begans to enter your...You've never had sex before so it hurts a little, but you've played with yourself enough that's it's not bleeding. You let out a loud sigh..."Awww, please keep going" The kids all have their cell phone taking pictures and taping it but you don't care. All your care about is feeling his hot wang penetrating you inch by inch, making your moan and driving you closer to an orgasm. Over your moaning you hear your parents car pulling up in the drive way. Your brother and his friends run as fast as possible towards the back seeing as you guys aren't aloud to have friends in the house. But your parents would be in the house in about a minute and you were both naked, sweaty , and horny. You.. A-Get dressed and act like nothing happened. You'll get in trouble for having a friend over but not that big of a deal. B-Keep having sex C-Try and run out of the house naked, you don't have time to put your clothes on and run to the other side of your house without getting caught D-Ask about bagged milk some more He pulls out of your ***** and his wang is already soaking're pratically dripping but unless you want to be killed by your parents you have to get out and you have to get out fast. You dart for the door and manage to get outside just when you here someone put the key in the door. Now you.. ATry and track down your brother and friends BGo your friends out CFind some crazy place in public to do it. Guys won't be posting for 20 minutes or so...sry. Since TC is banned, I will continue this if no one minds. You dive into the bushes after you make it outside. Eric just stands there like a doofus for a minute before you pull him down into the bush with you. He looks pretty nice in just his boxers and you can feel that he is ready for some more. You bite your lip and ask suddenly, "do you want to go to a movie?". He looks disappointed. You explain to him about how it will be nice and dark there, and suddenly he gets the picture and is eager, but then asks "Um, don't you need some clothes to do that though?" You look down at yourself and remember that you did not have time to get dressed "****" you think mentally and then add out loud, "I guess I'll need to take care of that first".

Suddenly, from inside, you hear a gruff voice from inside say "I think I saw someone out back when we came in". Eric asks, "Is that your dad?", and you confirm with a nod. He gulps, "he sounds tough", you nod again. The door swings open and a large man that all the boys fear (no wonder you never had a boyfriend), but who you just know as 'daddy!' sticks his head out looking first away and then scanning toward you. Eric goes to open his mouth to say something, you only have seconds to react. A. Yell, "DADDY! HELP!". Your reputation is worth a life isn't it? B. Stand up quickly and come up with an excuse. If you are going to be caught anyway, it is better to be caught alone. C. Start making out with Eric, shutting him up and enjoying these last moments of freedom until you are 30. D. Whisper "Run" into Eric's ear and push him out of the bush. You calm down suddenly when you realize you do not care what your dad thinks. You smile and look Eric in the eyes, "so, you never told me, what is the deal with bagged milk anyway?" Before Eric can answer, your dad looks toward you and says "WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" In what is basically one fluid motion he pulls you out of the bushes. He removes his jacket and shoves it at you to put on. In another motion he grabs Eric by the shoulders and lifts him about a foot in the air. Eric is struggling but it is futile. A. B. C. D. E. Let your dad continue beating him up. "Stop! I love him daddy!" "Stop! I am pregnant with his child!" Distract your dad in another way so that Eric can run. "Jeez Dad, chill out, we were just talking about bagged milk."

C and D are tied at 4. C got to 4 first, but D was first to 3. I'll combine the results. "Stop! I am pregnant with his child!" Your dad drops him and spins around. Eric and him say in unison "WHAT?". Eric starts to add something, but then realizes his chance and bolts. Your dad hesitates for a second looking between you two and you take your chance. You drop the jacket to the ground and fling your arms around him tightly pressing your naked body against your dad. "You'll be the best grampa ever!!!" You grin widely looking up at your dad, but you hesitate and take a step back when you feel something you did not expect in your dad's pants. He ignores the awkwardness, grabs the jacket and shoves it at you. "PUT THIS ON AND GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW. WE WILL DISCUSS THIS LATER". Your mom tries to ask what is going on but your dad shuts her up and sends you to your room. You smile when you get in thinking about baby blankets, cribs, and Eric as a daddy. A. Realize that it is impossible to be pregnant, or at least know you are, 10 minutes after intercourse. B. Go online and tell all your friends that you are pregnant. C. Go downstairs and talk to your parents. D. Sneak out to go see Eric. E. Go to CE for advice. You sit down at the computer but none of your friends are online to tell your story to. You go to CE to brag or ask for advice, but you stop short when you

realize you do not have Pics Nao. You shut the computer and get dressed putting on a white blouse and a short black skirt with nothing under it. You primp a little in the mirror making sure you look good. You lock the door to your room and then open the window stepping out onto the first floor roof overhang. The first obstacle is your parent's window which you have to cross by to get to where you can safely jump down. You peer around the curtains and see your dad in his room deeding on the bed while watching TV. You almost throw up by instinct, but one part of you does show some surprise at how well endowed he is. You take the opportunity of the distraction to cross the window. You look back to make sure you made it safe and you realize he is watching the video from your end of school pool party and not a porno, but who can blame him, your friend Kara has 38Ds, he must be staring at those, right? You make it to the edge and jump down, flubbing the landing a little. You barely miss twisting your ankle but you let out a slight yelp. You look up though and smile to see Eric looking out of the window facing your house and waving. You wave back, but unfortunately you are distracted enough not to notice the ambush until it is too late. Your brother and his friends pop up out of the bushes and absolutely drench you with their supersoakers. Your hair falls flat and your t-shirt clings to your body and becomes basically transparent. Everyone just stands there for a second, but then of course one of them goes for the camera. A. B. C. D. E. Flirt with your bro and his friends. Kick their asses. Get Eric to kick their asses. Go tell on them (to your parents) Ignore it and continue to Eric's house.

You charge your brother and execute a perfect roundhouse across his jaw. Unfortunately, you see a flash at that moment and his friend has gotten a shot of your "kitty" as your skirt flew up. That kid starts to run, but Eric executes a heroic leap out of the (first story) window and lands on the kid's back knocking the camera loose. Another of your bro's friends goes for the camera, but you trip him up and he falls to the ground. You jump on top, straddling the kid holding him down and smacking him repeatedly. You feel him pop a boner under his shorts. You rock on it for a minute and then maliciously get up saying, "in your dreams Jon". In the meantime, Eric has fought the guys until they scattered (except for Jon who is still on the ground, trying to look up your skirt). Eric comes over to you with the camera and you give him a deep kiss swooning, "my hero". You go to remove the memory card from the camera but you notice it is already gone, "****". You decide to let it slide for now though. You both decide to get out before your families see you and to go to the park to finish taking card of business. It is now about 6PM and the park is open until 9PM, so you should have plenty of time. Upon arriving, you grab Eric's hand and start to lead him down a walking trail that leads toward the woods. His eyes are glued on your still wet chest bouncing with each step, that is until you hear a voice calling out toward you "Hey Jenn, wait up!" You try to ignore it at first until Eric says "Hey, I think someone is calling you". Without slowing you look over your shoulder seeing Kara jogging over in a bikini from the pool area, her chest barely contained by the swimsuit. As soon as Eric notices her, he takes a doubletake and stares at her long dark brown hair, perfectly tan skin, and tight abs... not to mention her enormous chest. His hand drops out of yours. A. Grab Eric and run while you still can.

B. Introduce Eric to Kara nicely. C. Introduce Eric briefly and rudely make sure she knows she is interrupting something. D. Make a move on Eric to show that he is "your man" E. Three's Company Too (if you know what I mean) You step in between Eric and Kara, fling your arms around his neck and kiss him deeply, then you slide your hand down his side and, making sure Kara has a good view, give his package a firm rub. This kind of backfires as it gives Kara a good view of it, but his arms slip around you and give your butt a little squeeze in response so you still feel good jumping a bit before slipping out of his arms and turning to Kara who is now right at you. Kara: "Wow Jenn, you're really wet" You: "Hi Kara, that's a long story. Kara: So who is your friend? You: This is my new um.... yeah... friend Eric. He's from Canada." Kara: "Oh wow, I like heard they have milk in bags there, is that true?" Eric: "Um... well they have it some places but not really in my ar--" Kara: "OMG it is true!!! I cannot believe that. Do you say 'eh' all the time?" Eric: .... You: "So yeah, the TWO OF US just about to go for a walk into the woods" You give Kara a meaningful look, she should know what you mean since she is a pro in the woods. Kara: "OMG a hike sounds so fun! I know all the best places. Let's go." She places a hand on Eric's shoulder as he says this and his eyes are directly on her again as she leans forward showing her voluptuous cleavage to him. You lean against him pressing your chest into You: "Um Kara, you aren't dressed for the woods." Kara: "****, you're right. Want to come back to my house then? We could get in the hot tub together. Unless Eric wants to carry me." she laughs looking at him. At this point your phone rings. It is your dad, you mean to ignore the call but you accidentally answer it. You step away as he gives you holy hell for sneaking out when you were sent to your room. You remind him you were not officially grounded. He accuses you of hanging out with "that boy who took my daughter's virtue". You claim half-truthly that you are hanging out with Kara. His tone softens a lot and he says you should both come back for dinner. You glance back to see Kara flirting hard with Eric touching his chest and making exaggerated comments about his muscles. You suddenly cut your dad short and say "we'll see, I gotta go, bye". You walk back over to them and lean up quickly to kiss Eric and get his attention. He asks you what you want to do. A. B. C. D. E. Ditch Kara and continue to the woods to get busy. Tell Kara you are pregnant. Have a change of heart and invite her to come to the wood with you. Go to her house and the hot tub. Go home and eat dinner.

You know Kara is going to be completely unbearable if she does not get her way so you agree to go over to her house, best to keep an eye on Eric anyway. You call your dad back and say that her family wants you to come over there and he is wary but ultimately agrees to it as long as Kara will come over tomorrow night (his exact words were "You can't always go over there. It would be rude for us not to have her over as well"). "Sure dad, whatever you want, I'll see you later" you say and then hang up.

Kara goes back and throws on a shirt and skirt over her swimsuit and you all head to her car. You end up in the backseat while Eric sits up front. Kara talks to him exclusively the whole time asking about "poutine" whatever that is, apparent it is Eric's favorite though. She's definitely trying to show you up. It is not fair she has been to Canada once before. You arrive at her house and her little 11 year old brother practically knocks you over coming to get your door, "how are you Jenn? It feels like forever since I have last seen you." It has only been a week, but he has had a hard crush on you ever since he was 8. He would be cute if he were just a bit older. He continues hopefully "some of my friends and I were going to watch a movie tonight, want to join us?" You let him down as easily as you can by saying "I'm here WITH Eric. I can't leave him by himself". He halfheartedly tries to invite Eric to join as well, but Eric has already seen the movie so you don't go, it would have been a nice way to get away from the succubbus >_>. Her parents let some pizza and a note saying they would be back around 10. You partake of some food before heading out back. Suddenly, as Kara steps in the hot tub, you realize you do not have swimsuits, ****. After some cajoling Kara talks Eric into getting in the hot tub in his boxers. She siddles up beside him and looks to you, "I would say you could borrow one of mine, but I think they are all too big in the top and too small in the bottom." You feel a bit self conscious about your weight even though most people would describe you as slightly underweight. You wish you'd skipped the pizza and blush a bit. A. Embarrassedly leave and go home. B. Try to talk them into getting out of the hot tub and doing something else. C. Sit on the edge with just your legs in the water, positioning yourself to give Eric a nice look up your skirt. D. Climb into the hot tub in your clothes, getting them wet again. E. Strip off your clothes and climb in naked. You hide your embarrassment and smile slyly and reach to your waist and slowly peel off your shirt over your head. Eric's attention is back on your immediately and Kara gasps "what the hell are you doing?" As you undo your skirt button you reply "what does it look like?". She protests some more, but you remind her that her brother is gone to the movie and her parents won't be back until 10. You let your skirt drop to the floor and you step out of it climbing into the pool and sliding up on the other side of Eric who blushes a bit. He slide an arm around you pulling you closer. You all chat a bit about inconsequential things for a minute but Kara seems distracted. Finally she reaches down and her hands come up with her swim bottom. Now it is your turn to say "what the hell are you doing?". She shrugs and pulls the string letting her top drop off and her breasts come loose. It had been a while since you had seen them completely naked. They are completely unblemished and perfect. Eric looks back and forth between the two of you and blushes more than he already had been. He hesitates for a second and then slides his other arm around Kara. A. B. C. D. E. Get pissed and back away from Eric. Pull Eric away from Kara. Roll with it and keep talking. Make a move on Eric. Try to talk him into taking off his boxers.

You smile at Eric, "you can't be the only one wearing clothes sweetie". His eyes bulge out and he says "I don't know about that". Kara jumps in immediately "oh come on, I am sure it is nice". You see your chance and add "it is". She looks at

you, but does ignores the comment. He looks at you both saying "I don't know....". You look him directly in the eyes and say "Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease". He still hesitates, so you say "Here I'll help". You move in front of him and grab his boxers pulling them off. Through the water you can kind of make out his soldier springing into action. You toss the boxers aside. A. B. C. D. E. Look around the backyard ignoring Eric for a second. Sit back beside him and start talking again. Climb into his lap and kiss him. Climb into Kara's lap and kiss her. Tell Kara you think you hear her cell phone ringing.

You put your arms onto Eric's shoulders and stand in front of him for a moment. He gulps looking up to you. You lean forward a bit, so does he. At that moment though, you decide he deserves to be punished for looking at Kara in that way. You move your right hand to his left shoulder and push him slightly out of the way, climbing into Kara's lap, straddling it, leaning forward and kissing her gently. Her eyes widen and at first she goes to push you away, but then she stops and instead returns the kiss vigorously slipping her tongue past your lips. The kiss is absolutely amazing. You have never kissed a girl before and could not imagine it would be this soft or sweet. You feel a tingle down below and start to get into the action making out with her more in earnest, running your hands up and down her sides. Not that you have much attention to notice, but Eric is reaching for his cell phone in the pocket of his shorts. A. B. C. D. E. Continue to make out with Kara, ignoring Eric. Switch your attention back to Eric, now ignoring Kara. Continue to make out with Kara, but involve Eric. Ask Eric what he is doing with his cell phone. Stop making out with either one and sit on the opposite side of the hot tub.

You stroke your hands through Kara's hair pushing it back and then you lean to kiss her neck sucking on the side of it gently. She moans softly in response. You move your left hand down to her breast and gently rub and squeeze it in your hand. It feels even better than it looks. With your right hand, you pull the hand without the phone to your breast and then you reach down and find Eric's manhood in the water and slowly start to stroke it in your hand while Kara grinds her pelvis against yours. A. B. C. D. E. Climb to Eric's lap and start to **** him. Move Kara onto Eric's lap. Keep grinding with Kara. Pose for a picture with Kara on Eric's cell phone. Suggest taking this inside.

You slip off of Kara's lap and position yourself over Eric thrusting his manhood into your mound. You place one hand on Eric's chest rubbing it and pull Kara's face close with the other and kiss her deeply interlocking your tongue into hers. Meanwhile, Eric puts his right hand under water and you see Kara's eyes roll back into her head and her body quiver. You cannot see for sure what is going on, but you would guess he found her bullseye. His left hand follows quickly and finds itself on your bottom, guiding you in your strokes. Kara breaks the kiss with you and moves over kissing Eric, while he does that, you kiss at both of their necks and continue bouncing. This lasts for a few minutes before Eric indicates that he is about to finish. A. Get off and finish him orally. B. Get off and give Kara a turn.

C. Get off and make him suffer. D. Lie and say "it's okay, I'm on the pill" and keep going. E. Say "oh yeah, I want your baby" and keep going. You grab his shoulders and pump harder ignoring Kara for a moment moaning "Oh yeah, give it to me, give me your baby". His eyes widen, "wait WHAT!?!" He starts to try to push you away, but after two more pumps it is too late. He grabs you tight and collapses against you as he finishes. You rest there a minute kissing both him and Kara before you slide off of him and back into her lap with your arm around her waist. You give her neck a few small kisses. You look through the window to the clock in the kitchen and see it is already 9:30. You have about a half hour before Kara's parents get home. That said, you haven't quite gotten your own satisfaction yet. A. B. C. D. Continue to make out with Kara and Eric, hoping one will 'take care' of you. Suggest going upstairs for some more fun in a more private location. See if the others want to go out somewhere. Head on home before your dad kills you.

Kara starts to attack you with kisses and runs her hands all over your body shifting so she is in your lap instead. Eric hangs back and messes with his phone some more. You hear a clicking sound which confirms he is taking pics, but you do not even care since you are so into it. Kara's hand reaches down and finds your 'button' and you are lost in the pleasure. After a while Eric stands and you can see his soldier has sprung back into action. Kara notices too and begs him to give it to her. You feel jealous for a second, but she is hitting your 'spot' perfectly and you can't focus enough to give a **** about it. She shifts up off of your lap a little and he comes behind her giving it to her so roughly that her chest bounces against yours repeatedly. This pushes you over the edge, and you scream out far too loud for such a close knit neighborhood. Kara, unlike you, tells him to pull out before he is finished and you both eat his banana in tandem until his special sauce is everywhere on both of you. You get enough sense of yourself to notice the time again and see it is 10:05 already. Uh oh. A. Get dressed and go into the living room and act casually, maybe having some more of the pizza after working up an appetite. B. Get dressed and leave quickly with Eric. C. Try to sneak upstairs to Kara's room for more fun before her parents get home and catch you all. D. Stay in the hot tub as is, hey you are already in trouble with your parents. You look at Kara, saying "aren't your parents supposed to be home soon?" She looks at the clock and curses, "you guys gotta go". You smile at her, "I was thinking we could all go upstairs and spend some more time 'hanging out'". She bites her lips considering it and agrees after a second, but Eric says that he really has to get home. He has 4 voicemails and 10 texts from his mom asking when he is going to be home. You all get dressed quickly. You start to head toward the car, but Kara stops you and says "you can stay if you want Jenn". You consider it for a moment and agree that a 'sleepover' sounds fun. Kara convinces you that it would not be a good idea to be in the car so close to your house so you can wait here while she drives Eric home. You agree. A. B. C. D. E. Call your dad and tell him you are staying over at Kara's tonight. Watch some TV and eat some pizza waiting for her family to get home. Snoop around Kara's room. Snoop around Kara's brother's room. Get on CE.

That said, I have really tried hard to keep the story consistent, and it is possible even with my mistakes, so let me fill in the blanks. At the end of school, you threw a big pool party at your old house (which had a pool) for "graduation" and as a sort of last hurrah for the house before you moved. You then moved into the town that you live in now, but it is only one town over from where you used to live (about 20 minutes by car). Unfortunately though, your parents both work and you, along with most of your friends, do not have cars or licenses yet as most of your are still 15. Kara though comes from a nice family with money and was one of the oldest kids in your grade so she got a car towards the end of last school year. Honestly though, you guys have not recently hung out that much for a variety of reasons that I won't spoil now, so without her to pick you up, you have only been able to occasionally see friends on weekends when you could get rides. To CE! You go up to Kara's room and get on her computer and pull up You log in and navigate to CE. You decide that they can get over your lack of Pics Nao of you, Kara, Eric, your brother, her brother, your dad, and bagged milk (demanding CE is demanding) for at least a little while. You know your story will be CE's wet dream come true. Before that though, you decide to see what is going on tonight. There are surprisingly only 5 Kassie topics on the first page, but soon you notice there are 10 XxXIcePrincessXxX topics (that's you). Two of them are asking for "the pics" in the topic title, but get modded before you can read what is inside. The next you check says "ATTN: XxXIcePrincessXxX" and contains a message that just says "I thought you were one of the best CEgals, but now I see you are a whore just like Kassie". You reply "WTF?" to this topic and move on. There is another called "My thoughts on the whole IcePrincess situation" and it is pretty long, but the summary basically says that the TC thinks that everyone should lay off her because she did not purposely put those pics out there and she is not an attention whore. You are really confused now, you pull up AIM and are literally inundated with requests for pics, people calling you a whore, and people saying you are hot or ugly. You are really upset now, but you finally catch a friend online and ask what is going on. He links you to a locked 500 topic called "I just saw my sister naked" by NarutoFan13 which you recognize as your brother's screen name, but you did not know he went on CE ever. It starts off with the story that happened back at the house. About 50 posts in, he puts up a pic and everyone realizes it is you to your brother's surprise. This goes on to about 200 and the topic starts to die when one of his IRL friends says they have sexy pics from the story. People flock to CE chat and share them, then someone suicides by posting them all directly to CE, and well yeah, all hell has broken loose. You close AIM since the messages are getting annoying, but you hesitate before closing CE. A. B. C. D. E. Post a topic telling the whole story. Post a topic complaining about how much your brother and his friends suck. Close CE for now and snoop around Kara's computer files. Close CE and go snoop around Kara's brother's room. Go to Facebook to make sure your brother did not post anything there.

C. Close CE for now and snoop around Kara's computer files. You start clicking around Kara's computer a bit, but you do not find anything immediately. She mostly just has a lot of pictures and videos of herself and her friends (including you). You waste far too much time looking through all this and

checking out her music collection in iTunes (mostly recent pop and hiphop music). You have a thought and click "show hidden files" and three new icons pop up in My Documents: A folder called "Pics of Me", a folder called "Porn", and a Word Document called "Diary.docx". Time may be short, so what do you do first? A. B. C. D. E. Look at "Pics of Me" Look at "Porn" Look at the diary document. Decide these all sound boring and instead go through her dresser. Decide these all sound boring and instead snoop in her brothers room.

You navigate to the "My Pics" directory and see a subfolder called videos and about 200 pics. The first pics show her in sexy, lacy, and partially see-through lingerie, but the quality is pretty bad. They were self taken in her mirror with flash. You skip ahead a bit and find some pictures that must be after she discovered the timer. They show her fully naked standing in front of her bed and lying on it. You feel a dampness between your legs as you look at some of the more risque pics showing her playing with her digits and even a couple of toys. You didn't know that any person in real life had something like that. You decide to check out the videos. Most of them are clips of her dancing and doing stripteases for the camera (called Dancing 1, Dancing 2, ...., Dancing 35). You check a couple out briefly and while they are really hot, you decide to look to see if anything is better. Following this is one called "Fingering". You watch the whole thing after realizing it was a video of the more risque pics. You come back to reality when it ends and realize that your skirt is pushed way up and your hand is soaked. The next video is called "Hidden 1". You start to click it when you hear a tap at the door. You quickly close the windows and call back, a little too nervously "Come in". It is Kara's little brother (he's 12 if I did not say so before). He stammers a little "I did, didn't expect you to still be, be here". You explain that you are spending the night and his eyes brighten up, and he says "sooo... I bet you are bored up here all by yourself huh?" You shrug, still nervous thinking you were caught with the videos, and trying not to be annoyed by the intrusion. He takes your nervousness the wrong way and thinks you are being shy around him. "So, do you want to come up to MY room and play a video game or something?" A. B. C. D. E. Make an excuse to stay in the room, and hope he goes away. Be direct, tell him to **** off and leave you alone. Go to his room to play video games. Tell him to come in, you have something to show him on the computer. Suggest playing video games downstairs on the big screen instead.

"Maybe in a minute, first I have something to show you on the computer" A. B. C. D. E. Show Show Show Show Show him him him him him the pics of you that were posted on CE by your brother. the explicit hidden pics of his sister. his sister's diary that you haven't looked at yet. your sister's porn. a funny video you found on Youtube this morning before you met Eric.

You open up IE and find the photobucket account that has the collected pics in it. You're kind of surprised that it has not been taken down yet by the admins. You verbally complain about how your brother and his friends always harass you and say that you're glad that he is not as bad as them. You know he is actually was pretty good friends with your bro before he moved, but he trashes your bro nonetheless to curry favor with you. You start by clicking to a few of the fight with your bro and his friends with the water pistols. Looking closer, you now realize that these

are definitely cell phone pics and not from the nicer camera that you recovered sans memory card. Nonetheless, the pics are pretty detailed and you can definitely see straight through the shirt and in one pic you can see half of your ass hanging out the bottom of the skirt as it twirls up (no kitty though). Kara's bro (Jacob from here on) is stuttering, "ye-yeah, tha-that was pretty te-terrible of them. Di-did you kick their ass-ass-asses?" You smirk looking back up and him, "I sure did. We took care of them good". You are distracted for a moment noticing the growing bulge in Jacob's pants. You are astounded by how large it looks, especially considering his age. In the silence, Jacob asks, "So is that Eric kid, um... is he um... your... boy.. friend?" A. Confidently say with a smile, "Yes, not just that that, I am having his baby" B. Mournfully say while grinding your toe into the carpet a little precociously, "I... I don't know, I like him, but I'm not sure if he wants a relationship right now" C. Look up to his eyes blushing, "I... I like him, bu... but... I like someone else too now" D. Don't answer, you are too distracted by his pants. E. Answer by showing him some of the more explicit pictures. You don't answer him immediately instead saying, "well you have not seen the most embarrassing of the pictures yet". You pull up a couple of pictures of him railroading you from behind including an animated gif someone on CE made of 3 or 4 pictures that makes it look like an infinite loop of pounding with your chest swinging back and forth. Jacob reaches to his pants and adjusts himself a little without taking his eyes off of the screen. "To answer your question", you blush a bit looking at him, "we are not together yet, I like him, but I also like someone else I never expected I would, possibly more" You think back to the feeling you had kissing Kara and the great orgasm that she gave you earlier. Jacob of course convinces himself you are talking about him responding, "I really like you too. We could... um... try that if thats... what you want." as he gestures toward the screen. You are taken aback completely realizing you have led him on. A. B. C. D. E. Tell him bluntly that you were not talking about him. Let him down easy telling him that Kara will be home soon. Ah, what the heck? Go for it. Change the subject. "So, ready to play those video games?" Pull up the private pics of his sister and ask who is hotter.

You turn the computer chair so that you are facing him as he stands behind you. You reach your hand to his zipper and pull it down. His manhood pops out of the zipper immediately having pushed through the hole in his boxers already. You cannot see all of it since the pants take up a certain depth, but you would guess that it is already close to 8 inches in length. Something seems strange about it though, like there is more skin than you saw on Eric's. It is kind of weird to you to be honest compared to what you have seen. He notices you looking at it and he says, his voice coming out only a squeak, "I'm uncut". You do not know exactly what that means, but you figure it is okay. You slide the chair out from under you and fall to your knees on the floor. He then says "I... I... ha... have never do... done this be... before". You smile looking up to him and say "I have only done it once, but I'll try to do a good job" You hear your phone go off with a text message at this point, but you ignore it figuring it is your dad again. You grab his shaft tilting it upwards and running your tongue up from the base to

the tip. His legs quiver a little and he moans softly. You take his whole self into your mouth and start to moving up and down and swirling your tongue, mostly following the motions that you saw Kara using earlier on Eric (which was how you did it with him then as well). A. Continue going down on him right there in Kara's room. B. Throw him on Kara's bed and take it a step further. C. Ask to go to his room since you think Kara will be back soon. D. Stop since you think Kara will be home soon and instead show him the pics of her from the computer. E. Stop and check your text message. You pull unbutton the button of his shorts and slowly slide them down running your hands over his legs as you do. You push him down on the bed and kneel over him, lifting your skirt, grasping the shaft and pressing it against your mound when you hear someone call upstairs "JACOB! KARA! WE'RE HOME!" You recognize it as their mom's voice. Your phone goes off again in the background around this time. You try to push it in, but it is really being difficult with his size. You know you are almost out of time so you grit your teeth and push down on him hard and it makes it. You start to ride him, but because of his age and inexperience, it only takes about 3 pumps before you feel him filling you up. You are disappointed it is over that quickly, but you figure it is for the best given the situation. You kiss him once softly on the lips and climb off and head back to the computer closing out the images of you. You look out the window and see Kara's car pulling in the drive. Finally, it is about 20 minutes later than it should have been. A. B. C. D. Go downstairs to meet Kara. Check your cell phone. Try to read Kara's diary really quick. Go back over and climb into bed with Jacob, who still has not gotten up yet.

You grab your phone and see two texts, both from Kara. The first says "sorry it is taking me so long but I am picking us up a special surprise. love you.". The second says, "I will be up in just a minute honey". You cock an eyebrow at the language she has chosen to use, but shake it off turning the phone off so you will not get any more calls tonight from dad. Jacob hears Kara's car and gets up scrambling to put his clothes on and sneaking out right as you hear her hit the bottom of the stairs. You walk to the door and greet her as she comes in giving her a gentle kiss on the lips. A. B. C. D. Tell her about the topic on CE. Tell her what you found on her computer. Ask her what the surprise is. Pull her onto the bed and start making out immediately.

(Interestingly, as I tried to post this, I noticed this is the first time I have used the word cock in a post) She gives you a really big hug and kisses you back deeply intertwining her tongue into yours. You press your body against her. After a long minute you break the kiss and grin, "so what is my surprise". She closes the door behind her and pulls off the backpack she was wearing and pulls out a nondescript plastic bag, "look for yourself". Inside you see a vibrator that looks similar to the one that you saw her using in the video except it is pink instead of purple. You also see another similar item that is longer and double-ended. When you pull them out she says, "the first I got for you when you're lonely, the second is for us to share... if you want to"

A. B. C. D. E.

Sit down with the first item in the computer chair and try it out. Grab her hand and lead her towards the bed with the second item. Ask her how she got these without being 18. Tell her about hooking up with your brother. Tell her what you found on her computer/about the topic on CE.

You put the first item aside for now even though it is tempting. You grab the second double ended item in one hand and take her hand in the other and you both giggle a bit as you head over into the bed. She pushes you down and pins you kissing you sensually. You run your hands up and down her back and pull her shirt off. You run your hands slowly up her abs then behind her back releasing her bra. She shrugs out of it and then pulls your shirt quickly over your head. You two lie together closely kissing, your breasts pressing firmly against one another. She bites at your lip a little then takes over removing your skirt and her own shorts. She then says "I, um, obviously have not used one exactly like this before... have you?" You reply, "Um, I haven't ever used ANY before" She looks surprised, "really? I have had one for two years" You smile knowingly but don't say anything, but then your expression changes, "Where did you get these anyway?" "Nancy's" (which you know to be a local porn store.) "I thought you had to be 18" "I um... know the shopkeeper" You bought laugh a bit. She stands next to the bed and pushes half of the toy up inside of her and then she takes the other half and pushes it against you. It is a little big though and doesn't want to go. A. B. C. D. Look for some sort of lubricant. Tell her to push it roughly. Loosen yourself up with the first present Ask her what she meant about the language in her texts.

Overwhelming response for B. You bite your lip a little, "don't worry about being gentle, I can take it". She asks if you are sure and you nod once. She grabs the middle of it, guides it carefully then pushes full force into. You gasp as it *really* hurts for a second, but once it is in you start to relax and take a few deep breaths. Kara asks if you are "okay" and you nod once more. She holds her hand steady on the middle of it and starts moving herself so that it slowly pulls out, almost too far before being pushed back in a quicker motion. Your eyes roll back into your head and you moan gently at how it feels. It is better than either of the men you have had today. You are not sure if it is her technique or how this toy was specifically made to enhance that sort of feeling. You let out a slightly louder moan and Kara warns you with a whisper, "careful my love, we don't want mom and dad to hear us". A. B. C. D. Shove a pillow over your face to stifle your noise. Try to be quieter. Ignore her comment, be as loud as you want. Suggest you go somewhere else where you can be as loud as you want.

You pretend not to hear what she says and just focus on the pleasure you are receiving as you both speed up and move more roughly. You wrap your legs around her waist and pull her closer and tighter than she was before. Kara is intently

focused on you. You feel your pleasure building up higher and higher. You start moaning repeatedly, each time louder. "Oh Kara, yeah, just like that, harder, oooh yeah". At first she tries to stop you, but soon she is lost in the moment as well and she groans just as loudly, "Oh Jenn, mmm, God, you don't know how long I've wanted this." You both are very close to climax when you hear a knock on the door and a female voice say "Are you girls okay in there? I thought I heard something" A. B. C. D. Stop and yell out "We're fine." Stop and be dead silent hoping she will go away. Keep going but try to be quieter. You're too lost in the moment to give a ****.

Kara appears not to have heard the voice at the door and you could care less. You both keep going at it rougher and you start to feel it building to a head and then the sweet release as you feel yourself contracting and shaking and practically screaming out, "don't stop baby, keep going Kara, ungh, it feels so good". Kara has not quite gotten to that point yet, but she looks on the verge and is moving more roughly and jerkily. Now, louder than before you hear the female voice "OH MY GOD, WHAT THE HELL!?!" Kara looks over her shoulder to see her mom with the door open and you both watch as a plate of cookies she brought up to share with you guys slowly falls toward the floor. Kara freezes immediately looking back and forth between the two of you quickly. You aren't going to squander this moment though and continue moving back and forth until you calm down enough to stop. Kara is speechless and looks like she is about to cry. A. B. C. D. "We are just playing house. I'm the mommy!" "Ooh, cookies, can I have one Mrs. Smith?" Position yourself so that Mrs. Smith has a good look at your body. Pull Kara on top of you and try to comfort her.

In the interest of getting a quicker update in, I am going to just do a combined BCD considering they are not mutually exclusive. Kara is literally starting to shake but not from the good feelings she was feeling about 30 seconds ago. Her mom is also standing there her mouth hanging open. You sit up and reach for Kara pulling her down into the bed beside you, popping the toy out of both of you. It slowly rolls off the edge of the bed and hits the floor too rolling a bit of a ways toward Mrs. Smith. You know you need to get the situation under control before Kara starts sobbing. You posture your body a little toward Mrs. Smith and spread your legs just so, so that she can see your throbbing... and then smile big and ask in a cheerful, if not slightly juvenile, tone "Oooh cookies, can I have one Mrs. Smith?" She blinks at first, but behind her, reaches down She brings you the plate it is chocolate chip and then regains her composure. She kicks the door shut picking up the cookies, placing them back on the plate. and sits it next to you. You start to chow down on one, definitely freshly homemade. It is utterly delicious.

Mrs. Smith goes back over to the toy and picks it up examining it in her hand back and forth for a minute. Kara is blushing a deep crimson but has stopped shaking at least for now. After a moment Mrs. Smith looks back to you girls and says, "Wow, they didn't have anything like this when I was in college" Kara immediately gasps, "Mom!" and you laugh a little. Kara's mom then sits down on the edge of the bed near your feet with the toy and pats Kara's leg, "It's okay sweetie, everyone experiments from time to time, and you chose a very attractive girl to be with." she adds looking you over.

Kara is even more embarrassed to hear her mom say these things than before, but she is fortunately not looking like she is going to cry. A. Ask Mrs. Smith about her college days. B. Continue trying to comfort Kara by snuggling closer and putting her head on your chest. C. Flirt with Kara's mom. D. Say, "We're not just experimenting Mrs. Smith, we're in love" You say, "But Mrs. Smith we're not just experimenting Mrs. Smith, we're in love" as you snuggle Kara closer against your bosom. Kara brightens up considerably and looks up at you with a gleam of a tear in her eye, "you mean that?" she asks. You smile and nod once to her. She slips her arms around you and pulls herself closer. Mrs. Smith looks a little surprised you'd say that, but doesn't say anything against it, just rubbing Kara's leg for a moment before standing up. "I guess I should leave you girls alone. Don't be too loud though, I don't want little Jacob to hear, he is too young to be thinking about these sorts of things" A. Tell her mom bye and go back to snuggling with Kara. B. Ask her mom to stay and tell you about her college days. C. Mention that little Jacob is not as innocent (or little) as you might think. D. Get a shower, you are kind of sweaty and sticky from all the love you have gotten. "Wait Mrs. Smith, why don't you tell us what is was like back in your college days" She stops and turns around, "are you sure you want to hear about it?" You nod yes eagerly. Mrs. Smith then looks to her daughter, "Kara?". Kara shrugs, "if Jenn wants to..." Mrs. Smith starts to recount the story of her college experiences. Apparently she went to an all-girls school and they would get restless as the semester passed. Her first experience was with her roommate. They ended up being together sexually for most of college though she ended up being with many of the other girls on her hall as well. It all ended essentially when she met Kara's dad her senior year because he did not approve of such things, and she loved him too much to pursue it anymore anyway. She starts in on how, even had she not loves him, his big manhood would have kept her, "especially since we never found anything of these", she says indicating to the toy. Kara stops her at this point kind of grossed out, but you are honestly really turned on thinking of Mrs. Smith doing these things. You notice for the first time how attractive Kara's mom still is. She has long brown wavy hair, bright green eyes, a nice rack (though more modest than her daughters), and tight features throughout. You can tell she works hard to keep in shape, even after having kids. You can tell she is hot from telling the story too though as she can't stop rubbing her legs against one another and she has a flushed appearance. A. B. C. D. E. Ask her to demonstrate how they did it in the old days. Ask her if she ever hooked up again with her roommate again since college. Go and get that shower you were thinking about earlier. Get her mom out of there so you can go back to snuggling with Kara. Suggest that you and Kara take a walk to somewhere more private than her house.

"So um, Mrs. Smith, do you want to... show us how you did it in the old days?" Her eyes widen about twice as large as normal and Kara jerks up from her snuggled position exclaiming "WHAT!?" You laugh a little, "well, I thought she could show us how to do it, you know, the best way" Kara is skeptical and her mom seems so too saying, "I don't know if that would be

the best idea, what would John (her husband) think?" "You're just teaching your daughter and her friend a useful skill, just like when you showed us how to sew a button in 7th grade" She laughs a little bit, "I am sure he would buy that one." She bites at her lip a little. "Ah what the hell, sure thing girls" "MOM!" Kara exclaims, "are you for ****ing real? That is crazy. You're my mother." Mrs. Smith responds, "you don't have to stay if you don't want to". She looks to you for support, but you nod indicating agreement with her mom. Kara sits up on the bed and huffs a little, but calms down when you stroke the back of her hair a little. Mrs. Smith tells you to stack up a couple pillows a lay back on the bed against them. She then pulls your legs apart and you shiver in delight. You are a bit sore, but her story has gotten you ready to go again. She leans down between you taking a slow and deep breath and then flicks her tongue slowly finding your perfect spot. Your whole body shivers, and Kara looks at you. You grab Kara's hand and bring them to your chest having her massage and rub it as her mother starts to slowly work down below with her tongue. Her mom looks up for a second and tells Kara to make sure she is paying attention to what you like best so she can repeat it. She brings you to a quick finish and you lay there totally exhausted and satisfied. A. Tell Kara to prove she learned properly. B. Find some way to 'thank' Kara's mom. C. Demonstrate what you have learned on Kara. D. Tell Kara you are too sore and tired and that she will have to demonstrate what she learned on her mom while you watch and eat cookies.

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