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Tata JLR Acquisition

Tata JLR Acquisition


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Published by: purval1611 on Jul 31, 2009
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Tata Motor’s Product Profile

Rs. in Crore
Tata Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Motors 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Ltd.

Tata Motors Limited is India's largest automobile company, with revenues of Rs. 32,426 crores 1070 15311. 20276. 23568. 31119. 32496. (USD 7.2 billion) in 2006-07. Sales 4.2 72 56 37 5 03 It is the leader by far in 300.1 1236.9 1528.8 1913.4 2028.9 commercial vehicles in each PAT 810.34 segment, and the second largest in 1 5 8 6 2 PAT the passenger vehicles market. (as a The company is the world's fifth 3.29 6.58 7.18 6.86 4.8 4.36 % on largest medium and heavy Net commercial vehicle manufacturer, Sales ) Chang and the world's second largest e in 3.29 0.6 (0.32) (2.06) (0.44) medium and heavy bus PAT manufacturer. (+/-)

Figures in US mn $ Founded by Henry Ford in 16th June, 1903 in Dec '04 Dec '05 Dec '06 Dec '07 Michigan,USA Sale s 172316 176896 160123 172455 World’s Third Largest automaker based on worldPAT 3466 1924 (12405) (2452) wide vehicle sales in 2007 In 2007, Ford became the third-ranked automaker in US sales after General Motors and Toyota, falling from the second-ranked automaker slot for the first time in the previous 56 years

Ford Motor’s Product Profile

Ford purchased Jaguar in 1989 in a bidding war with General Motors paying 2.5billion dollars which was quite higher than industry estimates (1.3 billion)  Land Rover was sold by BMW to Ford Motor Company for 2.7billion dollars in 2000  Jaguar sales in the U.S. were down by 25.7% in May 2007 from the same period a year ago. Land Rover sales were down by1.8% despite having an entirely new model, the LR2, on sale.

 Jaguar sales dropped 33% in the US and Europe in the first two

months of 2008
 Land Rover sales fell 13% in the US and around 7.7% in Europe

 

during the same period. Ford has lost 15.3 billion dollars over the past two years and responded by shuttering plants and slashing its workforce in North America by more than 40,000 workers. Ford is getting less than half what it paid for the two brands Ford sold Jaguar and Land Rover as a package since the engineering, purchasing, and distribution of the two brands have become interdependent as Ford has tried to find efficiencies running the businesses. Jaguars and Land Rovers are even manufactured at a common plant today amount it is getting from the deal

 Ford is considering a restructuring plan in North America with the


Though Land Rover sales have been softening in some markets especially in Europe, on a six month basis Land Rover sales have gone up over 2007 globally, mainly because of higher volume of sales in Russia and China. In June 2008 Jaguar was sold 3836units in West Europe as compared to 2924units sold in June 2007. It was a 31% increase.

 The Indian Automobile Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5

percent amounting to Rs. 13,008 million by 2010

 The liberalization policies followed by the Indian government had been

inviting foreign investors and manufacturers to participate in the car market in India.

 It is expected that by 2030, the Indian car market will be the 3rd largest

car market across the globe.

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