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Cola®Mulse Emultron PM

Cola®Mulse Emultron PM is a proprietary blend of anionic/nonionic surfactants that can help the chemical formulator achieve stable emulsions and microemulsions. Cola®Mulse Emultron PM can be used with little or no co-solvent in many cases to reduce VOC content.

Appearance Color Odor Spec. Gravity pH Soluble in Slightly viscous clear liquid White to pale yellow Mild characteristic odor 1.005 7.5 (1% solution in deionized water) • Water • Methanol • Ethanol • Isopropanol • 1-Butanol • Glycol Ethers • Hydrocarbon Solvents • Terpenes • Chlorinated Solvents

This product is found to be useful in body creams, lotions, hand soap, dishwash detergent, fragrance sprays, potpourri oils, insecticides, degreasers and parts cleaners. It may also be used as an agricultural adjuvant for use on crops prior to harvest.
LAST UPDATED 07/14/2006

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