New Entrants are the firms which currently had begun the operations or those that threaten to begin

within an industry soon (Barney & Hesterly, 2006).
↑ ↑ Author Year Reference: Barney, J B and Hesterly, W S 2006, Strategic Management and Competitive Advantages Prentice Hall, New Jersey.

According to Professor Tony Lima (2006), “Brand identity is the extent to which buyers take the brand name into account when making purchase decisions.”
Reference: Lima, T. (2006). Michael Porter’s “Five Forces” Model.

These market trends shift the focus of the apparel industry for more extensive product development which forces companies to divert on product differentiation due to high switching cost (Byoungho 2004b). Reference : Byoungho, J 2004b, Apparel industry in East Asian newly industrialized countries:
Competitive advantage, challenge and implications, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, vol. 8, no. 2.

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-Differentiation of inputs means that different suppliers provide different input characteristics for inputs that basically do the same job. The greater the degrees of differentiation among suppliers the more bargaining power suppliers have. –

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