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Helpful List of Goal-Setting Action Verbs[1].pdf

Helpful List of Goal-Setting Action Verbs[1].pdf

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Published by Rohit Rumade
Helpful List of Goal-Setting Action Verbs
Helpful List of Goal-Setting Action Verbs

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Published by: Rohit Rumade on Oct 26, 2013
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Performance Management

Helpful List of Goal-Setting Action Verbs
(Source: Effective Phrases for Performance Appraisals, James E. Neal, Jr., 1997) accelerate accentuate accomplish achieve acquaint acquire activate act adapt address administer adopt advance advise allocate amplify analyze apply appoint appraise appropriate approve arrange articulate ascertain aspire assemble assert assess assign assimilate assists assume assure attain attempt attend audit augment authorize avert avoid broaden build calculate capitalize carry out centralize challenge check circulate clarify clear coach collaborate collect combine command communicate compile complete comply compose comprehend compute conceive concentrate conclude condense conduct consider consolidate consult contemplate continue contribute control convert convey cooperate coordinate cope correct create cultivate decentralize decrease dedicate define delegate deliver demonstrate designate design determine develop devise devote direct discharge discover discuss display disseminate distinguish distribute document draft earn edit educate Page 1 of 1 effect elicit eliminate emphasize employ empower encompass encourage energize enforce engineer enhance enlighten enrich ensure envision establish estimate evaluate evoke examine exceed excel execute exercise exhibit expand expect expedite explore express extend extract face facilitate focus follows u

Performance Management forecast foresee form formulate foster fulfill furnish gain generate give grasp guide handle help identify implement impress improve improvise increase influence inform initiate inspect inspire install institute instruct insure integrate interact interpret interview introduce invent investigate invest issue judge keep know launch lead learn maintain make manage market meet minimize mobilize modifie monitor motivate necessitate negotiate neutralize observe obtain operate optimize orchestrate order organize overcome oversee participate perceive perform perpetuate plan practice prepare present prevent prioritize process procure produce program project promote propose provide pursue radiate raise realize receive recognize recommend reconcile record recruit reduce regulate reinforce reject relate release rely report represent require research resolve respond restore review revise revitalize schedule secure seek sell serve settle share shows simplify solve sort spark specify stimulate strengthen structure study submit suggest supervise support surpass survey sustain take test think tolerate train transact translate treat uncover understand undertake unify use vitalize weigh widen work write Page 2 of 2 .

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