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denim brands comparison
denim brands comparison

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Published by: Neha Pandey on Oct 26, 2013
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 Pepe Jeans London merchandise is available through 120 stand-alone stores across the country. The brand currently enjoys a market share of more than 25%. . 100 plus large format store locations and 1500 multi-brand premium outlets.PEPE  Pepe Jeans London was launched in India in 1989.

Bangalore  Fits: Regular. Boot Cut. different cartons per style.PEPE  Owner: Pepe Jeans (India) Ltd  Price Range: Rs 2400-5000  Jeans sourced from Maharashtra. distributed across 45 stores in Andhra Pradesh  Weekly stock arrivals. typically. Straight . 30 pieces per carton. All sizes.  Manufactured in Arvind Mills.

Inside Out.WASHCARE LABEL  Wash Separately. Do Not Dry Clean  Material: Cotton-Lycra .

73 SERIES  Only Fashionable Jeans. Price Range Rs 3000-5000  More Fitted. sterner washes  Features a parade of trend-savvy styles from skinny- fit must-have jeans to „uber-chic‟ cigarette-shaped denims. . and are all the rage nowadays.

Toll free phone number. leg measurements Price Barcode .TAG INFORMATION  Month and year of manufacture: 11/11  Place of manufacture  Email id. address for     customer complaints „Slub Blue‟ shade name Waist.


 Soft Fabric. convenient for hot countries.PEOPLE‟S OPINION  More suited for people with broader hips. .

LEVIS  Levis entered the Indian Market in 1994-95. . with the opening of their first store in Bangalore in 1995.

LEVIS STRAUSS  Owner: Levi Strauss (India) Private Ltd  Price Range: Rs 2599-6000  Stock arrives every 2-3 days. 36 pieces in each. different sizes.  3-7 cartons. 17 pieces per carton typically. If 2 cartons only. according to sales reports and trends. .

 Specifications for the store display are communicated. Skinny . Slim Boot. Slim Straight. but garment display goes by the store managers‟ best judgment  Legs: Regular Straight.

WASHCARE LABEL  98% cotton 2% lycra  Machine/Hand wash  No chlorine bleach  Iron at medium settings  Dry Cleaning possible  Colour will bleed. wash and dry separately .

Email ID. Address for customer complaints  Price .TAG INFORMATION  Date of packaging: May 2012  Size: 32 waist 34 length  Toll Free Number.


CURVE ID  A new line of custom fit jeans. Levi's identified three distinct body types that account for 80% of women's shapes universally.  It follows a new approach to measuring a woman's body. . Levi's Curve ID. based on a revolutionary fit system that focuses on shape.000 women. not size. Levis designers have crafted this to fit the curve of a woman's body after an exhaustive study of body scans of over 60.

 The three Levis. Demi Curve designed to fit even proportions and Bold Curve designed to honour genuine curves. . Curve ID fits are based on these universal body types and include: Slight Curve for straight figures.

PEOPLES OPINION  More suited for people will slimmer silhouettes  Popular Cuts .

Bootcut. different sizes  No details for garment display. Slim Straight. Comfort. Slim. 20 cartons typically. 25 pieces. Regular . store managers‟ decision  Fits Available: Skinny.WRANGLER  Owner: VF Arvind Brands  Price Range: Rs 2495-3195  Sourced from: Bangalore  Monthly stock arrives.

narrow leg  „Dark Tone‟. Stretch  Address of manufacture .TAG INFORMATION  Size: 32 waist 34 length  Style Code  Low rise. slim fit.


active.  They are more suitable for people who are physically highly  Today the brand sells not only the cowboy theme. . A “W” letter embroidered on the back pockets has become one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. and athletic. but also Western roots and tradition.  Nowadays the trademark manufactures a line of clothes for hunters and sportsmen called “ProGear”. Wrangler embodies the spirit of explorers and pioneers.PEOPLES OPINION  Wrangler jeans are mostly made out of heavy denim fabrics making them outstanding work wear.

within weeks/days  Fashion Denims: arrive every 6 months  Manufactured in Bangalore. as per requirement. . Shell Apparels currently  Specifications sent for theme/color/season wise garment arrangement in store.LEE  Owner: VF Arvind Brands  Price: Rs 1699-3499  Staple Denims/Fashion Denims  Staple Denims: Stock arrives on booking.

then tumble dry  Use warm iron .WASHCARE LABEL  Wash separately in warm water  Turn inside out before washing and drying  Do not bleach  If machine wash.


length 34  Price  Style Code  Manufacturing Address .TAG INFORMATION  Size: waist 32.


printed. not softened excessively  Very loud.PEOPLES OPINION  Very stiff denims generally. interesting in-pocket materials .


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